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Participant testimonials icc worksenses mepco workshop

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This is a set of testomonials from participants from a workshop conducted for MEPCO by Shravan Shetty on behalf of Infosy Campus Connect Training Partner , Worksenses.

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Participant testimonials icc worksenses mepco workshop

  1. 1. Participant Testimonials – Workshop facilitated from 30th January to 1 st February 1. This workshop is very nice. I gained knowledge on how to attend the interview. Every aspect facilitated by the Trainer Shravan was practical. We understood the concepts easily. - Amala Jothi Jenifa 2. The session was practical and easy to understand as it was filled with examples – Athishtalakshmi 3. Had a very good time. It was useful. Thank you so much! – Anncy C Maria 4. Overall the workshop was very effective in delivering the message to us and was very useful for us to develop ourselves and our talents.- S Gopala Krishnan 5. The workshop was vey useful. We were able to gain knowledge about what companies expect from us and how to behave in a company.- R Sujai 6. This workshop was very useful to us . I got a lot of information regarding soft skills which I didn’t know earlier. We have learnt many information in this workshop. - N Jeyakumar 7. We had a great time in this workshop. Thanks for our college , Infosys Campus connect and our trainer Mr. Shravan for all the memorable moments. From now on I will be able to present confidently on stage without stammering.- S Preethi 8. I have learned to get rid of my stage fear. I have learnt to believe in myself and my abilities. I love the way you explain things practically. For eg, it would have been easier for you to just tell us the importance of listening , you showed us how its important through a activity.I loved your point that “every person is a currency with a difference “ . I thoroughly enjoyed each section of the session . I feel a great deal of change in myself. Thank you sir . you were awesome. – Abirami M 9. The workshop was very useful for us in being successful. – R Georgia 10. I have learnt how to adapt myself to the team.Much help for students regarding our placements – TRR Ram Prashanth. 11. I have learnt to speak with everyone without shyness This workshop is much useful for us. Thank you Sir.- Varatharaj S 12. The workshop was very nice. The way you express yourself is very very nice.- M G Karuppasamy 13. The 3 day workshop was very useful.Thank you Mr. Shravan Shetty - Pavendhan 14. Please conduct this workshop for at least a week. The experience cannot really be explained in words . Now I am a lot more confident of facing everything in life with a positive attitude. Thanks a lot, Shravan Sir. You are really great!!! - M Madan 15. Every aspect was done well.The way Mr Shravan explained it to us was very nice. Now I know how to go about my career. – A Moniaca 16. The workshop is very helpful – ST Suryakanthi 17. Overall it was very useful. The way it was conducte dit was very good. – R Shathanaa 18. Team spirit is the main feature I have learnt. I really enjoyed the sessionand we had a good time with you , Sir. – A Usha 19. This workshop is quite interesting as well as useful and highlights the qualities that we should possess to succeed. Really a fantastic training.-Forcia Grace 20. I have learnt how to talk in front of others by getting rid of all my filters. I will surely do more paper presentations. i would like this workshop to be extended by two more days.Beacuse we cannot cover the aspects more elaborately. It is very useful. Should have been conducted previously. A Nuzrath Fathima
  2. 2. Participant Testimonials – Workshop facilitated from 30th January to 1 st February 21. I have learnt to be confident , fear –free . I got many points to develop my communication skills, project planning skills, group discussion skills and how to attend a interview successfully. I assure I will practice. Mr Shravan has really trained us well. I hope we are all energetic after this. Thanks.- S Mary Joshima P 22. This is the very happiest and most unforgettable moment in my life. Thanks a lot for Mr Shravan. Feeling happy like we got a new life. – Raghavendira J D 23. Nicely organised workshop – Ram Thilak 24. We would like to have this workshop for 5 days instead of 3 days such that it will help us to home up our skills and competencies further. – Madhunica B 25. What I liked best about the session is Our trainer Mr Shravan who mad ethe session enthusiastic.- S Gayathri 26. The session made us feel that we can perform well.- N Priyadarshini 27. The Activities were practical and the best – M Karthikeyan 28. What I liked best about the session is that that Shravan conducted many activities which were very impressive and told many things related to interview and resume preparation – P S Sindhuja 29. No words to say. It was outstanding and fantastic. i am very proud to say that I attended this awesome training. Thanks a lot.- R Goutham 30. I would rate this workshop 10 on 10 – D Moorthy N 31. Yes. This is a very good workshop that I have come across in my life – KG Karthick Prasanna 32. This workshop is very useful to me. I attended the workshop with full participation. From this workshop ,my stage fear is reduced to a large extent.- Neela KV 33. I like this workshop – N G Anand. 34. This is our first workshop . It gave me many ideas. A Saranya Devi 35. The workshop has paved a new way for our career. – Narmadha M 36. Wow ! session was extraordinary .- Vidhya Lakshmi N I 37. “ one of the best workshops I have attended in my life”.- R Poojitha 38. Everything was nice and smooth. Including the presenter. P R Umanathan 39. Our Trainer Mr Shravan Shetty makes us easy to overcome stage fear and he gave examples for every doubt that we asked . – T Meyappan 40. The workshop was very interactive . it was very useful – T K Renugha 41. Very Useful workshop. Shravan Sir , You are friendly to all. This makes the workshop very interesting and useful. – Ishwarya S 42. Workshop is interesting. – S M Sugnaya 43. The way you handled the session (Smiling face) + sharing of your ideas (no tension in your session) – S Pangajam 44. We really got a good trainer in you. Gave us many tips and ideas. Now I have confidence that I too can speak and face interviews. Thank you sir for giving us many ideas.- V Vishnu Priya. 45. The presenters enthusiasm was tremendous which has motivated me to a great extent. The content of the session was very useful and it was amd einteresting with a number of activities. The workshop has been very interesting.- Shruthy Daga 46. Very Nice –Vino Ananth. 47. Workshop is good – D Lakshmi priya 48. The trainer was very clear and his training methods were very effective.- K Aarthi 49.
  3. 3. Participant Testimonials – Workshop facilitated from 30th January to 1 st February