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Growth Hacking with Data: How to Find Big Growth with Deep Data Dives

Twitter, Airbnb, HotelTonight and Facebook all used insights found deep within their data to unlock big growth opportunities. Join us as Colin Zima, Chief Analytics Officer at Looker, and Sean Ellis, CEO of Qualaroo, reverse engineer five data-driven growth wins and shows you how you can apply this same level of thinking and analysis to find growth for your company.

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Growth Hacking with Data: How to Find Big Growth with Deep Data Dives

  1. Growth Hacking with Data How to Find Big Growth with Deep Data Dives #datahacks
  2. Today’s Experts #datahacks Colin Zima Chief Analytics Officer Looker @LookerData Sean Ellis CEO & Founder Qualaroo & @SeanEllis
  3. #DATAHACKS #datahacks
  4. Poll Question What is your primary job function/role? #datahacks a) User acquisition b) Product manager c) Brand marketing d) Other
  5. 15-second commercial: Qualaroo • Analytics are great at telling #datahacks you what happened— Qualaroo tells you why. • Collect voice of customer insights from site visitors • Understand visitor intent to unlock growth
  6. 15-second commercial: Looker #datahacks Looker makes large, complex data set accessible to everyone through the web… …providing data analysts with tools to create new self-service data experiences… …and empowering every employee to make better, data-driven decisions
  7. How to Use Data to Grow Image: #datahacks
  8. Discovery Process Ask$ Ques(ons$ Understand$ Results$ #datahacks Generate$ Hypotheses$ Test$and$ Iterate$ Analyze$$$ Data$ Product$ Decisions$
  9. Collaboration is Key Team$Member$ #datahacks Team$Member$ Team$Member$ Team$Member$ Data$Analyst$
  10. Data Analysis Through the Funnel Image: #datahacks
  11. #datahacks
  12. Mobile SEM Data Hacking • Target mobile search ads for car rentals to airport locations • Use voice of customer research and data to understand last-minute #datahacks search needs • Create high-value, high ROI campaigns to win business from long lines at rental counters AARRR
  13. Finding Better Customers #datahacks Source User Attributes Purchase Details AARRR
  14. Twitter’s Follow 30 People #datahacks • Twitter wanted to know what made someone become a core user • The number of people you follow determines activation rate • "Once a user follows 30 people, they're more or less active forever.” – Josh Elman, Greylock AARRR
  15. Intelligent Recommendation AARRR #datahacks
  16. Is Easier Than You Think AARRR #datahacks • Different Groupings – Users – Orders • Different Actions – Purchase – View • Different Items – Product – Brand – Department
  17. Airbnb’s Pro Photos #datahacks • Airbnb discovered that listings with high-quality photos received 2-3x bookings of average listings • Airbnb invested quickly in professional photography and verified photos • Booking activity explodes as people get a better sense of what they’re buying AARRR
  18. Finding the Magic Number AAARR #datahacks
  19. Netflix Original Programming #datahacks • Knew House of Cards would be a hit based on Kevin Spacey and David Fincher • Data-driven original programming makes Netflix shows 2x as likely to succeed as new broadcast TV shows • Original programming drives down churn, increases overall hours viewed AAARR
  20. Uber’s Referral Machine #datahacks • Uber grows largely through word of mouth both for riders and drivers. • How can Uber make the most of this program? • What data points should they measure to find opportunities to drive even greater growth? AARRR
  21. Try Looker for Free Get a Free Trial of Looker #datahacks • Try Looker directly on your data, not demo data • We do the set-up • We offer technical support the entire trial period
  22. Get an Extended Qualaroo Trial 30-Day Qualaroo Trial #datahacks • 30 Day trial instead of 14 • Try all pro features including mobile surveys • Get voice of customer insights from your web visitors
  23. Q & A #datahacks