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Location list

  1. 1. This is on of the main scenes. This is Shannon’s bedroom where the girls will be chilling having it inher room shows normality. The idea of this is that the girls are round having a sleepover waitingon their pizza. Shannon’s room was first choice and was most convenient for the shooting to takeplace. This is the front door to Shannon’s house. There is an extreme close up on the door handle when she goes to open it this should build up tension, because Shannon and the girls think that it is their pizza delivery when it really is Zac coming to kidnap Shannon for revenge. After the front door has been opened the title sequence starts to get tense.
  2. 2. This in the establishing shot of Sylvan Road where the thrill starts to build up. The dark scene portrays a spookyand suspicious atmosphere making the audience feel involved. This is the car that 5boys pull up in ready tokidnap Shannon. The blacked out windows show the audience that they are keeping the in the suspense as thedon’t want to be identified as of yet. This is the front room to Lamarr’s friends house. This also portrays realism, as it is something he would do. They are chilling playing Xbox when Lamarr has a feeling that something bad is going to happen. This is he 3rd floor stair case to Shannon’s house at this point there will be a jump cut of her walking down them to answer the door. The jump cut is used to decrease time so the audience don’t get bored of watching her walking down the stairs.