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Open Forges and App Stores

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Can Open Forges and App Stores work together for developers and users? My talk at Open World Forum 2012 Open Forges Summit

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Open Forges and App Stores

  1. 1. Open Forges and Open App Stores:Joining the dotsScott Wilson, OSS Watch
  2. 2. Forges ...
  3. 3. ... and App Stores
  4. 4. What are the differencesForges are focussed around the code andthe tools for the developer community, withperhaps a "prosumer" user experience.Its up to projects if they want to build theirown more user-centric "shopfront"App stores are more focussed on theconsumer experience with a genericshopfront
  5. 5. App StoresPlatform-centric: iOS, Android, Mac AppStore, Windows 8...Operator-centric: Vodafone, Orange...Plugin directories: Wordpress, Chrome,Opera...Open Web Apps: Mozilla, OpenAppMktNiche stores: ITEC, SURFNet, Widgr,internal enterprise stores
  6. 6. Traditional software downloadsCNetTucowsSoft32Open Source MacSoftpedia...
  7. 7. Joining UpWhat are the issues?Contracts and licensesMetadataPublishing and synchronisationIntermediaries
  8. 8. Joining Up: Legal issuesSome FOSS licenses are not necessarilycompatible with app store terms of service(e.g. GNU Go, VLC...)App Store model isnt necessarily a good fitwith distributed open communitiesNeed to interpret different store contracts,agreements and T&Cs
  9. 9. Joining Up: Metadata issuesForge metadata is focussed aroundinformation related to the management ofthe project, the code and community(developer-centric)App store metadata is focussed arounddiscovery, use and suitability (user-centric)Standards?
  10. 10. Joining Up: PublishingIntegrating stores and forgesMultiple target storesSigning and PackagingBeyond one-shot publishing - synchronisingreleases
  11. 11. Joining Up: Intermediaries
  12. 12. Is it worth it?App stores seem to have a natural maximum sizebefore becoming less useful for discoveryApp stores may be a side-channel rather than themain channel for distribution - doesnt replace havinga user-centric website as well as developer-centricforge pageFor many open source projects that are cross-platform, many potential app stores to targetHow important is it to forges?
  13. 13. Scott Wilson, OSS