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Outsource Ace_Corporate Profile

  1. Corporate Profile
  2. Index 2 Industry Overview – ITES/BPO Outsource Ace Overview Business Model HR & Recruitment Training Quality Technology Security Measure Why Outsource Ace Management Team Conclusion Contact Ace
  3. Outsource ACE is a leading Contact Center providing high-quality solutions to Large, Medium & Small Enterprise. 3 We are a Real time Contact Center with an excellent team We work across continents & Verticals. We boast of clients from Down under Australia, The land of opportunities USA, Multicultural Canada, Ever glorified UK, Rising China, Shining India as well. We work on projects ranging from Insurance, Customer Service, Real Estate , Telecom, Discount Cards & several other niche verticals. Majority of our projects are B2B but B2C is also an integral part of our business.
  4. 4 Outsource Ace was conceptualized ambitiously in the year 2009 with the aim of being one of the best Contact center worldwide & to provide a platform to catapult for the local talent to reach great heights. We started as just a 4 member team way back experiencing a lot of challenges to a 80+ member strong team just in Contact Center Operations which is ever growing.
  5. What is OUTSOURCING? Delegating a Company’s Business Processes To a Third Party 5 Contact Centre – Supports interaction with customers over a variety of media, including but not necessarily limited to telephony, e-mail and internet chat. Inbound call centre - Exclusively or predominately handles inbound calls (calls initiated by the customer). Outbound Call Centre - One in which call centre agents make outbound calls to customers or sales leads. Blended call centre - Combining automatic call distribution for incoming calls with predictive dialing for outbound calls, it makes more efficient use of agent time as each type of agent (inbound or outbound) can handle the overflow of the other.
  6. 6 Manage Cost Reduce cost and headcount predictability of cost economy of scale Improved cost effectiveness Apply money to core business Accelerate Execution Accelerate speed to market Enhance process effectiveness Gain technical expertise and knowledge Focus on core business competencies improved quality of service Manage Risk Transfer, Shared or mitigate risk Access to new skill set or leading technology Spreading of initial investment cost Free up cash for investment Avoid non-core capital Investments Strategy Management Align strategy and business goals More freedom to focus on strategic activities Enable business transformation Build world-class capability Increased shareholder value
  7. Optimal Outsourcing Benefits 7 LOW HIGH Skills Surplus Countries1 Regional Hubs2 End-User Countries 1- Countries that have attractive human resources but neither the infrastructure nor the political resilience of hub locations 2- Countries that have superior infrastructure and low perceived political risk Human Sophistication Number of Workers, Labor cost, Worker skill level Low High U n i t e d S t a t e s I n d i a U n i t e d K i n g d o m G e r m a n y F r a n c e S i n g a p o r e I r e l a n d P h i l i p p i n e s C h i n a I n d o n e s i a
  8. India – The Reason for Outsourcing 8 Technology Proven expertise in IT-related services Large presence of international technology vendors Basic ,cellular , paging and Internet services have been privatized Under-sea optic fiber de-monopolized IPLC (telecommunications) costs going down Location 12-hour time zone difference Political stability We are located in Bangalore, India which is one of the best destinations for Outsourcing Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India, The R& D Capital, The Biotech Hub. Pleasant Climatic Conditions Capacity 2.5 Million + graduates every year Cost-effective manpower & Highly resourceful Abundant office space at low cost People Largest English speaking population in the world Most number of Graduates out of college every year Highly skilled workforce Strong work ethics High levels of education Cosmopolitan culture
  9. About Outsource ACE 9 OUTSOURCE ACE is a complete Real Time Contact Center Outsource Ace believes in six basic Core Values which are Its People, Customers, Integrity, Team Work and Continuous Improvement, Quality and Innovation. Outsource Ace has Core Competence in processes like Early Stage Collections, Telemarketing and Customer Care of Financial Products. Outsource Ace provides a best-in- class call center operation that reflects the "Client Standard" in terms of high quality customer service while minimizing cost through efficient management of processes, procedures and technological infrastructure. It provides a solution that allows scalability without compromising on quality. It ensures a seamless transition of work from the client to Outsource Ace. Outsource Ace has invested in state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted uptime connectivity for instant response. It has the latest technological tools in e-CRM.
  10. Our Vision & Mission 10 To be Your ACE Outsourcing Associate
  11. Service Offered 11 Tele Marketing Technical Support Appointment Setting Recruitment Process Outsourcing Lead Generation Customer Service Market Research Surveys Legal Process Outsourcing Web Designing Web Hosting CRM Development Social Media Services Web Development Ecommerce Development Mobile Application Development Search Engine Optimization Data Conversion Data Processing Scanning Transcription Data Entry Quote Creation Forms Processing Content Writing
  12. Transition and migration methodology 12 Moving a business process on an “As-is-where-is” basis involves a “no disruption” of business at the client’s end. This involves, Transitioning of the services, process and products from onsite to offshore operations. Detailed Transition Plan with a common objective Implementation and migration by a cross-functional Transition team Application of Program Management Tools Based on the Six sigma tool
  13. Business Process Methodology 13 Preliminary analysis to identify the areas for outsourcing. •Preliminary Process Mapping •Manpower Requirement •Tech/Telecom feasibility •Cost Benefit Analysis and Pricing •Assumptions and Risk Analysis •Compliance issues • Migration plan •Team Charter •Project Plan •Training Plan •Communication Plan •Detailed Process Mapping •Setting Benchmarks •SOP’s •Pilot Monitoring •Technology sign off •SLA sign off •Day to day operation of the process in India •Monitoring the process on the basis of the critical benchmarks agreed on with the Customer •Inherent to our migration methodology is an assessment of potential inefficiencies •Our migration methodology has been successfully deployed across industries such as Telecom, Insurance, Software, Financial Services, Security System, etc •The rigor of migration ensures smooth service delivery
  14. Human resources and recruitment 14 Sourcing Walk-ins Campus/ Training Institutes Advertisements ER -Employee referrals Recruitment Consultants Innovative methods of sourcing Talent Scouting Data Bank Ability to ramp up quickly Selection CV Screening Telephonic Interview Group Activities/Discussion Reading comprehension/Voice Test Written Test (Aptitude/ technical/ typing) Preliminary Interview Final Interview Reference check Well Defined Career Path Greater Emphasis on Training Quarterly Skip Levels Meetings Competitive salaries Quarterly Get Together Reward & Recognition Schemes Bank @ Outsource Ace Plan Compensation linked to performance Employee Expectation Survey Parents visit to facility
  15. Outsource ACE training 15 In house - Dedicated team of Trainers Outsourced - Specialized Training Providers Induction Training Module for the Entry Level Executives Customer Service Communication Skills Sensitization to Global Cultures BPO concepts, Use of Equipment Soft Skills Development Personality Development Leadership, Performance Management Skills for Team Leaders and above Interviewing skills for HR and select Operations staff. Process Specific Training ( along with Client’s Trainers) Quality Training (Customized as per Clients requirements)
  16. Quality systems 16 Complete six sigma, Kaizan tools adapted Assured three tier monitoringEnsuring TQM Complete client accesses for remote monitoring Incessant performance evaluation and improvement Reward & Recognition for managing stringent performance receipt DEFINE IMPROVE MEASURE CONTROL ANALYZE
  17. Technical Infrastructure 17 Technical Infrastructure: • Inhouse developed Predictive Dialer Inhouse developed CRM • Dell Vostro 260S/ HP Pavilion P7-1010IN • Servers Dell / HP Dual Xeon Processor Servers • Phone NEC Aspila with Plantronics, Jabra and Microsoft Head Sets • Routers CISCO 2100 Series • Firewall Fortigate 200d, Sonicwall TZ 215 • Certified network from Dlink with redundant voice and data at each and every workstation. INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LEASED CIRCUIT CAPACITY • IPLC 4Mbps OFC & Radio Link Backup • Internet Bandwidth 10 MBPS 1:1 Leased Line • POP at Atlanta, California and Melbourne
  18. Technical Infrastructure 18 POWER SUPPLY BACK-UP SYSTEM • 40 KVA UPS x 3 - For Server Room and Workstations • 220 KVA Generator (Kirloskar) - automatic SOFTWARE • CRM - Avaya Global Connect / Inhouse Developed ACE CRM • Operating System - Ubuntu • Database Server - MYSQL
  19. Security measures 19 Physical Security Frisking of employee Access control for entry into office Visitors have entry passes with strict access restrictions No camera phones or any electronic imaging gadgets are allowed into the operation floor Hard copies are restricted. All printouts are monitored at PC levels. Unnecessary printouts are shredded.
  20. Security measures 20 Access Control Each individual has separate log on facility. Passwords to be a combination of alphabetical, numerical and special characters Segregation of access to files carried out based on Internal Control guidelines No local storage provided, all data are stored at server level with backup Regular audits of central server USB ports, floppy drives and CD drives are disabled Email Security All emails can be accessed only from within the company intranet Only selected employees are allowed access to email accounts from outside the office All emails are scanned for attachments and threats
  21. Why Outsource ACE 21 Outsource Ace understands the benefits and dynamics of third party relationships. Cultural, operational, administrative and atmospherically approved and accepted work environment. Client specific tailored and customized solutions designed and served. Open door policy with vertical and horizontal support across departments for acclaimed customer delight. Continuous up gradation on technology, training and market trends for adaptability and supplying value services. Reduced TAT’S Complete redundancy backup’s guaranteed uptime and access to monitor and gauge service excellence. Reduced operational, administrative, technological expenses for cost effective solutions.
  22. ACE directors & core team 22 Outsource Ace was conceptualized by 2 business partners who later became life partners & who continue to multi-task. They have a combined experience of around 3 decades in the ITES/BPO industry alone. Elizabeth William spearheads the business development team with the title Director- Business Development Sharan Figeras heads the operations & call center management with the title Director-Operations Both have worked with several top MNC’s & successful start- ups before joining hands for Outsource Ace. Their experience has helped shape Outsource Ace as a force to recon with in the ITES Industry. We have a 5 member advisory board from various industries IT, Finance , Medical, Legal & BPO.
  23. We conclude to begin 23 We can help you by providing ADDING VALUE TO END CUSTOMERS Create a Strategic Advantage and not just Cost Savings BETTER PROCESS DELIVERY CAPACITY FOR GROWTH COMPETITIVE COST ADVANTAGE
  24. The win win relationship 24 Your Organization gets A Quality focused, reliable, cost-effective, scalable Contact centre Outsource Ace leverages its inherent strengths to utilize its resources and expand profitably End customer gains the comfort of dealing with Your Organization and the Cost Effectiveness offered by Outsource Ace.
  25. Contact Us 25 Registered Address: Outsource Ace #40, Indiranagar, 1st Stage, 2nd Cross, Bangalore- 560038, Karnataka, India. Delivery Center: #60, 1st Floor, Jai Bharath Nagar, Banaswadi Main Road, Above Reliance Fresh, Bangalore-560033 USA (California) : 707-737-6223 INDIA : +91 80 4173 2029 Ext: 1 +91 80 65680230 +91 92430 74094