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Social Action & Community Media

  1. Social Action and Community Media Existing Product Research
  2. Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) Purpose: The purpose of this poster is to make women aware that when the drink, smoke and take pills, it can harm their baby. Louisiana’s children organisation are aware of the harm that this can have on the baby and they want to get their knowledge across to everyone, so more women will stop harming their unborn baby, but it is also aiming at everyone and not just women, as by making everyone aware of the dangerous, the people who see this poster can also advise people who they know are pregnant and are drinking and smoking aware of the damage they are causing themselves and the baby. By making people aware, this message could be spread worldwide or just in the nation, which seems to be the target for the campaign poster. Aims: its aim is to make women who are pregnant stop drinking, smoking and taking pills and making them aware they are causing damage, the poster is also aimed at everyone as well as they could also advice people who they know or even see smoking or drinking about the damage they could do to their unborn baby. 2Creative Media Production 2012
  3. Techniques: The techniques the organisation have used are very effective. By having a picture of a baby looking shocked seems to get the message across that they somehow know why they may not be the same as everyone else, as the effects from smoking and drinking could last a lifetime. Also by having a white background the blue title which is big and bold and the ‘what’ in capitals makes it catch peoples eyes so you read it and because there is a question mark after the title, it makes the readers want to read on to see what the baby is shocked about and what his mother did to make his facial expression like it is. The medium sized text underneath the baby talks about drugs, drink and smoking, and because it is in small sentences it keeps you interested and keeps you reading it. As the campaign is mainly for the babies wellbeing they have made the number at the bottom bigger and the number also relates to their campaign. They have also added their logo to make people aware of who they are and if they wanted to find out anymore of the poster or more about what they do, so if you are searching on the internet you know which logo to look out for. 3Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name)
  4. Impact: the impact from this poster is making women who are pregnant stop drinking, smoking and taking drugs, this will result in less babies getting harmed and when they are born it will stop them from the having the effects from what their parents do lasting a lifetime when they are born. In time this poster will have an effect as everyone will start to realise the harmful effects drinking, smoking and taking drugs will cause when pregnant. By making people aware that these things can harm their baby and are also harming themselves it will make people think twice before doing it to stop babies being born, as smoking restricts the oxygen supply to their baby, when they are drinking alcohol, it passes from their blood through the placenta and to their baby, as a baby’s liver is one of the last organs to fully develop, their babies development will be seriously effect. In the UK 10,000 babies are harmed during pregnancy because their mother was smoking or drinking, this poster is aimed at lowering the number as much as possible to stop babies from having, brain damage, a disability or physical deformity. 4Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name)
  5. compare: I chose to compare two posters which are related to see what the differences were. When looking at the two, I can see they have used similar images as they both contain children in them, although they are both about young children they both have a different meaning, the one on the left is mostly to do with the effects of drugs and alcohol before the baby has been born, whereas the one on the right is mostly about physically abusing your child, as this is a sad subject they have decided to use dull colours to emphasize the mood of the poster as after a child has been abused they are most likely feeling sad and upset and probably thinking its their fault as most parents will tell them this, therefore using dark colours like black, too much black like this photograph contains shows depression and it creates a negative environment. Whereas the left- hand side poster contains white and blue colours. Both posters have the number present on the poster so they are aware it happens often, which is why they have the number big and clear so its easy to read. 5Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name)
  6. Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) Purpose: The purpose of this poster it to make people aware of domestic violence and that if they are in a violent relationship or know people who are, there are people out there to help them, which is why there are phone numbers of the poster so you know who to contact. The purpose of the poster is aimed at people is a violent relationship to let them know they are not alone and to not be scared to tell someone as the organisation obviously realise many people suffer in silence as they feel no one will understand them. Aims: the aim of the poster it to make people who are in a violent relationship aware that there are people out there who can help them get through their situation and are their to support them through it all. 6Creative Media Production 2012
  7. Techniques: the techniques this poster has used it a short title which stands out as they have a white background with little blue boxes and the writing in the boxes is white so it makes it stand out and catch the readers eyes. They have used a picture of a women looking sad, this shows the topic of the poster is emotional and seeing the emotion on the women's face as well as the barcode is a sign of what the poster is about. As the title mentions ‘property’ it has a connection to the women as she has a barcode on her forehead, as most properties have barcodes on as people pay for them, so the poster resembles that the women on the poster has been brought and the poster is saying that you don’t belong to him, and there are people there to help. As the organisation knows this happens all over the world they have a helpline for people who speak English, Spanish and people in NYC. By having different numbers they can call, it shows they are not just aiming the poster at certain people but they are an organisation who are they to help everyone and not single people out. They also have a slogan which says ‘if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn't’ their using there slogan as like a sign for people to look out for, for example if you are getting abused in a relationship and you don’t think that’s what happens in a normal relationship, you’re in a wrong relationship and you need to get out of it. It also has small black writing at the bottom of the page which are some signs so if you think you are in a violent relationship while reading the poster it shows some signs at the bottom and by having the number in the middle of the page in a larger font size it makes is easier to read quick and the number is clear. 7Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name)
  8. Impact: the impact of this poster is to make people aware if they are in a violent relationship. The Guardian statistics are that 13,500 people (80% were women) in 2012 were attacked. The organisation is hoping to lower the number and the way the ay they can do this is by using the poster to get the message round as once people read it and read the signs at the bottom they will know what to look out for or know if they are in a violent relationship so they can ring the number and therefore would lead to the number of how many people report would be lower than it is. 8Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name)
  9. compare: both of these posters are about domestic violence, however they are both very different. The poster on the right is dark and dull, it has a some black in it which shows depression and a negative environment, also involving the colour red which represents danger and blood. Showing a picture with a women who has a black eye will also make people more aware and more likely to read the poster. They have used two pictures in the right side poster, they have added half a picture of a football with the sentence ‘what time is kick off in your house?’ this shows that they are aware that at a certain point in the day domestic violence happens, for example most of the time its because one of the people in the relationship has come into contact with alcohol which reacts with the body and the actions the other person will do. However the poster on the right is different as they have decided to use mainly a white background with blue writing it makes it stand out more and attracts the eye more. Although the left side one is bright and uses light colours, the right side one with the black catches the eye more as having the dark background with the red and white writing stands out more. 9Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name)
  10. Case Study: (campaign/organisation name) Purpose: The purpose of this poster is to warn people about animal cruelty. Mainly that leaving an animal in a car is he same as putting it in an oven. Its letting people know it’s a crime and that if you see an animal left in a car, you need to report it as it’s a crime, as well as warning people they may get into trouble and have their animal taken off them if they ever leave their animal in a car by itself Aims: The aim of this poster is to get the message across that leaving your animal in the car by itself is a crime and its like leaving an animal in a hot oven, which people wouldn’t do. It has the number at the bottom so letting people know if they see an animal left in a car they need to report it and tell someone. The aim of the organisation is to rescue the animals from being in the warm weather left alone in a hot car, 10Creative Media Production 2012
  11. Techniques: They have used different techniques in this poster to make it stand out more. For example they have used the background colour red, the colour red symbolises danger, which by leaving your animal by itself in a car, you are therefore putting it in danger. They have used an image of a dog on a baking tray about to go into the oven, many people will not like this image as they will think putting an animal in an oven is animal cruelty, so this poster is showing that leaving an animal in a car is the same as putting it in an oven, they are both animal cruelty, they have used an image of a cute, small dog to make people feel sorry for he dog and to feel like they don’t want that to happen to any other dog. The have white writing which works well against the red background, they have the quote ‘Hot Oven, Hot Car… It’s the Same Thing.’ this sentence stands out over the rest of the poster mainly because the writing is bigger but also because its proving a point. They have given the number and who to call as they are obviously aware that it happens often especially in Los Angeles as its always hot over there. 11Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name)
  12. compare: both these posters are both about animal cruelty. There are both using the colour red, as this colour symbolises danger and blood, which all animals which are getting abused, are in danger and may bleed. They also both have big writing with warning on, they say different things however they are both giving out the same meaning. The left side poster involves a lot of the colour red with white, where as the other poster on the right contains mainly dark colours to show sadness and darkness to show the emotion the animal is going through when being abused. Even though the left side poster is more brighter and uses the red a lot, I think the poster on the right stands out more as it looks more professional and laid out better, also because the red stands out more against the dark colours more than the white against the red background. 12Creative Media Production 2012 Case Study: (campaign/organisation name)