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Beer and BBQ IS a Membership Strategy

When thinking about membership strategy, it’s time to include “fun” as a legitimate objective. The nature of membership is evolving beyond a transactional relationship and into an engagement model instead. By continuing to view members as people to be “served” rather than people to play and co-create with we are cheating ourselves out of getting to know them on a much deeper and more meaningful level. Many members are no longer satisfied with superficial connections, but creating the kind of safe environment it takes to truly accept them as whole human beings requires both skill and intention. Come explore how we can embrace authenticity and create the kind of ultra-vibrant communities members crave and our organizations need.

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Beer and BBQ IS a Membership Strategy

  1. 1. Beer and BBQ IS a Membership Strategy
  2. 2. Associations Are Unique
  3. 3. Maslow
  4. 4. Joining vs Affiliating • Affiliation – seeking shared identity • They want the WORLD TO KNOW they share an important characteristic with the group they publicly affiliate with
  5. 5. Members Are NOT Customers
  6. 6. Trends in Membership• Individualism• Personal identities more complex• Wicked problems driving single focus• Forming groups no longer requires mediator• Wealth of free info online• Membership is more fluid
  7. 7. Questions?
  8. 8. PollMost of our membership challenges are with:RecruitmentRetentionAttritionAll of the Above
  9. 9. “Myth” of ROI
  10. 10. Relationship Stages• A – acquaintance – (indefinitely)• B – buildup – (trust/compatibility)• C – continuation - (long term/stable)• D – deterioration - (signs of trouble)• E – end – (death/separation)
  11. 11. Authenticity
  12. 12. Shift Our Focus
  13. 13. Membership in 3-D
  14. 14. Questions?
  15. 15. Poll QuestionWhat is the most important goal? Making Connections Deepening Connections Leveraging Connections
  16. 16. Beer and BBQ
  17. 17. “Breaking B-re-ad”• Primitive “lizard brain”• Comfort• Social interaction• Cultural heritage• The Pizza Effect• Dopamine/reward
  18. 18. Innovation
  19. 19. Trust and Talk • Authenticity • Intellectual Confidence • Integrity • Elephant Spotters • Creative “Boil”
  20. 20. Pop Culture
  21. 21. Deeper Connections • Icebreakers • Desert Island “insert activity here” • Member profiles • Member groups • Shared values
  22. 22. Game Dynamics
  23. 23. Simplicity• Appointment• Levels and Status• Progression• Communal
  24. 24. Virtual Components • Ustream • Skype • Google Hangouts • Livecast glocal
  25. 25. Chapters – Urban 20 Minute Walk
  26. 26. Summing Up……
  27. 27. Questions