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Judith Lewis - SEO is Dead Again? It will never die.


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Judith Lewis - SEO is Dead Again? It will never die.

  1. 1. SEO is Dead Again? It Will Never Die!
  2. 2. ➡ Run DeCabbit Consultancy doing SEO, PPC, Social Media and integrated marketing campaigns ➡ Online since 1985, online marketing since 1996 ➡ Have worked with Amadeus, Brown-Forman, UPS, Qubit, GalaCoral, Google, Vapemate, NatWest/RBS, Fidelity, NBC Universal, Readers Digest, Bayer, AMD, AmEx, TotalJobs,, Zopa, NSPCC, GE & more ➡ Contact me: AM I Who Obligatory slide ! Judith Lewis @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  3. 3. ANYWAY - let’s begin…
  4. 4. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit What matters, what doesn’t, what works and what doesn’t
  5. 5. What Doesn’t Matter Neil Patel & Yoast Keyword Density Bounce rate Social media links for pure SEO Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  6. 6. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Traffic light systems and isolating single (often old) tactics do not work for SEO – it must be holistic
  7. 7. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Keyword density is not a ranking factor
  8. 8. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Bounce Rate is *NOT* a ranking metric
  9. 9. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Google does not value social links
  10. 10. Why Latent Semantic Indexing Doesn’t Matter @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  11. 11. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Not Everything Continues Working Once Implemented
  12. 12. Stuff That No Longer Works Noindex in Robots.txt Authorship Pagination Exact match domain names Single page, single keyword Cheap links/link packages Guest blogging for the link @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  13. 13. Noindex in Robots.txt @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Noindex in Robots.txt is dead
  14. 14. Authorship @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Authorship is dead and buried
  15. 15. Pagination @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Pagination was murdered in secret
  16. 16. Exact Match domain names died long ago @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  17. 17. Single page, single keyword @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Single page, single keyword targeting is dead
  18. 18. Single page, single keyword @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Single page, single keyword targeting is dead In fact, over- optimisation is a thing
  19. 19. Cheap links/link packages @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Cheap, low quality link building is so dead, it’s stone
  20. 20. Guest blogging for the link @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Guest blogging for the link - dead
  21. 21. 15/08/2019DeCabbit Presentation So what does matter?
  22. 22. What Matters User satisfaction E-A-T Quality outreach content Featured Snippet Local Speed Technical Debt & Crawl 410 over 404 Brand Links @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  23. 23. Google is always testing new ways of ranking Incorporating Clicks, Attention and Satisfaction into a Search Engine Result Page Evaluation Model a model of user behaviour that combines clicks, attractiveness and satisfaction in a joint model the model can be used as a robust predictor of user satisfaction without sacrificing its ability to predict clicks decoupling satisfaction from attention and clicks leads to inferior satisfaction prediction @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  24. 24. Check User Satisfaction Everywhere Use Google Search Console to identify high impression, low CTR keywords Use analytics to identify conversion pages with no conversions – check paths to and from that page Identify and map user personas to site pages and identify dead pages. Delete or repurpose depending on links and traffic (if they have lots of links and traffic but don’t match a user map, something is very wrong) @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  25. 25. E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) “The quality and amount of main content, website information, and website reputation all inform the E-A-T of a website.” Is the author here an Expert* of what he is talking about? (Meaning the topic of the query) Is the web page Authoritative*? Have you done or written anything that is cited or linked to by any other sites? Can you Trust* it? “Extensive reputation research is important when giving Highest ratings, and is evidence of the E-A-T of the page. Very positive reputation is often based on prestigious awards or recommendations from known experts or professional societies on the topic of the page.“ - Google @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  26. 26. Expertise Experts can exist in any field (gossip, humour, fashion, etc.) Experts can contribute to user-generated content too (Q&A sites may have expert users participating) An expert should have an expertise on the topic of the query. There are no general experts. It’s important that expertise is relevant. Experts should not necessarily have recognized / formal expertise (education). Some people share very in-depth and detailed reviews: They can be considered experts for sharing their “everyday expertise”. Sharing personal experience with a disease is a form of everyday expertise @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  27. 27. Authoritativeness Very positive reputation is often based on prestigious awards or recommendations from known experts or professional societies on the topic of the website. In some industries (recipes, gossip, humour, etc.) it’s ok to have a less formal reputation. For topics which need less formal expertise, websites can be considered to have a positive reputation if they are highly popular and well-loved for their topic. Quality raters are encouraged to use reputation research to find out what real users, as well as experts, think about a website. They will look for reviews, references, recommendations by experts, news articles, and other credible information created/written by individuals about the website. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  28. 28. Trustworthiness On-page trust signals may include prominent “About” page, extensive contact information, well-written privacy policies. These signals are more important for financial and shopping sites but it doesn’t hurt to add these to any site anyway. A good signal of trust for informational pages is the presence of good references (links to sources) supporting statements in the main content. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  29. 29. Quality Outreach Content @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Quality outreach content
  30. 30. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Spy on the competitions ideas
  31. 31. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Create a reason to link - not empty content
  32. 32. The research in to the kind of content Google seems to reward with a featured snippet was performed by A.J. Ghergich and SEMRush looking at 80 million keywords. Each type of search that resulted in a featured snippet was then analysed to see what kind of content was served, how Google was selecting the winner (did they always have to be in position 1? The answer was no), and what would it take to be included. SEMRush’s recent research has shed some light in to what in 2019 it takes to own the featured snippet result. The following types of queries map to certain featured snippets results: @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  33. 33. In order to understand what kinds of tables, lists and paragraphs were being used in the featured snippets, AJ Ghergich further analysed the size/type of each featured snippet they analysed. The most important kind of featured snippet for optimisation is the paragraph format as this is also used in People Also Ask. This should be structured as much as possible to indicate the question being answered in or near the paragraph which is desired to be featured. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  34. 34. For results where lists are the more appropriate result, having bullet points is important but not always necessary. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  35. 35. Desktop Moves to Mobile First Index Instead @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  36. 36. Google’s 1 Second Load Time Target (Mobile) @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  37. 37. Test Your Speed Chrome Audit Tool Google PageSpeed Tool - @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  38. 38. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  39. 39. Consider making 404 pages 410 @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  40. 40. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Be a brand
  41. 41. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Old Stuff That Works
  42. 42. Old Stuff That Works Again HTML Sitemaps Hyper specificity in landing pages Local SEO Optimised title tags Links @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  43. 43. HTML Sitemaps @JudithLewis & @Decabbit HTML Sitemaps – help the people, help the crawler
  44. 44. Hyper Specificity in Landing Pages @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  45. 45. Local Optimisation Matters Use “&near=cityname” after search to restrict your results Utilise original local content for your locations Update your Google My Business pages For link building, perform research and outreach based on a local focus Focus on link acquisition from local papers, chambers of commerce, and local sites @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  46. 46. Optimised title tags @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  47. 47. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Content Hacks
  48. 48. Content Hacks Don’t delete old content – repurpose Unless it’s 11k of useless content that adds nothing but just eats up crawl budget… then delete away Check what a page ranks for and tweak Don’t delete old content that ranks (but badly) – identify what the best thing for that page to rank for is and optimise Be the answer to begin with It’s not just position 0 but also “People Also Ask”, sharable content and E-A-T Make sure to use Copyscape Check for content theft and duplicate content Use copywriters strategically Don’t create content for content’s sake @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  49. 49. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Repurpose good! Delete bad!
  50. 50. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Make ranking content work through targeted optimisation
  51. 51. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Be the answer
  52. 52. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Use Copyscape to find duplicate content
  53. 53. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Use copywriters strategically
  54. 54. 10 Tips for Content Success Understand your audience Think big (data) Map your sales cycle (or use an editorial calendar) Write powerful/engaging titles Evergreen content rewards in constant traffic Focus on emotional, controversial, or useful original content Simplicity and clarity in articles wins readers Socially promote all content (don’t expect it to work alone) Measure results @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  55. 55. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Link Building
  56. 56. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Don’t build links without reading the patents and understanding how they work
  57. 57. “One embodiment of the present invention provides a system that ranks pages on the web based on distances between the pages, wherein the pages are interconnected with links to form a link-graph. More specifically, a set of high-quality seed pages are chosen as references for ranking the pages in the link-graph, and shortest distances from the set of seed pages to each given page in the link-graph are computed. Each of the shortest distances is obtained by summing lengths of a set of links which follows the shortest path from a seed page to a given page, wherein the length of a given link is assigned to the link based on properties of the link and properties of the page attached to the link. The computed shortest distances are then used to determine the ranking scores of the associated pages.” How Links Work @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  58. 58. It’s thought that according to Google’s Reasonable Surfer patent that links higher up in the document may transfer more ‘PageRank’ than those lower down. Same goes for links in the sidebar vs. links in the main content. This means the position and likelihood of the link getting a click now play more of a role in link valuation. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  59. 59. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  60. 60. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Ideas for links need to be innovative
  61. 61. Link Building Tips Reclaim dead links Check 4xx and 3xx links Do unique research and combine paid outreach with organic Exposure is worth as much as links – journos first but the pitch has to be worthy Find sites that have already covered something similar Piggyback on other events Use and plan ahead @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  62. 62. SEMRush/Majestic & Screaming Frog @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  63. 63. Content Designed to Attract Links White papers Expert research papers Newsjacking Lists Interviews/Egobait Surveys @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  64. 64. Find Sites that Covered Infographics Through “Search Google For Image” @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  65. 65. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  66. 66. Ask Me More Online Twitter: @JudithLewis Email LinkedIn: Web: Blog: SEO Blog: HuffPost: