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Using PR to Build Your Brand & SEO Efforts | #SeerCCQ

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For Lexi Mills, public relations powerhouse and Sr. VP Digital Strategy at Manyminds’s North America division, one of the best parts of PR and SEO back in the day was the cats. Specifically, viral content involving cats. While that kind of content builds links, it doesn’t do much in terms of longevity or building your brand.

Lexi shared this presentation at Seer's August 11th 2016 event, Connect Convert & Quantify. Full recap here:

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Using PR to Build Your Brand & SEO Efforts | #SeerCCQ

  1. 1.        
  3. 3. Agenda 1.  Changes in the publishing industry 2.  How and what content to package for promotion 3.  How to deliver and engage high value content placement targets 4.  What SEO tools can give you a competitive advantage when promoting your content? 5.  What SEO methods we should retire? 6.  Avoiding conflict with other teams. 7.  Strategies & Processes for risk managed content promotion. 8.  What does it look like when we tie it all together?
  4. 4. No pre-existing systems and processes for sign off
  5. 5. Agree an internal sign off process for content ideas – design-- promotion
  6. 6. Sign off on the sign off process
  7. 7. BIG Content Placements = Brand Police
  8. 8. Changes in the publishing industry
  9. 9. How should these impact your content promotional plans?
  10. 10. You can promote content 24/7
  11. 11. and you get a second chance by calling another office
  12. 12. There is the new syndication hack….
  13. 13. One content placement could turn into several
  14. 14. When to call a journalist check list. 1.  Are they at least 60% perfect for the story? 2.  Check who they write for, what sections and how frequently. 3.  What publication are you looking for them to place it in? 4.  What section of that publication? 5.  Are they awake- check twitter. 6.  Get a photo of them up- it helps you speak to them like a human. 7.  Check if the publication you want coverage in take stories like this and their format (Q&A, interviews, news, story length, video or images etc) 8.  Read their personal website for 30mins at least. 9.  Make sure you have actually read the publication you are pitching. 10. Check industry news on the topic you are pitching. 11. How long are the articles on these websites? 12. Does your content provide enough for a journalist to write this?
  15. 15. ASK: What articles/ keywords are performing best for you? RESEARCH: Competitors, top pages, facebook and twitter feeds/pages
  16. 16. So how do you use this to get content placements?
  17. 17. Over 100 articles secured A full list of coverage can be found here:
  18. 18. Another look at backlink analysis
  19. 19. Backlink analysis of similar stories not competitors
  20. 20. liability
  21. 21. They hold personal and transferable liability you need to fact check and substantiate your content
  22. 22. …that video was created in 2011
  23. 23. Year  plan  for  client  XXX   Business Content Trade content Creative PR Content Complete promotion of creative Build out Content for new creative Launch and Promote December Ongoing business byline/ case study crafting and selling in for links January February March April May Onsite content work for all PR/ content campaigns/ news jumps Setup trade media /advice articles Monthly publishing of and PR work for trade articles Build out Content for new creative Launch and Promote Phase 1
  24. 24. Check: •  How long are the articles on these websites? •  Does your content provide enough for a journalist to write this?
  25. 25. Evergreen framework
  26. 26. Say what no one else is saying
  27. 27. Craft content à Exclusives go live à Publish ‘anchor content’ live on your blog à Wider media selling-in à Newsletter/ Social/ email marketing
  28. 28. Media database considerations: • How often is their data updated? • Search functionality • Export to CSV? • UK, USA focused? • Top industry sectors?
  29. 29. 1.) Retire old tactics 2.) Hustle with integrity 3.) Remember the ground is moving under everyone's feet
  30. 30. 20 Million + Searches in 2015 32 Million + Searches in 2015 155 Million + Searches in 2015
  31. 31. Thank you