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hulsta studio

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Let me help you to design your HOME!

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hulsta studio

  1. 1. I am Cristina ȘERBAN, managing partner at hülsta studio, Bucharest, ROMANIA. As profession l am an ARCHITECT and l work on interior design and furniture projects. In 2009 l started to provide hülsta lifestyle to my customers, working with both hülsta and now! by hülsta German furniture brands. WHY? I chosed to work with these brands because their products are ECO-friendly, modular and versatile so you can plan almost endless individual projects for each client, according to their demands and spaces available. The final results are qualitative, functional, stylish and environmentaly friendly. They have a timeless design that can be easily upgraded or adapted in a long term to family‘s development and growth.
  2. 2. hülsta lifestyle suppose to be healthy for the entire life of the users! The Blue Angel label for both hülsta and now! by hülsta brands makes me sure that l cand provide to my clients not only the functional and beautiful design by drawing it, but also the joy, health and happyness for their entire lives. WHY? Because the products are not emiting formaldehydes like usual products on the market. You can never get the specific bad smell of solvents or other toxic subtances into your home. On the contrary, everytime you clean the furniture with fresh watered clean cloth, you can smell the natural wood and feel like breathing fresh air in the nature. In the last few years l could observed into my showroom that fruits or vegetables were lasting very long without getting rotten, only getting dry!
  3. 3. WHY? We must be responsible for our environment to remain natural and healthy as only this way we can also live a good life! hülsta and now! by hülsta products allow us to have both ways to care about: ourselves and nature. Design, technologies and principles for a qualitative life are included into these products. The interior design result is sustainable and always makes you feel HOME.
  4. 4. concept & moodboard To begin an interior design project, it must be identified the style and the most suitable materials, colors and design for the desired life style. There are carefully chosen all the other complementary brands that offer similar types of products (versatile, highly personalizable and as much as possible ECO-friendly).
  5. 5. concept & moodboard
  6. 6. concept & moodboard
  7. 7. steps of planning Measurements. Concept. Moodboard. 3D planning with furnplan Fitting all in, according to the project.
  8. 8. final results Interior design. Apartment. by hülsta studio Natural colors and materials provide visual fluidity to the space, more than it’s physical openness . The living room, dining area and the kitchen form all together a relaxing living space of the HOME.
  9. 9. final results Interior design. Apartment. by furncon
  10. 10. final results Interior design. Hotel. by furncon
  11. 11. final results Interior design. Cruise. by furncon
  12. 12. final results Interior design. Public. by furncon
  13. 13. WHO IS furncon? furncon is the contract furnishing specialist of the Hüls group (HUG), for contracts of any scale worldwide. Whether hotel, cruise ship, castle, apartment complex or holiday home - furncon is the perfect partner to turn your visions into reality. The combination of the extensive expertise and the entire portfolio of the Hüls group ensures high-quality design, reliable quality and comprehensive service at an outstanding price/performance ratio.