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9 Immutable Rules of Engagement 
in #SocialSelling
Adapted from Shane Gibson and Stephen Jagger’s 
Sociable! Rules of Enga...
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The 9 Immutable Rules of Engagement in #SocialSelling INFOGRAPHIC

After working with sales people, social media marketers, community managers, entrepreneurs, charities and many other professionals on five continents I have had the opportunity to see the Rules of Engagement implemented (and ignored) in almost every environment.

Stephen Jagger and I sat down and penned these rules in 2008 when we were writing Sociable! – the tools have since evolved but the rules are even more relevant today then they were back then. We started with 7 rules and recently I added two more which I will share with you today.

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The 9 Immutable Rules of Engagement in #SocialSelling INFOGRAPHIC

  1. 1. 9 Immutable Rules of Engagement in #SocialSelling Adapted from Shane Gibson and Stephen Jagger’s Sociable! Rules of Engagement If you want to rise above the crowd in social selling and social communications here are the 9 Rules of Engagement you will want to follow: #1 Stop pitching and start connecting “If you can’t take the time to truly customize your message to the person you’re addressing you’re most likely going to repel them permanently and destroy your credibility. Instead ask how you can help and show genuine interest in the other person’s business and life goals.” #2 Doers win in the game of social media “You can’t just lurk or put your big toe in the water and “test it out.” In order to win and gain mind share with your market you need to get in the game and create great content, tell amazing stories and have positive engaging conversations constantly.” #3 It’s not about you “Stop talking about your products or tweeting up your latest success, start sharing your customers content and ideas and stories that will help your target market succeed.” #4 Be fearless in your contribution to community “Very simply, give more than your competitors think is necessary and connect deeper and more often than your competitors are comfortably with.” #5 Don’t be a social spammer, engage “When someone follows you ideally your content should be 90% value added updates, customer focused content and value added interactions.” #6 Be authentic “It’s a lot of work and effort to try to be someone else …only make promises and claims you can back- up, and if you make a mistake own up to it fast.”     #7 Be consistent “Be dependable and be present consistently, this one habit will make gaining momentum and growth in social selling a lot easier.” #8 Amplify through community Invest in building relationships with the communities and influencers that can help amplify your personal brand and give you access to networks beyond your personal circle of influence. #9 Get Sociable! Social media is not a video game or a popularity contest, especially for sales people who are responsible for generating revenues. Getting Sociable! is about using the internet to get off of the internet and connect in person.   This social selling infographic was brought to you by Shane Gibson, speaker and author. For more insights visit To connect with Shane Gibson follow him on Twitter @ShaneGibson.