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We speack, we impact

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We speack, we impact

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We speack, we impact

  1. 1. Global Citizen WeSpeak, WeImpact AIESEC NEIVA TN-In-CO-TO-2014-483 / TN-In-CO-TO-2014-484 TN-In-CO-TO-2013-356 / TN-In-CO-2014-486 TN-In-CO-TO-TO-2014-487 / TN-In-CO-TO-2014-489
  2. 2. Neiva: a warm, happy city! Neiva – Huila – Colombia Neiva Booklet: English Version: pmzxn9y/welcome-to-neiva/ Versión en Español: kuz0wk/bienvenido-a-neiva/
  3. 3. WeSpeak , WeImpact AIESEC in Neiva, in search of peace and fulfillment of humankind's potential in its city, delivers its second IGCDP project, with a view to create a first positive impact to ensure the positioning of AIESEC as an organization which promotes youth leadership in the city and concerns about social issues. The project is divided into two parts: 1) Social work with communities: trainees are going to work with a foundation or community teaching to children from 5 to 12 year old their own language and culture, three hours in the morning. 2) Language and cultural teaching: trainees are going to work with AIESEC members and college students, teaching their native language and the culture of their country, two hours – three hours in the afternoon.
  4. 4. Social Impact We believe that no matter what project in Aiesec in Neiva the Trainee must not forget the social part of their intership. That´s why we encourage them to visit and work with vulnerable communities, that way they can see directly the importance of their impact in our society.
  5. 5. DELIVERY REQUIREMENTS - Willing to work with children and teenagers. - Developing the program according to the Project objective. - Outgoing personality and experience teaching a language. - Basic Spanish or some knowledge of it. DATE OF START June 23th TRAINEE MEETING: AIESEC Neiva develops different activities in which AIESEC members are involved, because it’s important for us to assure the trainee will have the best experience in the city. HOUSING AND FEEDING: AIESEC will provide housing & Food (At least one meal per day). You are going to live in an AIESEC member house or in a family house. GLOBAL BUDDIES: Every trainee will have a Buddy from the city who will show the Colombian culture, also the buddy will help the trainee in everything which may need. When the trainee arrives to the city, the Delivery team pick him/her up and take the trainee to the host family place, also we do the inter preparation seminar, cultural training and work training.
  6. 6. Maria Paula Pastrana Local Committe Vice President GCDP Incoming, AIESEC in Neiva Ricardo Andrés Narváez Perdomo Local Committe Vice President Incoming Exchange, AIESEC in Neiva