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How AI revolutionizes robotics and automotive industries

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at Japan-UK AI-Robotics Seminar, Feb 18th, 2016

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How AI revolutionizes robotics and automotive industries

  1. 1. How AI Revolutionizes Robotics and Automotive Industries Shohei Hido Chief Research Officer Preferred Networks, Inc.
  2. 2. l  Founded: March 2014 l  Headquarter: Tokyo, Japan l  Subsidiary: San Mateo, California l  Company size: 30 engineers & researchers l  Investors: NTT (Oct. 2014), FANUC (Sep. 2015), Toyota (Dec. 2015) Company profile: Preferred Networks, Inc. (PFN) Deep Learning (AI technologies) Industrial IoT
  3. 3. AutomotiveHumanoid Robot Preferred Networks’ positioning in AI: Industrial IoT 3 Consumer Industrial Cloud Device PhotoGame Text Speech Infrastructure Factory Robot Automotive Healthcare Smart City Industry4.0 Industrial IoT Google DeepMindFacebook Microsoft
  4. 4. 4 How AI revolutionizes Industrial IoT: Manufacturing and AI companies joining forces l  AI-based intelligence is the key success factor in many industries l  Manufacturers reach to AI technologies for help l  PFN is partnering with the world-leading companies in each industry –  Toyota –  FANUC –  NTT –  Panasonic –  NVIDIA –  Cisco 4
  5. 5. Cloud Local network Unsupported vehicle detection Optical NW detection Mobile NW Traffic infrastructure Automotive: Intelligent Connected-car Platform l  Providing different intelligence applications on cars and across infrastructure l  Architecture using road infrastructure and network devices as a Fog layer 5 Intelligent vehicle Intelligent vehicle Intelligent vehicle Edge Fog Cloud
  6. 6. Automotive Demo: Toyota Self-learning Cars @ CES’16 6 Movie: Silver cars autonomously learned how to avoid obstacles and cars, including manually controlled red car. Presented at the Toyota booth in the main venue of CES this year
  7. 7. Robotics: Optimized Factory Machines & Zero Downtime l  Integrated intelligence platform from factory level to edge machines level l  AI can help further improve the utility and efficiency of factories
  8. 8. Robotics demo: Intelligent bin-picking robots @ International Robot Exhibition ’15 8 Predict success possibility for each candidate point with 3D sensors 8 hours training reaches 90% success rate, the same accuracy with human-guided case Movie: l  Robot tries to pick up cylinders as fast and as accurate as possible l  Deep learning automatically learns which picking point is most likely to succeed.
  9. 9. Deep IntelligenceTM in-Motion (DIMo): Horizontal AI platform across industries 9 Automotive Fog devicesCloud Edge devices SensorBee™: Intelligent Streaming ETL for IoT Manufacturing Medical/healthcare Otherswillbeadded Self-driving ADAS/Map Connected car Robot behavior optimization Factory automation Predictive maintenance Diagnosis Drug discovery Personalized medicine Machine learningDeep Learning Statistics Computer vision Detect/Track/ Recognize Reinforcement learning Distributed/ Curriculum Time-series RNN / Representation Sensor fusion Multi-modal Feedback/Action … Libraries DIMo
  10. 10. Summary l  Artificial Intelligence increasingly creating tremendous opportunities not only for consumer products/services but also in industrial applications l  PFN is collaborating with Toyota, FANUC, and others to integrate deep learning capabilities into automotive and robotics systems l  PFN is looking for partnership in Europe –  Joint R&D or OEM collaborations w/ solid business plan l  PFN is looking for top talent ( –  Researchers: Machine Learning, Robotics, Computer Vision, Bio-healthcare –  Engineers: Distributed Systems, Embedded Device, Data Analytics 10