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Q magazine front cover analysis

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Q magazine front cover analysis

  1. 1. Mast head – The mast head is very simple just the letter Q – being the magazinesrecognisable symbol- in a bold white and red colour theme. Its bold effect standsbehind the main image which blends in nicely as a whole image, because the masthead is bold and recognisable to its audience it can take risks like this.The skyline – the sky line is very bold as it is the main text on the whole front coverseen as there is no main lead article or cover lines. It’s written in gold making thetext seem important as it’s quite a royal choice or colour. Its states ‘The awardsIssue ‘which is just publicising Q magazine.Main image – the main image on this Q magazine, is a medium close up making itthe main focus, as also all of the text has either been blended in or placed aroundthe image. The band has been put into black and white making the front cover as awhole have a laid back approach, as it makes the band look calm. This is also goodon keeping small focus on the text as they have been put in brighter colours. Thelead man at the front is holding a – what appears – to be a trophy which is just agiant Q this is directly under the mast head Q which symbolises a mirrored effect,also it looks good by the colour differences on both Q’s.