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Verdien av transparente og ærlige brukeropplevelser - Trine Falbe

  1. @trinefalbe
  2. Digital is everywhere
  3. Image credit: the target Moves constantly
  4. the age of the customer
  5. How to create world class UX and improve business Preface by Aral Balkan Trine Falbe Kim Andersen Martin Michael Frederiksen UX White Hat Outinnovember!
  6. forced disclosure
  7. road block
  8. privacy zuckering
  9. “When a company like Facebook improves the experience of its products, it’s like the massages we give to Kobe beef: they’re not for the benefit of the cow but to make the cow a better product. In this analogy, you are the cow.” - Aral balkan
  10. Anti patterns
  11. forms that forget
  12. OMG Captcha!
  13. product = experience = product
  14. Image credit: trickle down
  15. UX is everyone’s business
  16. UX has to be everyone’s business
  17. Image credit: trickle UP
  18. chic & choc packaging by jovana Randjelovic safe exit
  19. chic & choc packaging by jovana Randjelovic
  20. time to wrap it up:
  21. UX is everyone’s business
  22. lead by example
  23. thank you@trinefalbe