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The Exponential influencer

This is Shane Gibson's presentation in Vancouver at the NextGenRe conference on how Realtors can use the web and social media to become "Exponential Influencers"

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The Exponential influencer

  1. 1. @ShaneGibson Live Blog: The Exponential Influencer Build an Online Tribe that Accelerates Your Marketing Efforts ShaneGibson Author&ProfessionalSpeaker @ShaneGibson
  2. 2. @ShaneGibson Live Blog: Selling “… is about creating an environment where an act of faith can take place”
  3. 3. @ShaneGibson Live Blog: Creating Trust Value added frequent engagement consistently over time. More value + more time = more trust
  4. 4. @ShaneGibson Live Blog: The Exponential Influencer 1. Building a magnetic brand 2. The 3 elements of Thought Leadership 3. The 5 Stages of Consent 4. The 9 Immutable Laws of Social Selling 5. Recruiting and connecting with influencers
  5. 5. @ShaneGibson Live Blog: Saying you don’t believe in social media is like saying you don’t believe in the internet @Garyvee
  6. 6. @ShaneGibson Live Blog: “Leadership is influence.” - John C. Maxwell
  7. 7. @ShaneGibson Live Blog: Thought Leadership Creates or Curates Relevant Content Builds Community Has Relevant Engaging Conversations networker
  8. 8. @ShaneGibson Live Blog:
  9. 9. @ShaneGibson Live Blog: Discovery Consumption Interaction Connection Consent The 5 Stages of Consent @ShaneGibson
  10. 10. @ShaneGibson Live Blog: Discovery
  11. 11. @ShaneGibson Live Blog: Being Discoverable •Google places •SEO •All major social media profiles •Guest blogging/writing •Press releases •Writing reviews
  12. 12. @ShaneGibson Live Blog: Consumption “Tell stories because stories aren’t boring.” – Jay Conrad Levinson
  13. 13. @ShaneGibson Live Blog:
  14. 14. @ShaneGibson Live Blog:
  15. 15. @ShaneGibson Live Blog:
  16. 16. @ShaneGibson Live Blog:
  17. 17. @ShaneGibson Live Blog:
  18. 18. @ShaneGibson Live Blog:
  19. 19. @ShaneGibson Live Blog:
  20. 20. @ShaneGibson Live Blog: Content Formula •Know your audience and nano-tribes •Monitor, listen and learn •Create and curate content online and offline that fulfils a need, solves a problem or helps someone achieve a goal. •Use multiple platforms, profiles and media to expand reach
  21. 21. @ShaneGibson Live Blog: Interaction
  22. 22. @ShaneGibson Live Blog: Connection
  23. 23. @ShaneGibson Live Blog: Consent Sell to me Educate me Stay in-touch Build a relationship
  24. 24. @ShaneGibson Live Blog: “It doesn’t scale because we tell the world, It scales because if we treat 5 people so well they will tell other people... and they will tell five, and those become twenty and that’s when it scales.” - Seth Godin
  25. 25. @ShaneGibson Live Blog: 9 Rules of Engagement @ShaneGibson@Sjagger #1 Stop pitching and start connecting #2 Doers win in the game of social media #3 It’s not about you #4 Be fearless in your contribution to community #5 Don’t be a social spammer, engage #6 Be authentic #7 Be consistent #8 Amplify through community #9 Get Sociable!
  26. 26. @ShaneGibson Live Blog:
  27. 27. @ShaneGibson Live Blog:
  28. 28. @ShaneGibson Live Blog: @JeffBooth @RobBanks
  29. 29. @ShaneGibson Live Blog: @PeterAceto
  30. 30. @ShaneGibson Live Blog: Publish!
  31. 31. @ShaneGibson Live Blog:
  32. 32. @ShaneGibson Live Blog: Build a Tribe
  33. 33. @ShaneGibson Live Blog: Influence 1. Master the 5 Stages of Consent 2. Build Community 3. Publish all the time in multiple mediums “Connect, promote and uplift enough people and you will rise to the top.”
  34. 34. @ShaneGibson Live Blog: Let’s Connect! 604-351-2328 ebook: