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ReDi restaurant reservation

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This presentation is prepared for Windows Startup Challenge

The main goal of our application is to provide users online restaurant reservation from any mobile device, tablet pc or laptop. User will receive immediate respond, that will guarantee that reservation has been accepted.
Second focus of application will help user to choose restaurant from catalog. Catalog will be rendered based on GPS location or by manually specifying location. User will be able to review restaurant information, opening hours, users review, menu, map, photos and so on.

Primary Scenario
User starts application. Application detects user location and provides list of restaurants by distance from current location. User scrolls from list and select restaurant to make an online reservation. On the next step, user selects number of persons, date and time, and clicks next. System will query an online database to see available seats, and provides user with available time or alternatives. User selects available time, provides user details, and confirms reservation. System verifies reservation details, and notifies user that reservation has been accepted. Same time system notifies restaurant owners about new visitor.

Application will be based on API

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ReDi restaurant reservation

  1. 1. ReDi Restaurant Reservation Sergei Prokopov ( Prokopov (
  2. 2. Select Restaurant Page
  3. 3. Select Date and Time
  4. 4. Select Alternative Time
  5. 5. Provide Contact Information
  6. 6. Confirmation Page