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Raising a Seed Round from Lerer Ventures

Tips and tricks on how to raise a seed round from Lerer Ventures' Steve Schlafman.

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Raising a Seed Round from Lerer Ventures

  1. 1. Raising Seed Capital Steve Schlafman @schlaf
  2. 2. @schlaf
  3. 3. • Est. January 2010• Based in Soho• Active seed fund• 125+ companies• Internet-enabled services, apps and devices• Consumer + B2B• Value-add advisors• Entrepreneur friendly
  4. 4. Investment Focus B2b Consumer
  5. 5. Types of FundingDebt / Credit Cards Family & Friends Venture Capital Crowdfunding Customers Grants
  6. 6. Choosing The Right Investor(s) Location Expertise / Focus Partners Brand Relationships Strategy
  7. 7. Accelerators
  8. 8. Incubators
  9. 9. Notable Angels in NYC Chis Dixon Rick Webb Kal Vepuri Ben SunHunch / Ebay Barbarian Group Trisiras Group LaunchTimeMike Lazerow David Lerner David Rose Esther DysonBuddy Media Columbia NY Angels Angel
  10. 10. Notable Angels in NYCGary Vanyerchuk Joanne Wilson Jeff Pulver Josh Stylman Vanyermedia The Gotham Gal 140 Conference Reprise MediaPeter Hershberg David Tisch Jerry Neumann Fabrice Grinda Reprise Media TechStars Root Markets OLX
  11. 11. NYC Seed Funds
  12. 12. NYC VC Funds
  13. 13. NYC Strategic VCs
  14. 14. How to Connect w/ VCs Events + Classes AngelList Twitter + Blogs Your Network Accelerators Founders
  15. 15. Our Investment Process Warm Intro Review Product + Plan First Meeting 1 2 3 Negotiate / Close Partner Meeting Diligence 5 4
  16. 16. What We Look For Kick Ass Team Compelling Story Big MarketsDifferentiated Product Traction + Data Distribution
  17. 17. Things We ValueAction Not Analysis Strong Culture Customer Obsession Data Driven Hustle / Hacking Great Design
  18. 18. How To PrepareSpeak w/ Founders Polish + Refine Deck Nail Product DemoKnow Thy Customer Define Brand Questions
  19. 19. Advice from FoundersKnow Thy Gatekeeper Don’t Have All Answers Show Traction Market Expertise Understand CAC / LTV Land Anchor
  20. 20. The Pitch Deck (1 of 2) Title Problem Vision / Mission Market Customer Acq. Product / Solution Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  21. 21. The Pitch Deck (2 of 2) Revenue Roadmap Traction + Milestones Team / Advisors Projections / Metrics Funding Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  22. 22. After The Pitch Get Feedback Follow Up Review Notes Tweak Product Debrief w/ Advisors Stay Positive
  23. 23. Not Easy, But Rewarding