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This is the set of slides for a talk I gave at the Londroid (London Android) meetup on 15th April 2010.

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  1. 1. + Widgets Scott Wilson
  2. 2. Here is a mad idea lets make mobile apps using JUST html and javascript i wonder what Google and Apple think?
  3. 3. “no software developer kit is required for the iPhone.” Steve Jobs, 2007
  4. 4. “App stores are not the future”, says Google (FT 2009)
  5. 5. Java! Objective-C! WTF?
  6. 6. Widgets HTML config.xml JavaScript CSS Icon.png mywidget.wgt
  7. 7. W3C Widgets: for Web, Mobile, or Desktop? Apple Dashboard OpenSocial Nokia Widgets Windows Sidebar Google Gadgets iPhone Apps Google Desktop Google Wave Android Apps Konfabulator Gadgets Widsets Opera Widgets WidgetBox SpringWidgets
  8. 8. How about, “yes”?
  9. 9. Device APIs: Adding Handset Capabilities to JavaScript • Address Book • Calendar • BONDI • Files • Media capture • W3 DAP (camera) • Messaging • W3 Geo • System • Policy • Media Gallery • Tasks JavaScript • Comms Log
  10. 10. <html> <head> <script> function takePicture(){ var camera =[0]; camera.takePicture(function(pic){document.getElementBy Id("picture").src=pic;},function(){alert("nope");}); } </script> </head> <body> <button onclick="takePicture()">Take Picture</button> <img id="picture" src="" width="64" height="64"/> </body> </html>
  11. 11. Feature mapping <feature name=“” required=“true” /> JavaScript
  12. 12. Feature mixing! <feature name=“” required=“true”/> <feature name=“” required=“true”/> You can connect all kinds of functionality to widgets by injecting a JS API for it at runtime - and not just device APIs either Did you know that Opera Unite services were W3C Widgets? JavaScript
  13. 13. “W3C Widgets are better than websites because they download only the data; and not the core files.” “Widgets are better than app systems because you don't have to write 4, 5, or 10 of them. Just the one is enough.” “And hundreds of thousands of web developers already know how to create widgets.It's just HTML/CSS/JavaScript, after all.” - Peter Paul Koch
  14. 14. So is this W3C thing going to take off?
  15. 15. “A fundamental part of WAC is to ensure that developers have the simplest method by which they can create applications for the long tail. A key part of this is to endorse and encourage the use of technologies which are based around open standards. WAC plans to initially use both the JIL and OMTP BONDI requirements, evolving these into a common specification within the next 12 months. The long term goal will be to collectively work with the W3C for a common standard based on our converged solution.”
  16. 16. OK, so how Could you get this into Android?
  17. 17. “I came here to ask if it's possible Google Android will support W3C Widgets not instead of but in addition to its own app system.” “We need: - a browser (Android WebKit will do perfectly fine, thanks) - a way of associating .wgt files with this browser OR an installation mechanism - JavaScript device APIs” – PPK
  18. 18. A Java server application in the Apache Incubator. Includes a W3C Widget parser library. * “Wookie” is not a clever acronym. so if you spell it WOOKIE you’re shouting!
  19. 19. Other possibilities… • Feature extensions beyond BONDI/DAP ..? • Widget and feature extensions for “other” platforms. E.g. Android on TVs, kiosks, uncategorizable gizmos etc • Android+W3C Widget powered Chumby- like-things?
  20. 20. Thanks @scottbw