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Friendticker 2010 Slideshare Information 2

Friendticker is a location-based mobile marketing platform that puts brands in front of customers by adding virtual check-ins to their brand or venue. Friendticker gives real-life value to a customer's mobile actions beyond the gaming aspect of first generation virtual check-in technology.

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Friendticker 2010 Slideshare Information 2

  1. 1. Information
  2. 2. What is Friendticker? For Businesses For Consumers An easy real-time Interactive, location Real world benefits based marketing for mobile actions 2 channel What's new and different? Friendticker is a tool for advertisers and marketers in order to increase and retain brand interaction and thus loyalty for mobile campaigns – plus keeping the fun for consumers. 06.04.2010
  3. 3. The loyalty mechanism: Example Flughafen Berlin-Bra 3 Get your benefit from a brand – e.g. Check in on any a real football! location in your Collect 4 ft (Example: city with Check-ins Vouchers. iPhone App and receive Share your Coupons,etc) an ITEMs success among Friends on Facebook 06.04.2010 Servtag
  4. 4. Benefits for easyJet Brand interaction Customer acquisition Customer loyalty 4  Customer uses the mobile  Get new customers by offering  Give amazing incentives to your phone to interact with your cheap flights in the city (Shops, existing customers for virtual brand Restaurants, Bars, etc.) check-ins at your airports  Sharing the brand among social networks Location-based and contextual advertising 06.04.2010
  5. 5. Loyality mechanism: benefits along the value chain ITEM is User signs in User performs User User is promoted on FT for ITEM ITEM rules receives ITEM rewarded (Check-in) T-Shirts 5 BENEFITS FOR BRANDS Customer CPM Customer CPM brand Customer list interaction brand list leads exposure CPM CPM exposure CPM 06.04.2010 Servtag
  6. 6. Campaign types O P T Digital punch cards (e.g. “Check in 5 times, get a I O benefit provided by Partners”) N 1 O P T ITEM as Raffles (e.g. “each x Check-in has I O the chance to win a price”) 6 N 2 O P T I ITEM for Special Event promotions O N 3 O P T I Specials for the user who checks in most often. O N 4 06.04.2010
  7. 7. friendticker in the press 7 06.04.2010
  8. 8. The „mobile“ problem we address for brands Situation: • Brands want to stay connected with customers on any platform. And today more and more of their customers are mobile. Problem with existing mobile marketing: • Traditional mobile marketing campaigns are ineffective and inefficient • There is no interaction and feedback from consumers to achieve traceable results (success measurement is needed) 8 • So far, there is no benefit for the user when using Mobile Marketing instruments – this is why they don’t use it • Setting-up a own geo-relevant service is costly and requires detailed knowledge of referring technologies • Until recently: the mobile channel had no big reach •  These things have changed! 06.04.2010
  9. 9. Contact Dr. Florian Resatsch servtag GmbH Chausseestraße 16 9 10115 Berlin Germany 06.04.2010 Servtag