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Lets build the future city of bangalore

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We all want a better city to live in . There are lessons we can learn from other cities.
As a curator of ideas i have captured links to various ideas to help us look at a bettter future city of Bangalore

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Lets build the future city of bangalore

  1. 1. Ideas to ponder on for your “Aerotroplis” ProjectsHi ,I am a curator of Ideas. Here are set of links to ideas onreimagining cities and building cities around airports.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Evolution of Airport Cities and AerotroplisAirport Economic Development Hub Centre work hubs in the City infusion for the city City That Residents Dream up the cities Rivers, lakes , creeks into its public life Engagement in City Projects
  2. 2. Cities- City Walk- Make it traversable on Foot cities –Kolkata Gardener Invisible Cities – Italo Calvino2. What works-Hamish McRaeInstitutes that you should consider collaborating with School of design projects |Chitra Kala Parishad Art ProjectsThanks & RegardsShravan Shetty, Independent ConsultantLinkedin Profile Page: me : consultshravan @ TwitterMobile :+91 9880130770Victory Loves Preparation