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Discoverer to obiee migration

Overview and Architecture for Discoverer to obiee migration

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Discoverer to obiee migration

  2. 2. CurrentArchitecture - Discoverer Oracle BI Metadata OLAP/DW/OLTP Discoverer Client Tier Client Tools Spreadsheet Add-in Jdeveloper BI Beans Discoverer Desktop Metadata Management Tools Warehouse Builder Analytic Workspace Manager Enterprise Manager Discoverer Administrator Oracle Discoverer Application Server Discoverer Middle Tier Services Discoverer Portlet Provider Discoverer Viewer Discoverer Plus
  3. 3. ProposedArchitecture Data Warehouse/ Data Mart Discoverer EUL Discoverer Server Discoverer Workbooks OBIEE Presentation Catalog /Services Dashboards/Answers /Delivers OBI Server OBI Repository Physical Model/ Presentation Model/ Logical Business Model Convert EUL To Repository Model Workbook Conversion
  4. 4. ConversionApproach Step 1: • Convert End User Layer to OBIEE Repository Model Step 2: • Migration of the Workbooks Step 3: • Configure Security ( Users & Roles )
  5. 5. Important Considerations • There is a fundamental difference between OBIEE and Discoverer in the preferred relationship model. In the Business Model layer of the OBIEE repository, the relationships between tables should represent a star schema - as a minimum requirement there is a dimension table and a fact table. In comparison, Oracle Discoverer doesn’t demand any special type of relationship between data. For that reason, if the Discoverer data model doesn’t represent star schemas, changes may be needed after migration in order to respect this structure. Otherwise the repository will not be available and enabled for queries. • Note: Although Oracle indicates that the metadata conversion utility only migrates to version 10g and that the Upgrade Assistant must be run to obtain a repository for version 11g, the repository version generated using the utility is actually in the correct format for 11g with version and
  6. 6. Discussion points OBIEE does not have: • Native access to OLAP cubes. OBIEE access data through materialized views • User interface  No ability to drill up  Wizards for using analytical and time-series functions  Wizards for creating reports in Answers
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