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Negotiating to Win at the Vancouver Board of Trade

Negotiations skills are one of the highest paid skill sets in your business development toolkit. A person can literally earn an additional $2000, $10,000 or more for themselves or their company on a deal just by being a great negotiator. A lot of this happens in minutes not even hours.
Shane Gibson has worked with key account managers, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs on four continents helping them to improve their sales, social selling and negotiations skills.
In this fast paced keynote address you will learn:
The impact of confidence on our ability to negotiate
The 7 key components of an effective negotiations process
Easy to use negotiations tips
How to avoid and identify dirty tricks and manipulation
How to get the business and keep a strong positive relationship with the client

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Negotiating to Win at the Vancouver Board of Trade

  1. 1. Negotiating To Win Presented by Shane Gibson Negotiating to Win @ShaneGibson
  2. 2. Selling “Is about creating an environment where an act of faith can take place.” Negotiating to Win @ShaneGibson
  3. 3. Your goal “To leave the other person feeling like they have have won.” Negotiating to Win @ShaneGibson
  4. 4. How often do you negotiate with clients/customers? a) Less than 10% of the time? b) 10% to 25% of the time? c) 26% to 50% of the time? d) 51% to 80% of the time? e) More than 80% of the time? Negotiating to Win @ShaneGibson
  5. 5. Negotiations • Is present any time there is an exchange or agreement • Like closing in sales, it is a process not an event • It could be described as a cycle with no definite beginning or end (at times) • One of the highest paying skills one has in their tool kit Negotiating to Win @ShaneGibson
  6. 6. 8 Key Ingredients of Principle Based Negotiations • Prepare • Set your terms • Focus on interests • Center Yourself • Build a positive 3rd space • Have a questioning process • Listen • Build an ultimate outcome Negotiating to Win @ShaneGibson
  7. 7. Preparation • Identify what you will accept • Know your BATNA (Getting to YES) • Research – multiple sources and people • Brainstorm possible objections and know the answer • Create a list of concessions that can be "given" during the negotiation to use as bargaining tools. Negotiating to Win @ShaneGibson
  8. 8. Set Your Terms • Location? • Timing? • Mediums? • Who’s attending? • How? • Mediators or 3rd parties? Negotiating to Win @ShaneGibson
  9. 9. Negotiating to Win @ShaneGibson
  10. 10. Negotiating to Win @ShaneGibson
  11. 11. Negotiating to Win @ShaneGibson
  12. 12. There are almost always multiple positions to satisfy a set of interests Position Interests Negotiating to Win @ShaneGibson
  13. 13. Power: Is the ability to take action The more options the more power Negotiating to Win @ShaneGibson
  14. 14. Center Yourself “What ever direction your enemy is coming from help them on their way.” – Fred Shadian Negotiating to Win @ShaneGibson
  15. 15. The 3rd Space • Is almost like a living organism • The unique space created between people • Contrast and compliment of a variety of personal and situational factors Negotiating to Win @ShaneGibson
  16. 16. Build a positive 3rd Space • Personal Appearance • Non-verbal cues and body language • Physical settings Negotiating to Win @ShaneGibson
  17. 17. Have a questioning process • Varied question types – Open – Closed – Directing • Start general and easy • Don’t leave the hard stuff until last • Build into a succession of agreements Negotiating to Win @ShaneGibson
  18. 18. Listen • Be a 70/30 listener • Observe body language – Breathing, eye movements, how they are leaning, changes in tone etc. “It’s hard to listen our way out of a deal” Negotiating to Win @ShaneGibson
  19. 19. Build an ultimate outcome • VAKOG • Contrast it with your BATNA • Say in their words • Say it in the context of their interests Negotiating to Win @ShaneGibson
  20. 20. Tips • Goodwill only lasts for about 3 minutes • Focus on what they value and use it to influence them • Find out what scares them earlier on • Give bad news on Monday and good news on Friday • Push when they pull, pull when they push Negotiating to Win @ShaneGibson
  21. 21. Tricks • Exact number • Minimum concession • Personal attacks • Craziness • Thin air facts • Authority switch • I can get it (better) • Stone wall • Environment • Poor me or I’m hurt • Time thief • Explore and question • Discounts on a promise • Our policy • Flinching Negotiating to Win @ShaneGibson
  22. 22. Summary • We are negotiating all the time • Focus on interests • Have a BATNA • This is a process not an event • It’s all about awareness and preparation Negotiating to Win @ShaneGibson
  23. 23. Lets Connect! @ShaneGibson Negotiating to Win @ShaneGibson