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Collaborative Storytelling: Presentation at Startupfest 2013

Presented at Startupfest 2013
Nearly 100 years ago, the French Surrealists invented a game they called “Le Cadavre Exquis” (“Exquisite Corpse”), in which they would collectively create a story using words and images. Today, customers, partners, friends, competitors and others collectively write and share the stories of organizations with which they interact. In this session, industry analyst Susan Etlinger will share examples of how both startups and established brands use social data to create a most holistic picture of their customer’s needs, wants and aspirations, and how startup entrepreneurs can use this data to build their brands and develop mutually valuable and sustainable relationships.

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Collaborative Storytelling: Presentation at Startupfest 2013

  1. 1. Presented at Startupfest 2013 Susan Etlinger, Industry Analyst | @setlinger | @altimetergroup Collaborative Storytelling
  2. 2. “The universe is made of stories, not atoms.” − Muriel Rukeyser, poet and political activist 2
  3. 3. Why Stories Matter (This Means You)
  4. 4. u Stories are in our blood Image courtesy
  5. 5. We’ve told them forever Image courtesy
  6. 6. Image courtesy We consume them individually…
  7. 7. Source: …and tell them collaboratively The Exquisite Corpse Le CadavreExquis
  8. 8. 8 The average consumer sees c. 3,000 brand impressions a day. Media is and will continue to converge as brands are challenged to intercept this elusive customer, regardless of medium, channel or time of day When it comes to business, we are horriblestorytell ers. Image courtesy
  9. 9. 9 The average consumer sees c. 3,000 brand impressions a day. Media is and will continue to converge as brands are challenged to intercept this elusive customer, regardless of medium, channel or time of day The average consumer sees approximately 3,000 brand impressions every. single. day. Image by George Rexusedwith Attribution as directed by Creative Commons h
  10. 10. 10 The “it’s all about me” model doesn’t work in the social, digital, con nected world. The Marketing Funnel Awareness Consideration Conversion
  11. 11. Focus on Relationships, Not Transactions 11 Transactional Occasional Impersonal Short-Term Loyal Constant Authentic Long-Term
  12. 12. Mapping the Customer Journey
  13. 13. You’re going to need some (social) data. Image courtesy
  14. 14. Image by MadhavaEnros used with Attribution as directed by Creative Commons You’re also going to need a map. Image courtesy
  15. 15. This is NOT an elevator pitch. Image courtesy
  16. 16. It’s about understanding the customer’s POV
  17. 17. Awareness Stakeholder findings • Signals that convey that someone is likely aware of your brand, service or content. Characteristics • Can we make a reasonable presumption that the reader has seen our post? • What digital actions suggest that presumption to be true? Thought Starter Questions • Clicks • Impressions • Plays • Views Typical Metrics
  18. 18. Section 1. Project Overview CaseExample Awareness Capitalizing on pop culture’s zombie craze, the CDC creates a comic book- like readiness guidecharting what to do incase of an outbreak. The blog post introducing the guide went viral, skyrocketing traffic so high, their servers crashed.
  19. 19. Consideration Stakeholder findings •Signalsthat convey that someone interested in the social post or brand. Characteristics •Has she taken a digital action to learn more about the post or product? •Has she placed the post in her feed or shared the post with her network? •Has she posted a question or opinion about it? Thought Starter Questions •Click-throughs, Views(80%) •Pins/Repins •Fans, Favorites, Likes, Shares, Comments, Questions •Subscribes, Downloads, Embeds •Bookmarks •Add to Shopping Cart, time on site Typical Metrics
  20. 20. Section 1. Project Overview CaseExample Consideration The power of anecdote + metrics Social media frees SAP sales team to focus on lower-funnel activities, improving productivity and close rate. Social media has changed the point at which many sales professionals begin to engage with prospects, because it helps prospects to “self-qualify” by engaging with others in SAP communities early in their decision process.
  21. 21. Conversion Stakeholder findings • Signals that convey that someone has purchased the product (B2C) OR is willing to be contacted by a sales representative (B2B) Characteristics • If B2B, has she downloaded content and shared contact information or willingness to be contacted? • If B2C, purchase Thought Starter Questions • B2B • Downloads, Subscribes • B2C • CompletedTransactions Typical Metrics
  22. 22. Section 1. Project Overview CaseExample Conversion Customers scan QR codes to purchase products for same day delivery. More than 10K consumers visited the Home Plus mall using their smartphones. New members rose by 76% after the first implementation and online sales increased by 130%. Tesco unveils first interactive digital grocery in Seoul subway
  23. 23. Customer Experience Stakeholder findings • Signals that convey the quality of a customer’s experience Characteristics • What can we learn about the our customers’ experience via digital channels? • How does it vary over time? By competitor? By product? • How does it differ from customer sat scores? Thought Starter Questions • Topic sentiment • Volume of identified/resolved requests in social networks • Blind spots identified and resolved • Sentiment vs customer satisfaction or NPS • Timeliness of response • Review sentiment/score Typical Metrics
  24. 24. Section 1. Project Overview CaseExample CustomerExperience ATT’s community resolves service issues before they become expensive call center calls.(Courtesy: Lithium)
  25. 25. Loyalty Stakeholder findings • Signals that convey that a customer is a loyal fan of the brand • Alternatively, signals that convey that a customer is a detractor Characteristics • What signals can we detect that suggest a customer or prospect is loyal to our brand? • How do they share, with whom, and with what sentiment? • Do you have to be a customer to be loyal? Thought Starter Questions • All of the below, with positive sentiment, over time: • Shares,Comments, Embeds • Pins/Repins • Fans, Favorites, Likes • Subscribes, Downloads • LTV Typical Metrics
  26. 26. Section 1. Project Overview CaseExample Loyalty In this example, IHG and Chase co- created a Visa card from inception to marketing with 300 members, over a 12-month period, resulting in 30K conversation contributions. The campaign delivered an 80% increase in accounts over previous campaigns, and 5K existing customers who requested an upgrade.
  27. 27. Advocacy Stakeholder findings • Signals that that a person is a strong and public supporter of your brand Characteristics • What signals can we detect that suggest a person is a brand advocate • Do you have to be a customer to be an advocate (or detractor)? Thought Starter Questions • Largest sources of positive sentiment (reach + reputation) • Largest source of customer referrals • “Social” customer value Typical Metrics
  28. 28. Section 1. Project Overview CaseExample Advocacy Business Service. metrics-driven, adaptive culture Product Short sales cycle, low(er) consideration service Media Paid, earned, owned Customer Mixed B2B/B2C; Highly social consumer and business customer Measurement Strategy Deeply integrated with Facebook; uses URL tracking to measure business outcomes. “The transaction is the most sacred part of the funnel, but we’re optimizing all parts of the funnel. For example, if you look at total attendee sharing, 60% of sharing occurs after the purchase. One in 100 people who look at an event page before purchase share it, while 1 in 10 share it after purchase. And a post- purchase share drives 20% more ticket sales than a pre-purchase share.” −Tamara Mendelsohn,VP Marketing
  29. 29. A Holistic Strategy UGC-supported microsites Burberry “Acoustic” artist showcase Online community UGC-created media (videos, ads) Build-Your-Own- TrenchcoatApp Engages directly with consumers & influencers ‘Runway to Reality’ live steam
  30. 30. “Love is when you meet someone who tells you something new about yourself.” − André Breton 30
  31. 31. Susan Etlinger Twitter: setlinger THANK YOU Disclaimer: Although the information and data used in this report have been produced and processed from sources believed to be reliable, no warranty expressed or implied is made regarding the completeness, accuracy, adequacy or use of the information. The authors and contributors of the information and data shall have no liability for errors or omissions contained herein or for interpretations thereof. Reference herein to any specific product or vendor by trade name, trademark or otherwise does not constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation or favoring by the authors or contributors and shall not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes. The opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice.
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