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Call Center Process Management 101

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Call Center Process Management 101

  1. 1. CALL CENTER PROCESS MANAGEMENT 101 Sarfraz TajCall Center (BPM) Specialist 1
  2. 2. Agenda• Introduction (5 minutes)• What is Process management (5 minutes)• What are the Objectives (5 minutes)• What are the Process Challenges (10 minutes)• Customer Interaction Framework (5 minutes)• Interaction Performance Management (5 minutes)• End Results (5 minutes)
  3. 3. Sarfraz Taj / Introduction• Experienced Project Manager with expertise in project management, governance, business process improvement, software analysis, database design for software, call centers.• Helped businesses to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their CRM practice.• Assisted companies to optimize their business processes by integrating with newer customer interaction technology.
  4. 4. What is Customer Process ManagementManaging the effectiveness of operational-centricbusiness Activities, initiatives and processes to acommon set of goals and objectives, focused on theCustomer
  5. 5. Call Center Objectives• Reduce agent’s time on non call related activities.• Reduce inbound call volume.• Reduce cost of service/customer• Improve performance against service Level agreement.• Improve customer retention• Increase use of self service channel• Improve productivity• Increase revenue• Improve Customer Satisfaction
  6. 6. Communication Channels IVR• Customer experience CALL SELF SERVICE EMAIL WEB • Interaction
  7. 7. Process Integration
  8. 8. ChallengesOrganizational Process Technology Who is the Management Integration Customer Product & Service Voice Recording Sales Improvement Desktop Management Marketing Channel Support IVR Computer Telephony Integration Call Center Quality Control Complaint WFM Services Knowledge Management
  9. 9. Customer Interaction Progression Customer Interaction Call Center Framework Single Point of A process and contact to Technology Telephone based Framework call center for Direct Call for service product & Services
  10. 10. Call Center Process Framework • Align • Manage Process People Data & Technology Information • Understand • Optimize
  11. 11. Q/A
  12. 12. CCPM 101 has been presented by the MirGroup University (MGU)For more Information go to: Please fill out your post class If you want to teach a class please contact me or david.raucher@mirgroup.comYour CCPM 101 instructor has been:Sarfraz and Atif817.554.3380 12