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#SFAwards13 Best Airport on Social Media - Finalist Presentations

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This is a compilation of finalist presentations for 4th Annual SimpliFlying Awards for the category of 'Best Airport in Social Media'.
If you work in an airline or airport organisation and wish to download the slides, please email

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#SFAwards13 Best Airport on Social Media - Finalist Presentations

  1. 1. Best Airport in Social Media Finalist Presentations
  2. 2. bbbb Best Airport in Social Media Finalist
  3. 3. Helsinki Airport Simpliflying Awards 2013 The Best Airport in Social Media
  4. 4. Smooth travelling starts online 2 @HelsinkiAirport @FinaviaOyj Interacting with our passengers. Improving their travel experience. Sharing information. Getting people become aware of who we are. Telling what travellers can do at the airport. Good results on growth especially on Facebook Helsinki Airport: 255% more likes in the last 6 months Finavia: 136% more likes in the last 6 months
  5. 5. •  Travellers share their travel tips via our Facebook page •  Different cities in summertime 2013 •  Main audience of the campaign: Finnish- speaking leisure travellers •  Results: Thousands of new likes, happy travellers in our community Engaging our travellers on Facebook, part 1 3
  6. 6. •  Packing instructions and security check campaign on Facebook •  Main audience of the campaign: Finnish- speaking leisure travellers •  Our aim is to get the travelling experience smoother and the flow in security checkpoints faster •  Campaign continues until Christmas 2013 Engaging our travellers on Facebook, part 2 4
  7. 7. Quality Hunters 2013 A Social Media Initiative by Helsinki Airport and Finnair
  8. 8. •  Quality Hunters is a model for crowdsourcing in service development developed by Helsinki Airport and Finnair. •  Through community engagement our customers are included in the service development process. •  This year Quality Hunters 2013 follows two successful and award-winning crowdsourcing initiatives carried out in 2010 and 2011. •  What makes it so special? It’s the cooperation between airport and airline. Background 6
  9. 9. •  Quality Hunters 2013 was launched on 26 March this year. •  In contrast to previous initiatives, where quality hunters travelled around the world to seek out improvement ideas for the passenger experience, Quality Hunters 2013 focuses heavily on social media. •  The goal is to implement crowdsourcing as a fixed part of Helsinki Airport’s and Finnair’s service development processes. Quality Hunters 2013 7
  10. 10. •  This year’s initiative builds on the active Twitter community that formed around Quality Hunters, Season 2 in 2011. •  The home of the initiative is the Quality Hunters blog at which features regular guest posts from experts at Helsinki Airport and Finnair as well as community members. •  The initiative encourages interaction between community members and the experts at Helsinki Airport and Finnair. Quality Hunters 2013 8
  11. 11. Everybody can join the discussion! 9
  12. 12. •  Quality Hunters 2013 is structured around five themes central to the passenger experience. •  The themes are: At home, At the airport, On board, On arrival. The fifth theme will emerge from discussions with the community. Quality Hunters 2013 10
  13. 13. •  Creative workshops are organised in Helsinki for community members and service development professionals are organised around each of the five themes. •  Members of the online community are chosen based on the level of their contribution. Quality Hunters 2013 11
  14. 14. Quality Hunters 2013 12 •  As of September 2013, 27 community members from 14 countries have been chosen to join three workshops.
  15. 15. •  So far, the workshops have produced 101 well- documented ideas for further development and possible implementation. Quality Hunters 2013 13
  16. 16. •  Online discussions have created ideas and insight for better travel and built relationships between community members and Helsinki Airport employees. Quality Hunters 2013 14
  17. 17. •  For more information: – –  Follow the initative on Facebook and Twitter Quality Hunters 2013 15
  18. 18. bbbb Best Airport in Social Media Finalist
  19. 19. 30 September 2013 Gatwick and Social Photography Simpliflying Awards
  20. 20. Gatwick Social Media Firsts First airport in Europe to offer out of hours Twitter customer services support First airport in the world to use the blogging platform Tumblr First airport in the world to use the audio network Soundcloud First airport in Europe to use mobile barcodes First airport in the World to embrace social photography 2
  21. 21. Social photography - did you know that? Airports are the most popular location to take Instagram photos? There are over three million photos tagged #airport on Instagram? Research shows that Instagram posts get 18x as much as engagement as Facebook Facebook posts with images, albums or videos attached have 100%+ engagement 3
  22. 22. Gatwick on photo networks We created the first airport Instagram account in May 2011, when the network only had 10 million users (it now has 150 million) We also have a presence on Vine, and photo-network EyeEm, the only airport to do so We have the largest Instagram account in Europe with close to 3000 followers We are (October) recruiting our own team of mobile reporters from among Gatwick staff 4
  23. 23. Social photography - our objectives 1 - To link into existing passenger behaviour. People love taking pictures at airports and posting them to Instagram. We need to engage with them on these platforms 2 - To bring the airport to life. They say a picture says 1000 words. Often the best way to illustrate a piece of news or event is through an image 3 - To support our partners. Photo-sharing is an effective way to support our airlines and retailers 5
  24. 24. People want to share when they fly 6 There are 32.4k #gatwick images on Instagram
  25. 25. We’re encouraging this by reposting the best #gatwick images weekly 7
  26. 26. We work with guest editors and stage behind the scenes tours with influencers 8 We’ve brought the Instagramer group of super-fans for a behind the scenes runway tour. We’ve also had super-user Oliver Lang (200k+ followers) guest edit our feed)
  27. 27. We use photo-networks to “live report” events 9 Tweeting about an event for someone who isn’t at the airport means little. Showing them pictures of it, brings it to life We use Instagram as our primary channel when live reporting events such as the Summer kids’ activity or new route launches, linking our Instagram account with Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr
  28. 28. We run photo-competitions to promote our retail partners 10 We tactically use photo competitions as a way of supporting retailers - for example London News Company and Jamie’s Italian
  29. 29. In addition to photos, we work with mobile video networks - for instance Vine 11
  30. 30. Our Tumblr is one of only 60 travel sites featured by Tumblr itself Tumblr is a highly visual blogging platform - and with 100+ million sites, the most popular one in the world. Our Tumblr site is one of only 60 featured in the travel category, with the result that we have 9000 Tumblr followers. Tumblr is highly visual, and we combine images and text to illustrate different aspects of airport life. One recent example is a ‘what’s in the bag feature’ where we showcased what people were buying while waiting for their flights 12
  31. 31. From October - Gatwick mobile reporters In an airport first, we are recruiting our own team of Gatwick mobile reporters to visually document airport life. Around 10 Gatwick staff will receive Instagram training to include picture composition, identifying good shots and using photo networks effectively. They will then take photos while in their daily jobs, upload onto our feed, and show what is going on at Gatwick in real time! 13
  32. 32. Some results 1 - With almost 3000 followers, Gatwick has the largest airport Instagram feed in Europe, and the second largest worldwide 2 - Gatwick’s posts achieve a high level of engagement. In July and August, Gatwick had an average of 101 likes per post 3 - Over 32k+ Instagram posts have been tagged #gatwick by airport visitors and passengers. Another 4k have been tagged #gatwickairport 4 - Gatwick’s Instagram feed directly contributes to the airport’s high (78) Klout score. According to Klout, five of the ten most influential social media posts in early August came from Instagram 5 - Gatwick is one of the few airports to have a Vine account, and the only one to post on EyeEm 14
  33. 33. bbbb Best Airport in Social Media Finalist
  34. 34. Best%Airport%on%Social%Media%
  35. 35. The%#dreamteam%
  36. 36. 2012…2013%–%we’ve%come%a%long%way!% 35k%likes%!%% c.70k%likes%on% Facebook%% 80k%followers%!% c.160k%followers% on%TwiKer% Over%the%year% we’ve%launched%on% We%trended%on% twiKer%in%the%UK% for%the%first%Rme% ever%in%June!% We’ve%conRnued% our%London%2012% legacy%
  37. 37. Engagement%–%Passenger%Support%comes%1st% Case%Study%1:%%Snow%Incident,%%January%2013% Our%online/email/mail%negaRve%feedback%fell%significantly% from%2010%–%2013%snow%events%thanks%to%improvements%in% our%social%crisis%strategy:% •  ProacRve%messaging%on%Facebook,%TwiKer% •  EducaRon%and%awareness%through%use%of%FAQs%and% infographics%on%our%social%channels% •  CollaboraRon%with%third%parRes,%such%as%@MetOffice%to% provide%the%latest%informaRon%% •  "%%%Greater%credibility%&%more%empathy%from%our% audience,%understanding%that%we%run%at%98%%capacity.% 0% 100% 200% 300% 1% 4% 7% 10%13%16%19%22%25%28%31% Number%of%complaints% Days%of%the%month% NegaBve%snow%feedback%E%2010%v%2013% 2010%c%Snow%Neg% Feedback% 2013%c%Snow%Neg% Feedback%
  38. 38. Engagement%–%Passenger%Support%comes%1st% Case%Study%2:%%Ethiopian%Airlines%Fire%Incident,%July%2013% Our%priority%and%base%for% engagement:% % SupporRng%our%passengers%by% responding%quickly%and%accurately%to% queries%&%communicaRng%effecRvely% in%Rmes%of%crisis/disrupRon.%
  39. 39. Engagement%–%on%airport%% ‘Whenever(I(get(gloomy( with(the(state(of(the( world,(I(think(about(the( arrivals(gate(at( Heathrow(Airport.’(( ( –(Prime%Minister%(Hugh%Grant),% Love%Actually,%2003.%% Our%Passenger% Ambassadors%can% speak%mulRple% languages!%
  40. 40. Engagement%–%with%our%community% Jobs,%Careers,%ApprenBceships%% % 2013%–%First%year%we%have% promoted%our%Jobs%and%Careers% Fair%(saw%an%increase%in%aKendance% by%>%50%)%% and%ApprenRce%Week%via%social% media.%% Keep%a%look%out% for%our%upcoming% Primary%School% Challenges!%% Plane%SpoKer%Community% %% 2013%–%First%year%we’ve%hosted%a% ‘Plane%SpoKer%Day’%for%our%locals.% We%ran%a%photo%voRng%compeRRon% from%the%event%on%Facebook.%It%was% a%real%hit%with%2,000%votes!%%
  41. 41. Engagement%–%with%our%retailers%&%brands% ‘Customise%your%trip%at%the% Moleskine%Stamp%StaRon’%–% Popcup%store%campaign,% supported%on%social%media.% #HeathrowSummer%Beverage%Awareness%Campaign:% % ‘Which%country%does%Chambord%originate%from?% ‘When%life%gives%you%lemons,%make%__________.’%%%%%%%
  42. 42. InnovaRon%driven%#airportlive% •  Airport%Live%(BBC2%producRon%filmed%at%Heathrow)%sparked% our%innovaRon!% • deconstruct%our%corporate%personality%and%provide%human% stories%in%an%accessible%format.%% % We%used%CoveritLive%for%the%first%Rme%–%powers%live%web% chats,%pulling%in%content%from%TwiKer,%Facebook,% Instagram.%%We%hosted%a%guest%each%night,%including%a%pilot,% fire%fighter,%and%a%sustainability%expert.%% NATS,%BriRsh%Airways%and%Virgin%AtlanRc%all%parRcipated,% strengthening%our%relaRonship%with%our%partners.%
  43. 43. InnovaRon%by%invitaRon% Turning%the%tables:%we%invited%specialists%to%visit%Heathrow%to%put%us%to% the%test!% •  John%Torode%&%Gregg%Wallace%from%Masterchef%sampled%80%dishes%from% our%restaurants%and%cafes%and%provided%their%feedback%and%foreword%to% our%Food%Guide.% •  Simultaneously%we%held%a%photo%compeRRon%on%Facebook,%where% passengers%were%asked%to%upload%their%favourite%food%photo%from%a% Heathrow%DesRnaRon%they’d%visited.% UserEgenerated%content,%is%what%we’re%arer…% We’re%inviRng%our%passengers%to%share%their%emoRve%‘Heathrow%Experiences’%with%us% via%an%applicaRon%we’ve%created%on%Facebook.%The%best%applicants%will%be%chosen%to% STAR%on%ITV’s%upcoming%new%show(‘Departures(and(Arrivals’.((What%a%prize!(
  44. 44. InnovaRon%–%our%shiny%new%technology% •  Real%Rme%informaRon%we%can%act%on%quickly% •  Easier%reporRng%for%specific%topics%or%keywords%e.g.%security,% immigraRon,%holidays,%third%runway% •  Learn%who%our%key%influencers%and%advocates%are% •  Opportunity%to%offer%tailored%deals%to%PAX%–%Re%in%with%our% retail%partners.% •  SupporRng%our%passenger%feedback%funcRon,%so%we% can%create%cases%and%assign%to%most%appropriate% person%for%followcup%when%necessary.% •  Allows%us%to%integrate%our%social%data%with%CRM% informaRon% •  Social%media%markeRng%suite%that%enables%us%to%create% engaging%user%experiences%for%our%fans.% •  Allows%us%to%make%creaRve%and%professional%campaigns% ‘inchouse’%
  45. 45. Results%–%what%we’re%most%proud%of% Doubled%our%following% on%both%TwiKer%and% Facebook% Launched%two%new% channels%–%Google+% and%Instagram% Came%in%at%#53%on%the% Top%100%Social%Brands% rankings% Improvements%to%% our%crisis% communicaRons,%oren% beaRng%the%news% broadcasters%to%breaking% news.% Stronger%proacRve%messaging% during%crisis%–%resulRng%in%reduced% volumes%of%negaRve%passenger% feedback,%received%via%email,%mail% and%online%form.% Results.%% Lots%to%smile%about!%%
  46. 46. Results%–%what%we’re%most%proud%of% #AirportLive%trended%in%the%UK%for%three%nights%in%a% row%and%reached%over%35%million%people%on%TwiKer% and%our%Facebook%page%reached%just%short%of%2%million% people.% yourHeathrow%welcomed%over%% 10,000%unique%visitors%to%the%site%% during%Airport%Live%% (great%stat%for%a%brand%new%site!).% Wimbledon%&%Olympic%Champion%Andy%Murray% tweeted%posiRves%about%us.%% (A%team%highlight!)% yourHeathrow%gained%100%%more%traffic%than% expansion,%showing%it‘s%the%place%our%fans%go%for%the% latest%Heathrow%news.%
  47. 47. With%everything%we%do,%% we%strive%to%be%friendly,%fast%and%have%fun%along%the%way!% Friendly…%% (Royal%Baby% Arrival)% FAST…%(the%SRg%visits%Heathrow%in%a%Lamborghini)% FUN…%%
  48. 48. Thanks%for%taking%the%Rme%to%read%our%pitch.%% Tweet%us%@heathrowairport%if%you%have%any%quesRons!%
  49. 49. bbbb Best Airport in Social Media Finalist
  50. 50. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport DFW Mobile Application Category: Best Airport in Social Media 4th Annual SimpliFlying Awards September - October 2013
  51. 51. Best Airport in Social Media - DFW Airport Mobile App Overview On January 8, 2013, DFW International Airport launched its own DFW Airport mobile application available for download on the platforms its customers use most: iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry.  To date the mobile app has received more than 55,000 downloads.  Features Include:  Flight Information and Push Notifications  Flight Tracker  Parking Availability  Concessions  Listings  and  “Within  5  Minutes  of  My   Gate”  Airport Guide and Security Checkpoint Listings
  52. 52. Best Airport in Social Media - DFW Airport Mobile App Promotion Overview  In support of the launch of the mobile app, DFW executed a comprehensive marketing and social media campaign to drive downloads to the app.  The  campaign  reached  out  to  the  Airport’s  increasingly  tech-savvy passengers and encouraged concessionaires to download based on the benefits the app provided. 3
  53. 53. Best Airport in Social Media - DFW Airport Mobile App Promotion The mobile app was designed to put the information that passengers want most when traveling in the palm of their hand.  Goals of the campaign included:  Provide customer-targeted, customized information regarding Airport non-airline revenues such as parking and concessions in an easy to use media  Engage  DFW’s  tech-savvy passenger base  Drive downloads to the mobile app  The campaign reached these goals by using channels such as Facebook and Twitter, eye catching displays, such as targeted paid media on boarding passes, brand ambassadors, large scale advertising and heavy on-Airport placements to generate awareness and excitement in the campaign and encourage the target audience download the DFW Airport mobile app. 4
  54. 54. Best Airport in Social Media - DFW Airport Mobile App Update The app is currently rated 4 out of 5 stars on the iOS platform and a 4.5 star rating in the Android store. User reviews have been excellent.
  55. 55. Best Airport in Social Media - DFW Airport Mobile App Update Traditional and social media coverage has been extensive. Please see included pdf files for full coverage.  Twitter posts produced:  5 total Twitter posts  74,501 potential impressions  27 ReTweets  Shared by North Texas Commission, the City of Fort Worth, FareCompare, Grapevine  Chamber,  DFW’s  Grand   Hyatt and The Star Telegram  DFW’s  Facebook  Page  included:  Photo album of mobile app screen shots  2,501 unique views  197 engaged users (unique number of people who clicked on the post)  PR coverage included 38 clips, including 35 online and 3 print, as well as an on-air  interview  with  DFW’s  Public   Affairs Manager.
  56. 56. Best Airport in Social Media - DFW Airport Mobile App Promotion The informational article posted on generated more 8,300 impressions and the pop-up banners on the DFW Airport mobile web site ( generated more than 794,000 impressions.
  57. 57. Best Airport in Social Media - DFW Airport Mobile App Promotion Targeted media on airline boarding passes – more than 500,000 impressions
  58. 58. Best Airport in Social Media - DFW Airport Mobile App Promotion Large Scale Water Tank ad highly visible on major highway located at the North end of the Airport – generated more than 200,000 daily impressions.
  59. 59. Best Airport in Social Media - DFW Airport Mobile App Promotion Entry Plaza Signs were posted at 25 total locations on-Airport to generate awareness.
  60. 60. Best Airport in Social Media - DFW Airport Mobile App Promotion Additionally multiple campaign signs were posted inside 55 buses.
  61. 61. Best Airport in Social Media - DFW Airport Mobile App Promotion In-Terminal Dioramas promoted the app in 15 total locations.
  62. 62. Best Airport in Social Media - DFW Airport Mobile App Promotion The app was promoted on informational directories inside Terminal D, as well as on 22 touch-screen digital signs.
  63. 63. Best Airport in Social Media - DFW Airport Mobile App Promotion All Flight Information Displays (FIDS) and Chase ATM screens inside the Airport promoted the mobile app.
  64. 64. Best Airport in Social Media - DFW Airport Mobile App Promotion A total of 65 Skylink train cars and 25 in-terminal columns displayed the campaign creative.
  65. 65. Best Airport in Social Media - DFW Airport Mobile App Promotion Street Teams circulated through the terminals to encourage/assist with downloads – every Friday for 9 weeks. Additionally, they distributed DFW Airport branded ear buds.
  66. 66. bbbb Best Airport in Social Media Finalist
  67. 67. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol SimpliFlying Excellence Award Category: Best Airport on Social Media Watch the casevideo:
  68. 68. With a focus on brand sympathy and brand preference, Schiphol wants to engage with travellers and consumers. Schiphol is the largest airport in the Netherlands and the fourth largest in Europe.
  69. 69. Today’s travellers are increasingly turning to online and social media to supplement their media diet. How can you reach these present- day travellers in the face of mounting competition, enhance your customer satisfaction, and make yourself – and keep yourself – their preferred airport?
  70. 70. Always On: An ‘Always On’ social media strategy To develop a long-term relationship with travellers, we actively approach them with relevant, entertaining, informative and service-oriented content. With this approach, we retain and build brand preference and promote Schiphol as a brand they can relate to: a brand with a ‘human touch’. Campaign Campaign Campaign Campaign Brand sympathy & Brand preference Always On Community management Service-oriented content Content marketing
  71. 71. Always On: Monitor, Listen and Market Research We are using real-time online monitoring and listening tooling to find out what people are saying online about us, the market and the competition. This, plus continuous market research, enables us to identify market insights and developments so we can identify what travellers need. Conversation cloud Engagement by volume
  72. 72. Always On: Internal teamwork Social Media Marketing - Monitoring & listening - Content marketing - Campaigns - Social PR Client service - Monitoring & listening - Community management Close cooperation and an exchange of real-time information between Marketing and Customer Service are essential ingredients in our ‘Always On’ social media approach.
  73. 73. Always On: Customer Service on the go We help travellers all year round by using a pro- active and reactive strategy of giving them effective personal webcare. The satisfaction that these assisted travellers share will result in the intended online advocacy.
  74. 74. Behind the scenes New name We create interactive storytelling content and we ask travellers about their ideas regarding Schiphol. Examples: a behind-the- scenes look, weekly items, and asking travellers to come up with a new name for a café at the airport. We also provide relevant service information such as Sharable Flight times on our social channels. Always On: Storytelling, dialogue and service content Storytelling Sharable Flight times
  75. 75. Always On: Social PR To enhance the viral effect of our content, we employ Social PR to create a larger reach in traditional media as well. National tv shows online news/ blogs
  76. 76. Always On: Innovative online campaigns Our innovative campaigns make important moments before, during and after the travel journey even nicer. We for example enhance Schiphol’s human touch by giving friends a chance to wave good-bye online or by the online sharing of a Schiphol meal to support UNICEF. Campaign: The big wave goodbye Campaign: Reismaatjes (Travel buddies) Campaign: Share your food & feed a child Watch the campaign case video:
  77. 77. Always On: Social Team We continue to optimize! With a team of marketers, social media specialists, corporate communications and customer service staff, we direct and redirect strategy monthly, weekly, daily. Social Media Social Hub Monitoring & Reporting Marketing ServiceSpecialists Communication
  78. 78. Facebook 2012 & 2013: we reached people 339 million times. These people interacted 17.5 million times (or an Interactions Per Mille* score of 51.6). The Schiphol YouTube videos were viewed 2 million times in 2012 and 2013, with an average completed viewing percentage of 70 percent. On Twitter, we help passengers pro-actively and reactively. As compared to 2012, the number of tweets per month rose by 14% in 2013. *IPM = A page’s daily number of active users / A page’s total daily reach x1000 Results
  79. 79. Results With our social channels, we can reach our online target group all year round without approaching paid media. From January 2012 to September 2013: ...our number of Facebook fans increased from 41,835 to 226,272 ...our number of Twitter followers increased from 3,600 to 15,272 ...our number of YouTube subscribers increased from 150 to 4,320 226,272 15,272 4,320
  80. 80. Results Online conversations about Schiphol are becoming increasingly more positive. As compared with 2012, the monthly online positive messages increased by 18% and the number of messages with a negative sentiment dropped by 14%. …and: Schiphol has become Europe’s most checked-in Facebook place. -14% +18%
  81. 81. Always On is Never Off We’re headed in the right direction but our work is never done! Contact: Saskia Jacobs Elsbeth Bouman
  82. 82. bbbb Best Airport in Social Media Finalist
  83. 83. SimpliFlying Awards Charles Schuler Associate Deputy Airport Director Communications & Marketing
  84. 84. Social Media in Emergency Communications The Plan •  Started work in 2012 on creating the plan •  Took a while for the team to understand the new way information was being disseminated •  “Social Media Management for Emergency Operations” added to SOP in March 2013 Took a year to implement
  85. 85. The Plan •  Normal structure, both the PIO and the Social Media Specialist report into Associate Deputy’s office •  Emergency Structure •  Deputy establishes The Social Media Monitoring Team and identifies a Lead. •  SMMT Lead then reports to the PIO •  PIO then reports to the Incident Commander •  If Joint Information Center is established, then SMMT Lead becomes part of the JIC Communications Structure
  86. 86. The Plan Spectrum of emergencies How$to$Assess$Concerns$ Green$.$Minor$ ! • Weather,!flight!delays! • Lost!item! • Negative!statements!about! an!airport!experience! ! ! ! Social$Media$teammate$ creates$message$content$ Yellow$.$Mild$ ! • Quickly!spreading!online! rumor!about!situation!at! airport! • Negative!Facebook! campaign!regarding! sponsorship!of!an!event! ! SM$teammate$creates$ message$content,$PIO$to$ review$&$approve$ $ Red$–$Serious$ ! • Aircraft!accidents! • Security!threats! • First!responder!events!with! social!media!coverage! • Controversial!or!inflammatory! comments!about!SFO! ! PIO$creates$all$message$content$ for$release$by$Social$Media$
  87. 87. The Plan Key Elements •  Recognize time lag between incident and first communications •  Established bridging statements until situation is understood •  Established default hashtag #SFOEMERGENCY •  Recognize immediacy of the news cycle •  Recognize the speed and volume of social media needs a filter so that PIO can function •  Identify Tools & Resources •  Flexibility
  88. 88. Audiences Passengers Commission Employees Other Airport Employees Government Officials News/ Media Community at large First Responders & Aid providers
  89. 89. The Day of the Crash “In preparing for battle, I have always found that plans are useless but planning is indispensable.” – President, Dwight D. Eisenhower Saturday, July 6, 2013 – 11:36am
  90. 90. The Day of the Crash •  My first alert was BBC Breaking News alert, followed by phone calls •  Activated Social Media Monitoring Team •  Website Crashed - Trouble shooting with host company to get ‘dark site’ up and to expand bandwidth on server •  Spent 3 hours in the car, monitoring news and social media channels •  Posted to Social Media on drive in •  All communication was with close coordination with PIO and EOC staff •  I arrived to SFO by 3:30pm in time for the second press conference Saturday, July 6, 2013 – first 4 hours
  91. 91. The Day of the Crash •  With the website down, I realized my only formal channel of electronic communication was Twitter. •  “Dark Site” up by 3:30pm, referring everyone to Twitter •  Returned to EOC after each press conference to monitor traditional and social media reaction to each briefing •  From media monitoring, began to identify story line development, worked with PIO to best shape messages for the next press conference and twitter messages Saturday, July 6, 2013 – remainder of the day
  92. 92. Citizen Reporter •  Survivors started posting images and stories within minutes of the crash. •  Key social media influencers like David Eun, an executive at Samsung was onboard and started posting; amplified through Twitter •  Picked up by traditional media within minutes of posting Social Media Influencer
  93. 93. NTSB on the scene •  NTSB arrives late Saturday night, early Sunday morning, takes command of the scene •  7AM briefing, met Communications Counterparts •  Established common hashtag #Asiana214 •  Took pressure off communicating about the crash and allowed us to focus on airport operational and customer service messaging. Sunday, July 7th
  94. 94. Until 28R & 28L re-opened •  NTSB leads press conferences and releases an unprecedented about of material and images online: •  NTSB Conducted 5 press conferences, one at the end of each day Sunday, July 7th – Friday, July 11th
  95. 95. Lessons Learned •  Accidents do not always happen during business hours •  Have a phone charger in your car at all times •  Have all of your team’s emergency contact details in your phone •  Have scalable server space for your website to account for spikes in web traffic •  Have a social media monitoring platform •  Have a plan in place •  Twitter was the fastest, simplest way to communicate to: •  Media •  Staff, Constituents, and other interested government offices •  Passengers
  96. 96. - END - Stay tuned to for the awards results