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How to handle writing revisions - without going insane!

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Writing revisions are an inevitable part of freelance copywriting – it’s something ALL of us face, from “newbies” to veterans with decades of experience. Typically, you can count on at least one revision of everything you write.

The key is to minimize those writing revisions and to make them as minor as possible so you don’t feel like you’re stuck with re-writing the entire page!

Learn how to do this, beginning with what a revision is versus what is “out of scope” of the original agreement with your client.

Visit the SEO Copywriting blog for the video with audio and narrative text:

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How to handle writing revisions - without going insane!

  1. 1. How to start an SEO copywritingbusiness How to handle revisions without going insane
  2. 2. Revisions versus “out of scope.” - A revision entails making minor edits to the content. The main structure of the page stays the same. - “Out of scope” is when the client changes his/her mind about the topic, tone of feel, or what should be included in the content.
  3. 3. What’s the best way to minimizerevisions? Talk to the client before you start work and ask them a lot of questions. It helps to send a follow-up email outlining the conversation, the article structure and main points to hit.
  4. 4. Revision tips: - Ask the client to provide specific feedback in writing. - If you get revisions from multiple people, ask your client for help. - Limit the amount of revisions you’ll do at no cost.
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  7. 7. Questions? Here’s how to reach me -Industry-endorsed SEO Copywriting Certification training - Writing services - Customized SEO content training Twitter: @heatherlloyd