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Surah al baqara

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Surah al baqara

  1. 1. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 1:• Importance and Significance of Surah Baqara.• There is no doubt in This book.(A very big challenge)• Six qualities of people who will be benefited from this Book.(Piety, Faith on Ghaib, Salat,Charity, Faith on Books, Faith on Hereafter)• Believe in that which is revealed to Prophet Muhammad(saw) ------- All types of Wahirevealed on Prophet (saw) (Khafi/ Jali)(Quran+Hadees)
  2. 2. ICNA Sisters Wing• Truly successful. What are our criteria of success?• Three groups of People ------ Momineen, Kuffar, Hypocrites• Fear of Ghishawa(sealing up) ------- Correct use of ears, eyes, hands & heart.
  3. 3. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 2:• Characteristics of Hypocrites.• Contrast of Faith in one‟s heart and verbally.• Deceiving your own soul ----- Hypocrisy, a disease.• Lies ----- Judge our own routine, do we realize what a single lie leads to?
  4. 4. ICNA Sisters Wing• Spreading disorder on earth ----- Razing the rights of Allah and rights of all His creations.• Claiming betterment of others but calling them fools and make fun of them.• Parable of Hypocrites (Example of Light and Rain)• Check yourself(Light of perception)
  5. 5. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 3:• Rationale to submit yourself to Allah (swt). (Worship /submission)• Challenge of Quran ------ Miracle• Men and stones for fuel of Hell fire.• Stating punishment and reward side by side.( Fear and Hope)• An analogy is not abject, main thing is conformation of analogy and to which it is analogized.
  6. 6. ICNA Sisters Wing• Fasiq means transgressor, disobedient.• Who break covenants(Allah‟s covenant, covenant with humans)• Spreading disorder on earth ----- Razing the rights of Allah and rights of all His creations.• Human morality and social life (human relations)
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  14. 14. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 4:• Khalifah or vicegerent, guardianship ----- Obedience of Allah (swt),compliance of His orders and duties and endeavor of their enforcement.• Knowledge is superior to Worship. Superiority of Hazrat Adam (as) over angels.• Arrogance ------ Not following commandments Of Allah (swt) is Satan‟s behavior..
  15. 15. ICNA Sisters Wing• Everybody has to go through trials & tests. One who disobeys Allah actually does injustice to himself.• Satan‟s enmity with humans ------ Prompting, Alluring, Tempting, Whispering evil suggestions etc.• Repentance ------ Difference between Hazrat Adam (as) and Iblis ------ Hazrat Adam‟s remorsefulbehavior, Satan‟s behavior of arrogance, blaming others and making excuses, obstinateness.
  16. 16. ICNA Sisters Wing
  17. 17. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 5:• Remembrance of Allah‟s blessing and favors = fulfilling your covenants.• Fear Allah alone (rahab/ taqwa).• Rejecting Gods directives and orders for the sake of worldly benefits.• Intentionally concealing truth or mixing truth with falsehood. Conceal truth by resorting tofalse propaganda.
  18. 18. ICNA Sisters Wing• Contradiction between what you say and do.(Rational/Irrational)• Meaning of Tilawat ------- to go after.• Take assistance from Salat and Patience ------- Remedy to drive the strength. Adoptinghumility and obedience.
  19. 19. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 6:• Intercession, favors ------ Why conditions and constraints? ----- Justice and Equitableness• Bani Israel‟s History, Allah‟s blessing and favors on them and their continuous defiance,Allah pardoned them every time ------- Relate this to our own life.• Allah‟s favors and blessings for us, He forgive us even after our disobedience and continueHis blessings on us ------ (Our response) we should adopt an attitude of thankfulness, showgratefulness by our heart, tongue and practice.• Ingratitude = injustice on our own soul.
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  22. 22. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 7:• Different dimensions of spreading disorder on earth (Fasad fil Ardh) ------ Theft, banditry, murderand desolation and Encroachment of each other‟s rights are different forms of spreading disorderon earth. According to Sharia‟s point of view adultery and shirk are also Fasad fil Ardh.• Reason for asking for lentils and vegetables ----- Instead of life of Jihad they want a settled life.• Life of Jihad ----- Training, struggle to achieve higher goals.
  23. 23. ICNA Sisters Wing• Why misery and wretchedness were stamped upon Bani Israel ----- three reasons1. Rejecting the Revelations (signs) of Allah.2. Kill His Messengers without any just cause.3. Disobedience and their persistent transgression against the Law.• Flouting, distorting or refusing to accept those teachings of God which you found contrary to yourown fancies and desires ---- Current situation of Muslim Ummah. Evaluate your own selves.
  24. 24. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 8:• Covenant of Bani Israel ------ Situation, raising of Tur Mountain.• Story of Sabbat ------ Importance of enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong.• Story of the cow ------ Argumentation, series of questions, wants to get the answer of your ownchoice, trying to shelve the issue by resorting to enquiries.
  25. 25. ICNA Sisters Wing• More they enquired, the narrower the strait became for them.• They were made to behold a sign of Gods power and killing the cow seemed to be beneficialfor them proving it has no super natural powers.• Test is always where you have personal flaw, it‟s always hard to renounce the things you love.
  26. 26. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 9:• Hardness of heart ----- hard as rock (Different types of rocks )• Check your own behavior (stance). How are our hearts? Soft or hard• Confined or limit the knowledge to scholars only ---- It‟s easier to delude an Illiterate.• Giving Fatwa to gain some paltry worldly end ----- Woe to them.• Misconception ------ Immunity from hell-fire or possibility of a transient punishment beforethey were transported to heaven.
  27. 27. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 10:• Covenant with Allah ---- submission, rights of Allah and human beings, Salat and Zakat• Ibadat = worship + fulfilling your rights• Solemn covenant ----- No blood shed among ourselves.• Believe in one part of the Book and disbelieve in the other. Obeying some rulings of the Book andrejecting others.( Rejection/ Kufr by disobeying, un practicing)(Islam is not a buffet platter)
  28. 28. ICNA Sisters Wing• Punishment is ignominious for life here and Hereafter. Current state of Ummat e Muslimah.(disgrace/shame)• Preferring the worldly life to the life in the Hereafter ----- severe torment• What are our choices in our daily life?
  29. 29. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 11:• Why people grew rebellious against Messengers because what He brings did not suit theirlusts, today we also disobey Allah‟s command because of our desires and lusts.• Securing of hearts or in covering is not the thing you have be proud of , instead it is anImprecation ( Curse)• Jealousy, despitefulness ------ Rejecting the Truth, Intransigence and stubbornness.• Cherished the calf in their hearts was the main reason of their Kufr ------ Whose affectionsis in our heart.• Love of this world, greed, fear of death and excessive worldliness.
  30. 30. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 12:• Necromancy, fetish, Phylactery , black magic ------ Without any labor and hardship just few blowsand Incantation(ritual recitation) can do everything for you ----- trial• Incantation(ritual recitation) which caused division between husband and wife( Harut and Marut)------ moral depravity ( A hadith from Shahih Muslim in which Satan back slap his agents who hassucceeded in separating a wife from her husband)
  31. 31. ICNA Sisters Wing• Moral depravity of a society in which a man wants to destroy another marriage just for his own lust.When adulterous affairs become favorite pastime, and when seducing a married woman isconsidered a boastful achievement.• Incantation (ritual recitation) or black magic never has any good in it, it only has maleficence. Thisis kufr. Today this evilness is spreading in so called scientific age.
  32. 32. ICNA Sisters Wing
  33. 33. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 13:• Listen attentively and then practice ------- Deedless scholar is ignorant.• Naskh fil Quran -- Abrogate Ayahs (to cancel or revoke formally or officially) & hikmah behind them• Hair splitting arguments, unnecessary inquisitiveness ------- It is better to follow the injunctionswhich are clearly laid down, abstain from things prohibited, and avoid excessive inquiry about far-fetched, hypothetical issues, attending instead to questions of practical significance.• Don‟t waste ones valuable time by engaging in useless debates and acrimonious polemics.
  34. 34. ICNA Sisters Wing• In reply of spite and hostility show forbearance and forgiveness to them ----- Patience andTawakkul ilallah (Reliance and trust on Allah) ----- Forgive, pardon and forget (delete)• Prerequisite for entrance of Paradise is to surrender oneself to Allah in obedience and follows theRight Way. If you became Mohsin you will be rewarded. Who is Mohsin?
  35. 35. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 14:• Don‟t call anybody Kafir; differences will be determined at Day of Judgment.• Etiquettes of entering the Mosque.• Direction of prayer ------ God‟s realm is boundless and so is His vision and the range of Hisbenevolence and mercy. Moreover, Gods knowledge is all-embracing. He knows whoremembers Him, as well as where, when and why he does that.
  36. 36. ICNA Sisters Wing• Mentalities of mindless people are alike.• Displeasure of Jews and Christians will never end, they will never be happy untilthey make you practice their religion.• Five rights of recitation of Quran ----- Belief, Qirat, ponder, practice, spreading it.
  37. 37. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 15:• Dua (supplication) ----- Ayat 127, 128• Bani Israel and Bani Ismael got the Imamate because of Hazrat Ibrahim(as)• Purification and cleanliness of mosque apparently and spiritually both.• Hazrat Ibrahim‟s Sunnat ----- Making dua for Momin offspring.• Contemplation of our offspring„s dunya & deen both ---- making dua for Rizq, making dua for peace.• Four purpose of Advent of Prophet Muhammad (saw) ----- Recite revelations, teach them the Bookand Wisdom and purify their lives.
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  41. 41. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 16:• Deen e Ibrahimi is Deen e Islam.• Advice and admonition to your children, contemplation of our offspring„s deen, teach your children tolove God and observe His commandments. God alone should be served.• Sibghatullah ------ Allah‟s color ------ Always everywhere, every time and in every aspect of our livesAllah‟s color should be prominent, His orders are observed (walk and talk like Allah want you too,working for His pleasure) ----- Hanifiyat is Sibghatullah.• Idkhilo fi salima Kaffa ----- Supplication for living as a Muslim and dying as a Muslim.
  42. 42. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 17:• Change in Qiblah, importance of Qiblah.• “Ummat e Wast “ ----- the community of the middle way• It signifies that distinguished group of people which follows the path of justice and equity, ofbalance and moderation, a group which occupies a central position among the nations of theworld so that its friendship with all is based on righteousness and justice and none receives itssupport in wrong and injustice.
  43. 43. ICNA Sisters Wing• Moderation in belief, moderation in actions and Ibadat, social and cultural moderation, economicand financial moderation.• Responsibility of Imamat (Leadership) witness before all mankind (Word witness, act witness)• Principle of give and take does not work in deen ----- Following your own fancies and desires isthe main cause of deviation.
  44. 44. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 18:• Instead of arguing with each other on controversies try to excel one another in good works.• Do not fear people but fear Allah (swt) only.• The reward of fearing only Allah (swt) ----- Completion of His favors ----- the position of worldleadership and guidance from God to guide the entire human race to godliness and righteousness.• Love for each other is also a blessing, a favor for Ummah.
  45. 45. ICNA Sisters Wing• Four purpose of Advent of Prophet Muhammad (saw) ----- Recite revelations, teach them the Bookand Wisdom and purify their lives.• Remembrance of Allah (swt) ----- Its cardinal value (Promise that Allah will remember you) ---- Thereal remembrance is to obey His commandments, allegiance of Halal and Haram.• Gratification towards Allah (Shukr) ----- Acknowledging His favors, blessings. Avoid dismissal OfComplaint Disobey of Allah‟s commands.• Ingratitude is Kufr.
  46. 46. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 19:• Fortitude and Salat ---- Solution of every affliction and hardship, trials & tribulations. We shoulddevelop patience and strengthen ourselves by devoting to Prayer. (Allah‟s Conjunction)• Status of Martyrs.• Fear, hunger, loss of property, life and earnings ----- Trial ,test (Solution: Be steadfast)• Supplication ---------- Deep conviction in our heart: To Allah do webelong.• Allah‟s curse ----- Miserliness of knowledge(conceal the clear teachings and guidance)• Spreading the guidance.• The original meaning of kufr is to conceal, refusal to believe, deny, reject.
  47. 47. • According to the Quran there are six forms of disbelief.1. Refuse to believe in the existence of God2. Recognizes the existence of God but refuses to accept His ordinances3. Refuses to believe in the Prophets4. Differentiate between Prophets5. Refusal to recognize, either totally or partially, the teachings by the Prophets.6. Theoretically accepts all but willfully disobeys Gods ordinances and persists inthis disobedience.ICNA Sisters Wing
  48. 48. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 20:• Signs of Allah(swt) -------- Constant operation of this universe( 8 rationales from nature)• Love and affection with Allah, connection with Allah ---- absolute priority in seeking His pleasure.• Caterer, Listener of your complaints, savior of your unmanageable ------ Allah(swt)• Disownment from leaders and guides with their followers ----- Punishment of those leaders whomisguided their followers.
  49. 49. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 21:• Importance of lawful earnings. What is lawful and clean?(Quran and Sunnah)• Order of renouncing unlawful and doubtful.• Making Haram into Halal and Halal into Haram ------ Adhesion toward Satan.• Enjoining vice and indecency ------- Satan‟s policy• Apprehending superstitious customs and taboos as God-given religious teachings is satanic deception.• Following forefathers ------- Parable of irrational animals.
  50. 50. ICNA Sisters Wing• Using good and clean things without hesitation what Allah has provided us and be grateful to Allah.• Haram things are only four ------- Carrion, blood, swine flesh and what has been consecrated to anyother name than of Allah.• Concealing the Truth ------- Responsibility of scholars.• Differences and dispute ------ mulishness
  51. 51. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 22:• The chapters of Birr(the virtues) ------ essence is obedience, the real righteousness,• Our view of piety and broader aspect of righteousness.• Belief, worship, relation, pledge and patience ------- Truthful, honest, trustworthy and pious (mutaqi)• Law of retribution, diyah or blood money --- Why the law of retribution is called security of life for you.• The Quranic view of making will(1/3rd)
  52. 52. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 23:• Guidance from Quran ----- Gratitude ( The Book which give criterion of Truth and falsehood)• Pronouncement of Allah‟s greatness, glorify Allah for the Guidance He sent.• Connection of Ramadan and Fasting. Fasting produce piety, Quran is guidance for pious people.• Piety=Taqwa=God„s fear• Fasting during the month of the revelation of the Quran is more than an act of worship and morethan an excellent course of moral training; it is also an appropriate form for the expression of ourthankfulness to God for the bounty of the Quran.
  53. 53. • Islam is a lenience deen, there are no hardships. Peoples own fancies and misconceptions oftencaused great inconvenience.• Etiquettes of supplication.• Relations between husband and wife ----- metaphoric term of garment------ affinity, secrecy, honor, concealment ------ a relationship of inalienable intimacy.ICNA Sisters Wing
  54. 54. • Don‟t skirt near the boundaries of disobedience. ; Prudence demands that one should keep somedistance from these lest ones steps inadvertent lead one to cross them.• Usurp one anothers property by unjust means -------- bribery, unjust recommendations, theft,banditry, gambling, interest, embezzlementICNA Sisters Wing
  55. 55. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 24:• Etiquettes and principles of war.• Fitna is worse than bloodshed.• Spending our wealth in the Way of Allah, if we don‟t than we are casting ourselves intoruin with our own hands.• What is Ihsan? ------ Perform the task entrusted to us. The higher standard is toperform that task in a wholesome manner, to devote our capacities and resources toits fulfillment, to do our duty with our heart.
  56. 56. ICNA Sisters Wing• The first standard of ordinary obedience is that we should fear God. The other andhigher standard is Ihsan (moral and spiritual excellence) for which it is necessary thatwe should have a strong love for God and a profound attachment to Him.• Injunctions concerning Hajj and Umrah.
  57. 57. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 25:• Injunctions concerning Hajj and Umrah.• Excellent supplication (best) ------ Ayah 201 ------ Asking for hasnah in this world and Hereafter.• Refraining from disobeying Allah is sign of understanding and wiseness.• A character that charms people with this worldly life, with his glib talk, deadliest opponent,spreading mischief, arrogant, argumentative, quarrelsome.
  58. 58. ICNA Sisters Wing• Another character that fear Allah and devotes his whole life to please Allah.• Enter completely into Islam ------ ----- No back lapse, no picking andchoosing, complete obedience, and complete practice in all aspects of our lives.
  59. 59. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 26:• The worldly Rizq (economic strength, abilities) is not criterion for success.• Differences arose not because people were not given the knowledge of the truth; it arosebecause they wanted to tyrannize over one another. Personal mulishness &egoism.• Faith will be tested and entering Paradise has prerequisites; believers will be tried byefforts and struggle and the resulting hardship and sufferings. Living reality (ourtemptations, Satan)• Unpleasant things according to our judgment can be better and our favorite things can bebad. How do we react about our judgments?
  60. 60. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 27:• Persecution (fitna) is far worse than bloodshed.• Jihad denotes doing ones utmost to achieve something.• More harm than benefit ----- First injunction concerning intoxicating drinks & gambling.• Demeanor with orphans.
  61. 61. ICNA Sisters Wing• Marriage with Mushrik is invitation to fire ----- Marriage is not just sexual relationsbetween a man and a woman. It is a relationship which has deep social, moral andemotional implications on our future generations.• Allah makes His revelations plain, easy and open to the people so that they shouldlearn a lesson and follow the admonition.
  62. 62. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 28:• Menstruation ------ Impurity, closer to sickness than health, discomfort, she has to be respected forthis natural course.• Concernment about future -- off springs( Marriage is not just recreation, continuity of human race)• Making mockery of Allah‟s commandments ----- Injunctions concerning oath.• Illa ---- when a husband has taken a vow not to have sexual relations with his wife.
  63. 63. ICNA Sisters Wing• Injunctions concerning divorce --- Iddat is a period of waiting after which a new marriage ispermissible.• Iddat of divorcee is three menstrual courses.• Men have a degree above women ------ Status of women in Islam• Men‟s guardianship is essential for peace and order, this degree is for discipline only.• Allah is All Powerful and All Wise.
  64. 64. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 29:• Injunctions concerning marriage and divorce.• Halala ----- Tough condition for remarrying after divorce. Don‟t jest Allah‟s commands.• Transgressing over Allah‟s bound is an injustice to our own selves.• Playing with Allah‟s Commandments and its forms.• Fear of Allah and remembering that Allah is All knowing is the key which will make us onright path concerning marital relations.
  65. 65. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 30:• Divorce and Iddat ---- remarriage.• Allah knows the Hikmah (wisdom) behind His commandments, we don‟t.• Decent, clean and pure way ---- Society‟s chastity is in Nikah (marriage).• Injunctions of suckling children (Rada‟ah).
  66. 66. ICNA Sisters Wing• Iddat of a widow ----- Four months and ten days.• Fear of Allah ----- Taqwa ---- Order of Taqwa after injunction concerning maritalrelations, divorce, and iddat.• Allah is Lenient and Forgiving ----- We should forgive and pardon too. Try to developleniency, fortitudinous in our relations.
  67. 67. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 31:• Magnanimity in dealings is essential for human relationships. If everyone were to stick strictly tohis legal rights and claims, a pleasant social life would he render impossible. Lesson of altruismin rights and responsibilities.• Generosities in your dealings take you toward piety.• Take great care of prayers specially Salat ul Wusta (Salat Asr). Taking care of your prayersmeans to perform them at right time with full devotion and attention to Allah.
  68. 68. ICNA Sisters Wing• Our prayer should instill fear of God in us, it should inculcate the feelings of goodness and purity andthe disposition to obey the ordinances of Allah.• Even in the state of war (fear) one has to perform Salah.• Providing compensatory benefits (Alimony) to a widow and divorce women.• Two attributes of Allah (swt) ----- Al Aziz and Al Hakeem (All powerful and All wise)• Allah makes clear His commandments for us; we should use our common sense and obey them.
  69. 69. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 32:• Prompting the sacrifice of one‟s life and possessions in the way of Allah Almighty.• Goodly loan “Qardh e Hasna” ----- whatever one gives to another person selflessly withabsolutely pure motives. It should not taint with selfish designs and should be given forthe sake of God, to be spent for purposes pleasing to Him.• Different forms of Infaq fi sabilillah .
  70. 70. ICNA Sisters Wing• Spending in the way of Allah never decrease your wealth.• The story of Talut and Jalut and its lessons ----- Person with physical and mentalabilities should be appointed as a leader. Piety is more important than wealth and clan.Faith will be tried and those who obey will succeed.
  71. 71. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 33:• Dua Ayat 250 ----- Asking for the blessing of fortitudinous, firmness of foot hold andvictory against enemy.• Along with material resources supplication is compulsory for achieving victory.• Divine law of repelling one set of people by means of another otherwise the earthwould have been filled with chaos.• Mashiyat of Allah ----- Differences between people (fights) ----- Exercising the free willgranted by Allah (rightly or wrongly).
  72. 72. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 34:• Spending out of one‟s possession in way of Allah is the best deed.• The merits of Ayat ul Kursi (The Greatest Ayah of Quran) ----- Verse of the Throne and it providesin one piece knowledge of God without parallel.• Islamic concept of intercession.• ---- There is no compulsion and coercion in regard to religion. Use of free will.• Taghut is a creature who exceeds the limits of his creatureliness and arrogates to himself godheadand lordship. It can be Satan, a person, oneself, ones wife and children, relatives, family andcommunity, friends or social environment, leaders and guides, government and rulers.
  73. 73. • Rejection of taghut and believe in Allah = taken a firm support that never gives way. Sharia andits systems protect us from going astray.• Right and wrong have been differentiated. The darkness of Ignorance throws man off the pathof salvation and directs his energies and efforts to wrong directions in defiance of reality. Theknowledge of Truth (light) shows the purpose of life and leads to adopt the Right Way.• Three stages of transgression ------ Fisq, Kufr and Taghut.ICNA Sisters Wing
  74. 74. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 35:• The story of Ibrahim (AS) and Nimrud. ( Excellent rationale)• Three types of Shirk ----- Shirk e Rabobiat, Shirk Fisiffat, Shirk e Uloohiat.• Life after death ----- stories of Hazrat Ibrahim(AS) and Hazrat Uzair (AS)• Faith of Prophets (Faith in seen) personal direct observation and experience.• To create life in people who are untamed from Haq (Truth) is to bring them closer and thenget them acquainted with the Allah‟s deen.
  75. 75. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 36:• A similitude of spending in the way of Allah ------ Rewards Here and Here after.• Allah is All-Embracing, All-Wise. He knows our intentions.• How the reward of Sadqa (charity) increases or decreases ----- Reminders ofgenerosity and not injuring the feeling of recipient.• A kind word and forbearance is better than that charity which is followed up byinsult or injury.
  76. 76. ICNA Sisters Wing• Self-Sufficient and Forbearing are Allah‟s attributes. He likes the people who aregenerous and large hearted.• Showoff, dissimulation ------ Parables of Rain on a stone/rock and on a garden.• Parable of a fiery whirl wind on an old man‟s farm and garden.• How charity bring blessing to the wealth ---- Examples from our daily life and if it‟snot the case we should check our intentions, our behavior.
  77. 77. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 37:• Give the best portion of your wealth for Sadqah.• Satan hold us out of Sadqah by threat of poverty and prompts us to do shameless niggardlyconduct. Through Sadqa Allah hold out for us promise of pardon and bounty.• What is true wisdom (Hikmah) ---- using our resources moderately to meet our needs andspend whatever is left for charitable purposes.(right insight, judgmental power)
  78. 78. ICNA Sisters Wing• Non-obligatory charity should preferably be dispensed secretly.• Sadqah expiate sins, it wither bad qualities slowly.• Better to give Sadqah to those needy people who don‟t ask.• Spend Sadqah on those people who devote themselves wholly to serve Islam. (Ashab Suffah).
  79. 79. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 38:• What is Riba (interest)? Difference between interest and trade.• The people who think interest & trade are same are called bewitched and maddened by Satan‟s touch.• Why is there so hard admonition for interest? Declaration of war by Allah and His messenger for thosewho did not give up interest-bearing transactions.• Interest breeds meanness, selfishness, apathy and cruelty towards others. It leads to the worship ofmoney and destroys fellow-feeling and a spirit of altruistic co-operation between man and man. Thus itis ruinous for mankind from both an economic and a moral viewpoint.• Allah deprives interest of all blessing and develops charity. Interest serves as a strain on moral andspiritual well-being, and social and economic growth, it also causes actual regression and decline.Charity leads to the growth and expansion of mans moral and spiritual qualities and to the growth ofhuman society and economy.
  80. 80. ICNA Sisters Wing• Hadith regarding Interest.• An ungrateful, sinful person ------ Riba consumer• Hikmah behind prohibition of Riba.• Ways and solution of emancipation from Interest based system ---- deceptions.• Give up riba if you fear Allah and if you are a true believer.• Injunctions concerning debts and debtors.
  81. 81. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 39:• Ayah 282 ---- Ayat e Dain ----- Longest Ayah of Quran.• Debt transactions should be written down ------ expediency to avoid future conflicts and doubts.• The rules of witnessing.• Injunctions regarding hypothecation (pawn).
  82. 82. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 40:Last three Ayahs of Surah Baqrah ---- Gift of Miraj (Ascension) ----- Thebest dua which Allah has taught us.