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A research on “effective of google

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A research on “Effective of Google
Classroom for the students of Daffodil
International University.

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A research on “effective of google

  1. 1. Research Title: A research on “Effective of Google Classroom for the students of Daffodil International University. Name: Md. Shafin Islam Barring ID: 141-11-139
  2. 2. Research Objective: 1. To identify usefulness of Google Classroom in of DIU students. 2. To identify which dept. students more involve with Google Classroom. 3. To identify the involves of teachers and students. 4. To identify which level of students use more Google Classroom. 5. To identify the relationship between teachers and students via Google Classroom. 6. To find out satisfaction level of the users of Google Classroom. 7. To find out the right approach of the users.
  3. 3. Methodology: This is a constriction of a model for explaining the effectiveness of Google classroom for the students of Daffodil International University(PC). The population of my study is DIU permanent campus students and my sample size is 10 students. I have collected qualitative data. I have collected primary data from the field.
  4. 4. Analysis tool: My study analysis tool is SPSS Software, MS Word & MS PowerPoint. With SPSS software I input raw data to my computer and find out mean, median, mode, charts, tables, statistics, frequency, my analyzed data and many other things. By using MS Word software I transferred charts & tables to a word file which helps me to make my assignment and this power point slide. MS PowerPoint software helps me to make this power point slide.
  5. 5. Findings: After doing my research I have find some results. Those are pointed below. 1. From 20 to 25 years old students use google classroom most and majority of them are 4 to 6 semesters. 2. CSE & BBA dept. students are use more then any other dept. students. 3. Whose results from 3.00 to 4.00 (CGPA) are most active then any other students. 4. Majority of the students use Google classroom once a week via mobile phone. 5. Most of them said they get proper course information and their respective teacher response with google classroom. 6. Most of the students said their course mate also use it, very user friendly software & they don’t feel bore to use Google Classroom.
  6. 6. Limitation: 1. Students wasn’t liked to provide their CGPA info on the questioner paper. 2. Some of them demand some special benefit from me for their attendance. 3. Some of them was worried about the research and about their identity info. 4. Few students don’t give back my questioner paper. 5. In some case I have to translate all the questions. Recommendation: 1. Course teacher should upload regular lecture slides on Google Classroom. 2. Class routine, course syllabus and other important document should be more available on Google Classroom. 3. Course teacher should accept assignments soft copy, presentations soft copy, report and other relevant file via this. 4. Google classroom joining code should be announce in the class and reserve to the CR for more accessible. 5. Student should attend group work via google classroom and share with their course mate via this.
  7. 7. Reference: 1. 2. 8&client=firefox-b-ab 3. 4. 5. With the helps of my previous assignment by our course honorable teacher. 6. With the help from my text book “Marketing Research by Malhotra & Desh, sixth edition.“