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Mitosis review

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Mitosis review

  1. 1. Mitosis is a. when the cell’s DNA is replicated. b. when the cell divides in to two cells. c. when the cell’s nuclei divides in two. d. when the cell’s cytoplasm divides.
  2. 2. Which is FALSE about DNA? a. It carries all the information of an organism. b. It can be found in both plant and animal cells. c. It is found in the cytoplasm of cells. d. Its structure is that of a double helix.
  3. 3. Duplication or replication of DNA occurs during a. interphase. b. prophase. c. metaphase. d. anaphase.
  4. 4. The longest phase of the cell cycle is a. interphase. b. prophase. c. metaphase. d. anaphase.
  5. 5. Which of the following is NOT a phase of mitosis? a. interphase. b. prophase. c. metaphase. d. anaphase.
  6. 6. How do living organisms grow? a. By meisois. b. By mitosis. c. More cells are produced. d. Both b and c.
  7. 7. If an cell does not have the EXACT copy of DNA it will a. mutate. b. Be cancerous. c. die. d. All of the above.
  8. 8. The process of growth and division of cells is called a. mitosis. b. the cell cycle. c. life. d. meiosis.
  9. 9. Adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine are a. nitrogenous bases on DNA. b. nitrogenous bases on chromosomes. c. goblins. d. oxygenous bases on DNA.
  10. 10. Identical copies of chromosomes are called CHROMATIDS
  12. 12. If 20% of the nitrogenous bases in a cell are cytosine, how many of each of the other bases are there? THYMINE GUANINE ADENINE 20% 30% 30%
  13. 13. Mother cell A has undergone mitosis. Daughter cell B is shown to the right. What went wrong? A B
  14. 14. A distinct portion of DNA Packaged bundles of genes Carries the genetic information of an organism DNA chromosomes genes