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IOT in SMART Cities

IoT in SMART Cities
Conference: IOT For Smart Living
Location: Sri Lanka

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IOT in SMART Cities

  1. 1. IOT  IN  SMART  CITIES   Shivananda  (Shivoo)  R  Koteshwar   Director,  MediaTek   h@ps://     h@p://        
  2. 2. “If   the   ci*es   of   the   past   were   shaped  by  people,  the  ci*es  of   the   future   are   likely   to   be   shaped  by  ideas,  and  there  are   a  lot  of  compe*ng  ones”    
  3. 3. Reasons  why  we  focus  on  CiHes   Source  :  Dr.  Mazlan  Abbas  
  4. 4. Source:  BCG  
  5. 5. Earlier   CiHes:  By-­‐product  of  Industrializa=on   Today   CiHes:  Nodes  for  Economic  Growth  
  6. 6. SMART  CITY   How  is  it  different?   •  Urban  region   –  Advanced  and  developed  in  terms  of  infrastructure   –  Components:  Sustainable  real  estate,  communicaHons,   and  ease  of  making  markets  accessible  and  effecHve   •  A  ‘smart  city’  will  promote  a  healthy  and  decent  quality   of  life  for  its  ciHzens  while  it  promotes  be=er   infrastructure,  clean  and  sustainable  environment   using  ‘smart  solu*ons’  which  includes   –  E-­‐governance  and  CiHzen  Services,  Energy  Management,   Waste  Management,  Urban  Mobility,  Water  Management   and  other  miscellaneous  soluHons  
  7. 7. SMART  CITY   Basic  Aspects   •  Adequate  water  supply   •  Assured  electricity  supply   •  SanitaHon,  including  solid  waste   management   •  Efficient  urban  mobility  and  public   transport   •  Affordable  housing   •  Robust  IT  connecHvity  and   digitalizaHon   •  e-­‐Governance  and  ciHzen   parHcipaHon   •  Sustainable  environment   •  Safety  and  security  of  ciHzens   •  Health  and  educaHon   Smart   Economy   Smart   Governance   Smart   People   Smart   Mobility   Smart   Environment   Smart  Living  
  8. 8. Source:  BCG  
  9. 9. Source:  BCG  
  10. 10. Infrastructure + Technology + Data + Collaboration + Smart City Agenda à Enhanced Citizen Lives
  11. 11. Source:  BCG  
  12. 12. 3  types  of  Smart  CiHes   Source:  Dr.  Mazlan  Abbas  
  13. 13. INDIA   Working population is the driving factor in growing urban population by more than 1.23 times by 2020
  14. 14. INDIA   Large scale urbanization is posing several problems which will be accelerated further
  15. 15. INDIA   Government is trying to address these problems by investing in smart city initiatives
  16. 16. INDIA  
  17. 17. INDIA   In   the   2014-­‐15   Budget   Session,   the   Finance   Minister   of   India   allo=ed   the   7,060   Crores   of   Rupees  for  the  100  Smart  Ci*es.    
  18. 18. INDIA   Government will reap long term benefits by investing in smart cities
  19. 19. Smart  City  -­‐  INDIA   •  Delhi  Mumbai   Industrial   Corridor   (DMIC):ongoing   •  24  Ci=es   •  $90B  Investment   •  1500km  Freight  corridor   •  Manufacturing  focus   •  2  MRT,  6  Airports,  3  Ports   •  5  Power  projects   •  Partnership  with  Japan   •  100m  jobs  
  20. 20. Internet  of  Things  -­‐  IOT   •  IoT  extends  connecHons  to  objects   •  Every  object  could  be  idenHfied  and  connected  to   other  objects   •  With  the  smart  sensors,  objects  become   intelligent.  Smart  Sensors  can   –  MEASURE   –  STORE   –  ANALYZE   –  COMMUNICATE   –  ACT  
  21. 21. Source  :  Dr.  Mazlan  Abbas  
  22. 22. Technologies  that  enable  IOT   Source  :  Dr.  Mazlan  Abbas  
  23. 23. IOT  Value  Chain   Source:  Dr.  Mazlan  Abbas  
  24. 24. IOT  in  Smart  CiHes   Source  :  Dr.  Mazlan  Abbas  
  25. 25. IoT  &  Smart  City  
  26. 26. Credit:  Postscapes  and  Harbor  
  27. 27. Credit:  Postscapes  and  Harbor  
  28. 28. Compound  ApplicaHon  -­‐  Example   Credit:  Postscapes  and  Harbor  
  29. 29. Compound  ApplicaHon  -­‐  Example   Credit:  Postscapes  and  Harbor  
  30. 30. Compound  ApplicaHon  -­‐  Example   Credit:  Postscapes  and  Harbor  
  31. 31. IoT  and  Data   Analy=cs  in  Time  and  Space  
  32. 32. IoT  and  Data  
  33. 33. Smartphone  as  a  “Sensing  Agent”   Source:  Dr.  Mazlan  Abbas  
  34. 34. CollaboraHon  is  key  for  Success   Source:  Zinnov  
  35. 35. CollaboraHon   Technology  Vendors   Source:  Zinnov   Technology vendors are partnering with Government to assist the mission of smart cities
  36. 36. Source:  Zinnov   Infrastructure players are building private smart cities in India CollaboraHon   Infrastructure  Players  
  37. 37. Source:  Zinnov   Various Government owned regional bodies are managing smart city projects CollaboraHon   Government  
  38. 38. Source:  Zinnov   Industry associations are taking initiatives to facilitate smart cities development CollaboraHon   Industry  Associa*on  
  39. 39. Source:  Zinnov   Multiple foreign countries are looking forward to invest and participate in the development of smart cities in India CollaboraHon   Foreign  Partners  
  40. 40. 5 Essential Components of Smart City Utilities & Buildings The citizens Transportation & road infrastructure Governmental & commercial entities Technologies
  41. 41. Business  Model   Source:  Dr.  Mazlan  Abbas  
  42. 42. Map  Yourself  
  43. 43. Challenges   Source:  Dr.  Mazlan  Abbas  
  44. 44. Challenges   •  Smart  city  +  IOT  requirements  would  have  more  than  20bn  connected   devices  by  2022  -­‐  Small  porBon  of  ICT  in  new  city  development   •  Unwillingness  to  share  infrastructure   •  Network  Latency  and  Data  loss  is  unacceptable  –  Mul*-­‐hop  networks  ?   •  Network  availability  and  network  capacity     •  Data  aggregaHon  and  Data  security   •  IniHal  setup  cost   •  Power    -­‐  Low  Power,  Energy  harves*ng,  Less  Ba=ery   •  Sensors  need  to  have  be@er  detecHon,  be@er  signal  processing  and   complex  decision  algorithms,  ability  to  funcHon  with  temperature  variaHon   •  StandardizaHon  of  Protocols   •  Technology  changes  too  fast   •  City  becomes  more  noisy  –  BT,  WiFi  ..etc.     –  Less  available  channels  and  Inferences  increase   •  Too  many  stakeholders  
  45. 45. Challenges   •  Academia   – OpHmal  soluHon  for  a  problem   – These  problems  are  just  a  part  of  the  reality     •  Industry   – Different  needs   – Hard  to  deeply  understand  details   – SomeHmes  opHmal  soluHon  is  not  the  best  as  Lot   of  Trade-­‐offs  are  done  
  46. 46. RecommendaHons   •  Educate  key  decision  makers  and  build   support  and  consensus   •  Use  success  stories  from  other  ciHes  and   metrics  defined  to  make  a  business  case   •  Influence  government  to  partner  with  private   sector  and  university   •  Collaborate  Collaborate  Collaborate  
  47. 47. Summary   Improve  efficiency   and  beZer  usage  of   public  resources Environmental   sustainability  and   efficiency   Reduce  construc=on   and  opera=ng  costs   enabling  sustainable   homes  &  buildings Improve  educa=on  ,   capacity  building  and   sustainable   transporta=on BeZer  quality  of  life   •  The  collecHve  intelligence  allows  us  to  overcome  the   lack  of  resources   •  Smart  city  focus  is  on  Data,  CiHzen  and  Service   •  For  a  less  developed  country,  smart  city  allows  for  
  48. 48. Summary   Recommended strategies to Government Source:  Zinnov  
  49. 49. References   •  Special  thanks  to  Dr.  Mazlan  Abbas,  CEO  REDtone  IOT  for  permijng  me  to   use  some  of  his  slides   •  Talks  of  Isam  Sharour,  Joy  R  Cheruvathoor  &  Dr.  Marius  Monton    and   Blogs  –  Sumit    Rajput   •  Smart  city  “X”  global  iniHaHve     •  Smart  city  Benchmark,  Department  of  Energy  &  Climate  Change   •  The  Korean  Approach  to  Smart  City  and  Smart  Government     •  Zinnov,  Frost  and  Sullivan,  Boston  ConsulHng  Group  (BCG)  and  Harbor   Research  Reports   •  h@p://www.smartcity-­‐   •  h@p://­‐city-­‐sri-­‐lankas-­‐ next-­‐step-­‐towards-­‐viable-­‐future     •  h@p://­‐helping-­‐sri-­‐lanka-­‐develop-­‐ smart-­‐megapolis-­‐ct4/?paged3=3     •  h@p://­‐exactly-­‐is-­‐the-­‐internet-­‐of-­‐things-­‐infographic    
  50. 50. THANK  YOU