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Advanced SEO Class: Using PR Like A Pro

Writer and SEO guru Clayon Wood joins SEMrush for an amazing webinar. Clayton has written for industry sites such as Search Engine Journal, Moz, and SEMrush's blog, as well as big publications like Inc Magazine. He shares some strategies to being published by a quality publication, and strips away some of the intimidating factors.

Specifically, he covers:
*How to develop the right contacts
*Storyline creation
*Personal Branding and SEO integration
*Strategies for publication in major magazines and websites

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Advanced SEO Class: Using PR Like A Pro

  1. 1. Clayton Wood Advanced Publishing & Media Class @ClaytonWWood
  2. 2. Goals 1. Learn how to work with the media 2. Top tools for locating publications 3. How to Build a story that sells 4. How to use holistic media to attract attention 5. Leveraging famous authors
  3. 3. Clayton Wood It’s All About Who You Know @ClaytonWWood
  4. 4. Perceptive Proactive Relationships
  5. 5. Advanced Publishing Principles 1. Don’t reach out with nothing. 2. They get over 300 emails a day. 3. Similar Stories. 4. Contact people in your area. 5. Format, format format.
  6. 6. Clayton Wood You Have To Have A Social Presence @ClaytonWWood
  7. 7. Use your own social profiles. “If you were Huff Post, would you publish (or even answer an email) from this profile?”
  8. 8. Clayton Wood Who’s Going To Publish Me? @ClaytonWWood
  9. 9. Make A List – Here’s The Best Tools Out There AllTop “Author” Facebook Groups LinkedIn Groups Twitter Lists
  10. 10. Vet The Sites: Backlinks Social Reach Ahrefs Topics & Format
  11. 11. Clayton Wood Sitting Around The Campfire @ClaytonWWood
  12. 12. Clayton Wood Being Holistic With The Media @ClaytonWWood
  13. 13. Clayton Wood Co-Authoring Like A Pro @ClaytonWWood