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Describing people

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Describing people

  1. 1. Exercises32.1 Fill the gaps in the sentences.1 Hes only one metre 52. Hes quite short.2 Very ________ people are often good at basketball. tall3 Models are usually____________ slim / thin4 Is her skin dark? No its ____________ fair5 Shes only 12. Shes very __________ young6 If I eat too much Ill be ______________ fat / overweight7 My grandmother is in this hospital. Its a hospital for ________ people. (dont use old) elderly
  2. 2. 32.2 Ask questions for these answers. Use the words in brackets.1 How tall is your brother? (your brother) Hes about one metre 75.2 Elenas hair blonde/fair? Is ________________________________? (Elenas hair) ____________________________ Elena have blonde/fair hair? Has Elena got blonde/fair hair? Does No, her hairs dark.3 Mikes hair long? Is ______________________________? (Mikes hair) ___________________________________ long hair? Does Mike have long hair? Has Mike got Yes, it is quite long.4 your parents old? Are _______________________________? (your parents) (or more polite: Are your parents elderly?) __________________________________ Not really, theyre middle-aged.5 his sister pretty/beautiful? Is __________________________? (his sister) Yes, all the boys want to go out with her.6 is Sara so thin? Why ________________________? (Sara - thin) ___________________________________________________ she? Why does Sara look so thin? Sara looks very thin, doesnt She has been very ill.
  3. 3. 32.3 Write sentences describing the people in these pictures. Suzanna Jeff Caroline Dick 1 Suzannas got ________________________ . long blonde hair and fair skin. 2 Jeff has ______________________________ short fair hair and a beard. 3 Carolines got _____________________________ dark skin and dark hair. 4 Dicks hair is ____________ and he _____________. long has a moustache
  4. 4. 32.4 Write down the names of three people you know. Then write about:- their height (tall, short, medium height)- their hair (colour, long, short, beard)- their eyes (colour)- their looks (ordinary, handsome, etc.) ]oanna: ]oanna is tall. She has long black hair and brown eyes. Shes very pretty. Kevin: Kevin is medium height. He has fair hair and a beard. His eyes are blue. Hes quite ordinary-looking. My mother: My mother is short, with grey hair. She has green eyes. She is a beautiful woman.