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Character profiles

Character profiles on the cast of Knife, Camera, Action.

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Character profiles

  1. 1. Character profiles BY SHURUTHI KAMALENDRAN
  2. 2. During our planning stages and writing our synopsis we had a brief idea on what kind of actor we would want to play the different roles of our characters. We organised casting calls, just to see who would be the definite fit for our characters in terms of appearance, acting ability and availably. Our cast consisted of five actors, each representing a certain character that is generally seen in Slasher films such as the final girl, the promiscuous girl, the benefactor, the jock (tends to be seen as the false hero) and the villain, as we wanted to follow the codes and conventions. Unfortunately these actors did not get through to star in our trailer.
  3. 3. The cast Here are the final actors that made up our cast. Michael(Villain) – Jake Patel Charlie(Final girl)- Crystal Fletcher Sophie(Promiscuous girl)- Marina Cadete Henry(Jock/false hero) – Mohammed Abaydayah Teacher (benefactor)– Mr Sharp
  4. 4. Michael (The Villain) Out of the other actors we picked ‘Jake’ to portray our killer. Since he has a pale complexion and dark hair, we thought the contrast gives him a mysterious look as an appearance. Our killer is suppose to be an ordinary teenage boy who is mentally unstable, therefore we casted teen additionally we needed an actor to be able to look timid, almost weak just to show how much power ‘Michael’ (the villain) gets when holding the knife. Our villain was very much inspired by two Slasher films, ‘Scream’ and ‘Peeping Tom’. In scream the villain is a teenager within the friendship group consequently having a teen villain would cause discomfort to our target audience as they themselves, are teens. Like peeping Tom our villain records his murders as if it is his hobby. Michael has a enigmatic past, as he moves to a new school after the death of his parents. He also finds comfort in watching Slasher films, as it becomes a obsession Michael tries to mimic the scenes from scream on his own victims.
  5. 5. Charlie (The final girl) We picked ‘Crystal’ to play our final girl as her appearance fit the role of our character as she displays minimal amount of make up and simple hairstyles to present her innocence of the character and to also reinforce the fact that she is very virginal. Although Crystal has platinum blonde hair we thought we could challenge the codes and conventions since in most Slasher films its normally the blonde that dies first as she represents the promiscuous girl. Because our film is modern, we wanted to demonstrate it by altering the codes and conventions as we have the promiscuous girl as a brunette (this is seen to be down in prom night, a modern Slasher film that came out in 2008). The final girl has a uni-sex name as it follows the codes and conventions, this presents her masculine features as well as feminine since we want both male and females to confide in the character. She is not out going, which is presented through what she wears since we’re going to assign our actor to wear a quite plain costume. Charlie was the only character that was polite to the killer as she is an accepting character however as a result Michael(the killer) demonstrated his unhealthy obsession by stalking her. As the film goes on her sensibility and clever thinking is more apparent as she ends up being the stand one standing.
  6. 6. Sophie (The promiscuous girl) Marina was our choice for being the promiscuous girl as we wanted a female who looked overtly feminine and bold. With heavy makeup such as sharp eyeliner, strong coloured lips and styled hair helped convey this. Also the nature of ‘Sophie’ is very out going as she is a flirtatious character amongst boys, however through the film she comes across as ditsy, which elucidates to the audience how she is the opposing character to Crystal’s character, the final girl. We made sure Marina’s character wore colours such as red, black, as it connotes danger and death since she was the first to die in our film.
  7. 7. Henry (The jock) Mohammed was picked to play ‘Henry’ the jock, since the jock needed to display his masculine features such as board shoulders and stubble. In our film the Jock has the least importance is the film( similar to the promiscuous girl). He is seen to be the bravest and the most physically built which why he is seen to attempt to fight back the killer though due to the lack of his intelligence he falls to his death.
  8. 8. Teacher (The benefactor) We casted Mr sharp as our benefactor as in usual Slasher films it is often a much older and more wiser character. Since Mr Sharp wears glasses we thought this would present his wisdom. The benefactor in our film tries to aid the final girl and warn the other teenagers after coming across an essay with a full description of how Sophie was murdered. How Sophie was murdered is confidential within the police force and forensic science team, due Michaels essay sparks the recognition of who the killer could be.