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Session 0.0 keynote sandeep sacheti - final hi res

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Talk at SEMANTiCS 2017

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Session 0.0 keynote sandeep sacheti - final hi res

  1. 1. When you have to be right How AI aided human experts are delivering accuracy, speed and value for our customers
  2. 2. Human Health
  3. 3. Human Health  Health improved dramatically over the last 100 years, due to:  Accessibility of info  Convenience  Equipment / Technology  Medical research
  4. 4. A solution: Health Language® 4
  5. 5. Empower professionals with the essential information and support they need to make and follow through on decisions with confidence.
  6. 6. Wolters Kluwer A global company that offers software tools coupled with content and services that customers need to make decisions with confidence 6
  7. 7. Our Customers LegalHealthcare Tax & Accounting Governance & Risk 7 nearly 90% of U.S. academic medical centers 90% Top accounting firms worldwide and most of world’s governing tax authorities 210k of top banks globally 90% Legal professionals worldwide 600k
  8. 8. 8 Operating Globally Hundreds of Major Global Regulators 14M Words in US & UK Tax Code €8B Administrative Costs in NL
  9. 9. legal spend data $80 billion
  10. 10. Human Health per year to review 1.4 million lines
  11. 11. Solutions that deliver savings 11 LegalVIEW® BillAnalyzer A tool that manages the entire legal invoice review process through a combination of technology, deep machine learning, and professional expertise.
  12. 12. Solutions that improve productivity 12 CCH iQ A predictive analytical tool that identifies which clients will be impacted as triggering events happen, helping our customers be time efficient, cost effective and facilitate practice growth
  13. 13. 13 Solutions that reduce complexity M&A Clause Analytics A workflow solution that combines artificial intelligence and expert attorney curation to improve quality, efficiency, and ease of preparing M&A agreements
  14. 14. Human Element with AI 14
  15. 15. About Wolters Kluwer 15