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Driving Revenue with Interactive Content

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How does interactive content contribute to your revenue goals?

Download this presentation to find out:

A leading expert's take on using content marketing to drive leads and revenue; An overview of the six stages that make up interactive content success; How you can better target customers in all stages of the journey; and 3 customer examples that showcase revenue generation with interactive content.

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Driving Revenue with Interactive Content

  1. 1. Subhead Driving Revenue with
 Interactive Content Better content, qualified leads, higher sales = more revenue ion “Better” Series
  2. 2. Presenters Israel Pagan Jr. Senior Marketing Manager ScribbleLive Donald Adetoye Senior Account Executive ScribbleLive
  3. 3. Subhead Kicking It Off The ion “Better” series
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  6. 6. Bring your brand to life with memorable content that cuts through clutter Know the content that resonates with your audience 
 to improve campaign effectiveness and lead quality Gain audience insights to improve content effectiveness Know who you’re talking to and what they need to have data-informed conversations Speed up your sales cycle with informed conversations that convert Better content, qualified leads, and higher sales = more revenue awareness
 revenue Interactive Content Funnel ion makes marketers more effective through better…
  7. 7. Time for a Poll!
  8. 8. Revenue-growth companies are over two times more likely to be very effective at educating the buying audience. Source: Demand Metric, “Content Experience Impact and the Buyer’s Journey,” 2018. 2X
  9. 9. Just 11% of study participants report that they are “very effective” in educating the buyer. Source: Demand Metric, “Content Experience and the Buyer’s Journey,” 2018. 11%
  10. 10. 60% of organizations that report using interactive content are ahead in measuring content effectiveness, compared to 25% for organizations with mostly passive content. Source: Demand Metric, “Content Experience and the Buyer’s Journey,” 2018. 60%
  11. 11. How is interactive content contributing to your revenue?
  12. 12. 74% of companies that weren't exceeding revenue goals DID NOT know their visitor, lead, MQL, or sales opportunities. Source: Hubspot, Marketing Statistics, 2018. 74%
  13. 13. • Have buyers reveal themselves early in the journey. • Produce content that is very interactive and highly engaging. • Have measures of both engagement and how content influences awareness or consideration. Revenue Growth Companies
 Are More Likely To…
  14. 14. 4 Benefits of Using Interactive Content for Awareness • Benefit 1: Increase Site Retention - Interactive content increases the amount of time users spend on your site. For example, with an interactive quiz, users typically spend an average of over 4 minutes on your web page. That outperforms almost all other content formats. • Benefit 2: Increase Referral Traffic from Social - People like to share, and the right piece of content can contribute to a spike in traffic to your site.
  15. 15. • Benefit 3: Track Performance & Gather Insights - With data points built in to your interactive content, you can measure every aspect of your brand awareness campaign, including the number of views, engagement rates, drop-off points. • Benefit 4: Marketing Automation Integration - Interactive content platforms can integrate with your existing systems to track awareness performance. 4 Benefits of Using Interactive Content for Awareness
  16. 16. A Tip on Creating
 Better Content Content Strategist Tip: Before you start writing, get to know your audience and understand their needs. Once you’ve decided on the information you want to convey and campaign goals— whether it be lead generation or awareness —select which stages of the buyer’s journey you’re targeting to help determine which interactive piece meets your needs.
  17. 17. 5 Types of Interactive Content We Recommend • Assessment: Designed to help your audience identify their pain points and see the your company as the solution while still providing value and recommendations along the way. • Infographic: Great for top of funnel, these long scrollable pages can feature animations, simple quiz questions, reveal tiles, and more. • eBook: These multi-page interactive experiences scream engagement with copy, imagery, and interactive elements.
  18. 18. • Quizzes: Lighter than assessments but still just as effective, often used to trigger brand education or entertainment while capturing user insights. • Calculator: Often used to show potential savings these are great tools for the consideration stage when your audience is ready to make a decision. This is where you can provide a measurable and honest savings on how your product can save them time or money. 5 Types of Interactive Content We Recommend
  19. 19. Just 5% of content
 produced receives
 90% of engagement.   Source: Harvard Business Review, 2018.
  20. 20. What Can Interactive Content
 Do for Engagement? Benefit 1: Repurpose Your Static Content
 By transforming static content into an interactive piece, you’re fostering engagement, which makes your audience feel involved. And an involved audience is a converting audience. And converting means revenue. TIP: Sit with your sales team and find out what content pieces they use when talking to customers or prospects.  What is it about this piece that is beneficial to their discovery, conversions, and ultimately closing.
  21. 21. Benefit 2: Engagement Measurement Interactive content has the built-in capability to test and measure your audience’s engagement. Quiz questions are a great example of data-collection points.
 TIP: Use engagement points to your advantage. In an interactive experience, did the user complete the form? Download the eBook? Engage with multiple quiz questions or information reveal tiles? What Can Interactive Content
 Do for Engagement?
  22. 22. An Expert Tip on Creating Better Leads “Before someone clicks on a call-to-action, there is a split second of anxiety. Will they get back to me? When? Who will be in touch? You can address this with one, simple visual element. Put a face next to the call to action. It humanizes the website, yes, but it also answers a question. Who am I really contacting? Combine faces with CTAs and watch your conversion rate jump.” —Andy Crestodina, CMO and Co-Founder, Orbit Media
  23. 23. A Tip on Creating Better Sales Armed with rich insights directly from your interactive experiences, your sales team can easily review a prospect’s need, quiz results or solution selection where they clicked through in an experience, or answers to assessment questions. A Sales-Marketing Alignment Tip: Consider creating specific interactive pieces for sales enablement. Sit down with your sales team and ask them about the conversations they’re having. What are buyers looking for, and what content pieces will serve to solve those problems most effectively?
  24. 24. •APPROACH:
 Transform bulky shipping information into attention- grabbing, top-ranking content that kept their visitors on the page. •CONTENT TYPE:
 Six embeddable interactive experiences including assessments and interactive calculators. •REVENUE SUCCESS: 
 - 82% increase in month-over-month revenue
 - 151% increase in Freight Box shipments over 
 six months. Example: FedEx
  25. 25. Example: Dell •APPROACH:
 Leverage campaign landing pages for lead capture forms and microsites. •CONTENT TYPE:
 Targeted interactive landing pages and microsites. •REVENUE SUCCESS: 
 Increased sales opportunities by 10x in a two-year span.
  26. 26. Example: Key Equipment Finance •APPROACH:
 Create an interactive landing page experience 
 in a style that matched the existing landing 
 page and website. •CONTENT TYPE:
 Interactive landing pages with multiple elements. •REVENUE SUCCESS: 
 36% increase in conversions in their first 
 interactive launch.
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  28. 28. ion makes you better. better awareness
 revenue {ScribbleLive’s award-winning interactive content solutions produce content that performs. Marketing SupportCorp Com Publishers Content Cloud Interactive Trends User Generated Social Workflow Visual Live Insights Analytics Sales
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