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The Loyalty Ladder

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An Infographic that demonstrates how a customer relationship matures over time. Your customers must first generate brand trust, then you have an opportunity to create brand loyalty. Once you have established this relationship, you have can earn brand advocacy. The Brand advocate is one of the most valuable things your firm can invest in and technology is a key component of that formula.

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The Loyalty Ladder

  1. 1. TRUST THRESHOLD This is the point where you’ve earned enough trust for your customer to buy from you. This is the point where a customer is so inspired by your solution, they tell everyone about it and encourage others to see for themselves. This is the point at which they have self determined that they will use your product or service again in the future. They will not hunt for a competitor. They trust you to deliver on your brand promise again. Bad Experiences can move your customers down the ladder. Once someone becomes a brand advocate and has put their personal seal of approval on your brand, it becomes much more difficult for them to move down the ladder. Really bad experiences can move your customer down several rungs. How you respond to these bad experiences can result in a major transition up the ladder. Each rung on the ladder represents a “micro” experience that your prospect or customer has with you. START ADVOCACY THRESHOLD LOYALTY THRESHOLD