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Internship power point

  1. S Summer Internship Experience Clemson-Seneca Pediatrics Stephanie Gerrald
  2. Introduction S The goal of this presentation is to highlight my internship experience with Clemson-Seneca Pediatrics during the summer of 2015. S What to look for: S Internship site’s mission and goals S Provider information S A description of my day-to-day activities and duties S Internship Projects
  3. Clemson-Seneca Pediatrics
  4. About Clemson-Seneca Pediatrics S CSP is a multi-physician, multi-office pediatric group owned by the Greenville Health System S CSP, along with GHS as a whole organization, is focused on preventive care S Mission: “Clemson-Seneca Pediatrics is dedicated to advancing the care of children and promoting healthy families.” S Goals: S “serve as family resource for raising happy and healthy children” S “provide as much education as treatment in order to help your children thrive”
  5. About the Providers S Clemson-Seneca Pediatrics has five providers that rotate between the Clemson and Seneca office to ensure that patients always see a familiar face!
  6. About the Providers S Dr. Lorraine Bruce S Pennsylvania State University S Special interests: food, insect allergies, ADHD, special needs, breastfeeding support, learning disabilities, newborn care S Dr. Antoinette Bannister S Louisiana State University Medical Center S Special interests: asthma, nutrition, preventive medicine, ADHD
  7. About the Providers S Dr. Jordan Dean S Emory University School of Medicine S Special interests: ADHD, breastfeeding support, asthma and nutrition S Dr. Atieno Ragwar S Cornell University Medical College S Special interests: health and fitness, breastfeeding support, obesity and nutrition
  8. About the Providers S Beth Dickerson, NP S University of Virginia S Experienced in diagnosing and treating pediatric illnesses as well as educating children and parents on diseases, conditions, and healthy living
  9. Intern Duties S Typical day-to-day duties include S Retrieving patients from waiting room S Taking vital signs from patients and conducting patient interview S Vital signs include height, weight, blood pressure, temperature (if sick), head circumference of infants S Vitals and information from interviews are entered into Horizon Ambulatory Care (the web-based electronic charting system)
  10. Intern Duties S More duties are S Cleaning rooms between each patient visit S Prepping vaccines S Hemoglobin tests S Urinalysis S Rapid strep tests S Checking on the status of Prior Authorization forms for medications through different insurance companies
  11. These two pictures show me performing one of the many urinalyses that I did this summer. I learned how to interpret the results as well as properly record them in the lab book and the electronic records system
  12. Here I am on the phone with an insurance company checking up on the status of a Prior Authorization form for a patient’s ADHD medications One of my favorite things to do was to prep vaccines. Here I am drawing a vaccine out of its vial.
  13. Internship Projects S I assisted in the redecoration of the waiting room to help make it more kid-friendly. With an underwater theme, we decorated the walls with colored fish that the children really seemed to like S I was able to sit in on an interview for an open LPN position and give my feedback on the applicant to the office manager
  14. Conclusion S My internship with Clemson-Seneca Pediatrics was very eye- opening and rewarding. I learned so many news things about the field of nursing and healthcare in general S The nurses that I had the privilege of working with taught me so many things and helped me every step of the way. I hope to someday be able to teach someone the way that they taught me S This experience has definitely strengthened my desire to pursue a career in nursing and I’m excited for what I’ll be able to do in the future because I was able to have this experience
  15. Sources S "Clemson-Seneca Pediatrics." : GHS Children's Hospital. Web. 25 July 2015.