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Contributers Identity

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Contributers identity can be static or dynamic.

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Contributers Identity

  1. 1. Presented by, Shalini Toluchuri Computer Science & Engg. Babaria Institute of Technology, Vadodara. the Contributor’s Identity
  2. 2. You people must be thinking that Identity is Father’s name, our achievements, our qualifications etc. But, Identity of any contributor is their vision, their urge to contribute etc.
  3. 3. The way in which Contributors choose to define themselves distinguishes them from others. Contributor is identified by: 1. Performing work activities well 2. Urge to achieve goal 3. Being ethical 4. Demonstrating human concern. 5. Eagerness to take responsibility 6. Urge to contribute 7. Potential to contribute
  4. 4. Two types of Identity STATIC IDENTITY DYNAMIC IDENTITY
  5. 5. Types of Contributor: 1)NON-CONTRIBUTORS They usually define themselves in terms of What they have acquired in life e.g. qualifications, position, years of experience, etc. This is a static identity, based on your past glories or past failures. This static identity leaves you trapped in history.
  6. 6. 2) CONTRIBUTORS They define themselves in terms of What they will become or accomplish e.g. capacity to deliver, commitment and ownership of the organization’s purpose, etc.  This is a dynamic identity based on your “being” and “becoming”.
  8. 8. *In above mentioned example, STATIC IDENTITY is - “I = My degrees and awards” ; but DYNAMIC IDENTITY is - “I = My power to contribute in the current situation”
  9. 9. Contributor’s Vision of Success Non-contributors define success in terms of material success, achievement, external impact. Contributors widen this definition of success to include personal fulfillment, development of self- esteem, ongoing development of personal capabilities, etc.
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  12. 12. * Steve jobs is not his qualifications or his degree but his identity is his contribution to the technical world. Steve had a vision. He wanted to contribute to the world with his best abilities and he gave this world one of the most advanced gadgets.
  13. 13. Social activist, Leader Nobel Prize winner Contribution in Racism Dynamic identity
  14. 14. *Just being “highly qualified” or not, does not make one a contributor or a non-contributor. *In fact, being preoccupied with one’s “qualifications, degrees, past achievements” can limit one ( static identity), because then one will not be focused on the contribution or difference one can make by using these qualifications in action (which will happen only if one has a dynamic identity).
  15. 15. THANK YOU