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Failing Forward - Using Failure to Propel Your Career and Life

Failure and obstacles fuel our growth. The key is to embrace ourselves and the pain, failure and setback with compassion and a learning attitude

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Failing Forward - Using Failure to Propel Your Career and Life

  1. 1. With Shane Gibson Author & Sales Training at BuildDirect
  2. 2. Unconsciously Unskilled Consciously Unskilled Consciously Skilled Subconsciously Skilled Conscious of my Subconscious Skill
  3. 3. “There’s no such thing as business ethics… either you’re ethical or you’re not” - John Maxwell
  4. 4. It’s about the people for social brands
  5. 5. 1. Don’t forget where you came from 2. Find awesome mentors 3. Be yourself 4. Share as a discipline 5. Publish! 6. Be Social and be Sociable!
  6. 6. You are networking or you are not pursuing your dream or building you career.
  7. 7. 1. Be referable don’t gather contacts or pressure for referrals 2. Be interested not interesting 3. You can’t have 200 best friends – prioritize 4. Add value with your network 5. Bank your equity (with the right people) 6. It’s a small town
  8. 8. 7. Map and seek out the “white hot center” 8. The more you give the more you get 9. Do your due diligence before you refer 10. Keep Promises, Follow-through 11. Be seen 12. Step it up every year – build your community 13. It’s an asset and it takes time to build. Invest.
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