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CASE STUDY | Mountain Dew

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Digital and social media Case Study - Mountain Dew
Made in China by Uncle Advertising, a full service agency providing creative advertising solutions, digital marketing and social connectivity strategies for brands in China.

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CASE STUDY | Mountain Dew

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA CASE STUDY June 2013 Mountain Dew
  2. 2. BACKGROUND The American soft drink Mountain Dew (Pepsico Group) is sponsoring individual athletes and action sports events such as BMX and skateboard competition in China (X-Games). Mountain Dew was sponsoring the last edition of China most popular Extreme Sports competition: ”World Extreme Games”
  3. 3. CHALLENGE For this occasion, Mountain Dew wants to let the fans know about their brand spirit • Driving continuous engagement with fans. • Increasing Weibo & WeChat fan base.
  4. 4. SOLUTION • Mountain Dew created an online campaign including a Mini site for the Pre-event teaser: CAPTURE A DEW MOMENT面面俱型 • Create a cool photo for yourself or for your friends : Place your face on Mountain Dew pictures and share it directly on your Weibo and WeChat to spread the fun!
  5. 5. RESULTS • More than 3500 participants joined online activities. • The number of fans increased up by 500 on Weibo and around 300 on Wechat. • More than 1500 Weibo posts @Mountain dew during the event. • The fans’ interations rate increased up by 10.37% on Weibo . Thanks to this Online event on Weibo and WeChat, Mountain Dew increased significantly its brand spirit in China and reached more than 45000 fans. WeChat Weibo
  6. 6. Uncle Advertising is a full service agency providing creative advertising solutions, digital marketing and social connectivity strategies. We provide ‘creative solutions’ which build brands and businesses in China. We help brands to listen, understand and engage in conversations in chinese social media: Weibo and Wechat. For more information, please visit our linkedin company page Uncle Advertising (Scan our QR code), follow us on Twitter @ShanghaiUncleAd or drop us an email at Contributors: Chris Yang, Elsa Bouillot, Josselin Roulet