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Penguin 2.0: Should you rewrite your "evergreen" site copy?

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In this video of the SEO Copywriting Checklist series, I discuss the impending Google updates and what they mean for site owners and SEO web content.

Following up on Google's distinguished engineer Matt Cutts' recent video announcing the next major wave of updates, including Penguin 2.0, and on a recent SEO Copywriting Certification call with Bruce Clay, I identify what content on your site you might need to revisit and rewrite, NOW!

Tune in to learn what web copy on your site might need rewriting, before the next updates hit!

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Penguin 2.0: Should you rewrite your "evergreen" site copy?

  1. 1. Penguin 2.0: Should you rewrite your“evergreen” site copy?Presented by: Heather Lloyd-Martin, CEO,SuccessWorks SEO CopywritingSEO COPYWRITING CHECKLIST
  2. 2. ARE SOME OF YOUR PAGES SO-SO AT BEST?- Does your site have anylow-quality posts orarticles?- Does your sales copywalk a keyphrase-stuffingline?
  3. 3. NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE SOME CHANGES!- Google wants torecognize authority sites.- Identify low-value andlow-quality content andrewrite it.- If your blog hasn’t beenupdated in months, it’stime to start bloggingagain.
  4. 4. NEED HELP? LET ME KNOW!• SEO Copywriting Certificationtraining• SEO content writing services• Customized SEO content training• Content site reviews• Free daily/weekly