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Network Function Virtualization: Service Quality

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Network Function Virtualization : Service Quality

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Network Function Virtualization: Service Quality

  1. 1. Network Function Virtualisation - Service Quality Metrics Neelima Sharma
  2. 2. The content of this presentation is taken from the ETSI NFV specifications and from various presentations available on internet
  3. 3. What is covered…  Metrics  VNF Design Patterns and Properties  VNF LifeCycle  VNF Fault Management  Functional Requirements  VNF Architecture Design  Relationship to SDN
  4. 4. NFV Service Quality Metrics - Overview  Four suites for NFV Service Quality Metrics  Virtual Machine service quality metrics  Virtual Network service quality metrics  Technology component offered “as-a-service” quality metrics  Orchestration service quality metrics
  5. 5. NFV Service Quality Metrics – High Level Overview of NFVI
  6. 6. NFV Service Quality Metrics - Summary Service Metric Category Speed Accuracy Reliability Orchestration Step 1 (e.g., Resource Allocation, Configuration and Setup) VM Provisioning Latency VM Placement Policy Compliance VM Provisioning Reliability VM Dead-on-Arrival (DOA) Ratio VirtualMachine operation VM Stall (event duration and frequency) VM Scheduling Latency VM Clock Error VM Premature Release Ratio Virtual Network Establishment VN Provisioning Latency VN Diversity Compliance VN Provisioning Reliability Virtual Network operation Packet Delay Packet Delay Variation (Jitter) Delivered Throughput Packet Loss Ratio Network Outage Orchestration Step 2 (e.g., Resource Release) Failed VM Release Ratio Technology Component asa- Service TcaaS Service Latency TcaaS Reliability (e.g.,defective transaction ratio) TcaaS Outage
  7. 7. NFV Service Quality Metrics - Impact on VNF service quality  NFV service quality metrics have impacts on the VNF end user service quality.  Refer to the attached excel sheet with the NFV service quality metrics and it’s impact.
  8. 8. Virtual Machine Service Quality Metrics Virtual Machine LifeCycle
  9. 9. Virtual Machine Service Quality Metrics  VM related NFV service quality metrics when VM enters service  VM Provisioning latency  VM Provisioning Reliability  VM DOA Ratio  VM related NFV service quality metrics when VM becomes available to serve VNF end users  VM stall  VM premature release ratio  VM scheduling latency  VM clock error
  10. 10. Virtual Machine Service Quality Metrics Virtual Machine Quality Metrics
  11. 11. Virtual Machine Service Quality Metrics – VM Stall  No operation can be performed on the application hosted on the stalled VM  All new and queued requests failed to operate impacting end user service  Primary metrics of VM stall impairments :  Duration of the VM stall event  Frequency of VM stall event
  12. 12. Virtual Machine Service Quality Metrics – Premature VM Release Ratio  Premature VM release events include following disorderly release event causes  NFV infrastructure failure event  VM stall events whose duration exceeds the VNF’s maximum acceptable VM stall time  Unavailability or unacceptably poor performance for at least the VNF’s max acceptable VM stall time
  13. 13. Virtual Machine Service Quality Metrics – VM Scheduling latency  Absolute value of difference between when a guest operating system event occurred and when the event actually executed  Primary metrics are  Maximum scheduling latency  Variance scheduling latency
  14. 14. Virtual Machine Service Quality Metrics – VM Clock Error  VNF component reads a real time clock for :  Timestamp billing records  Provisioning or configuration change  Creation or modification of a persistent data record  Record a fault or Alarm event  VM clock error characterizes the difference between the real time presented by the VM instance to the VNF and Universal Time.
  15. 15. Virtual Network Interface Service Quality Metrics  Virtual networking offered by NFVI communicates packets :  Between component instances within a single VNF  Between a VNF’s component instances and technology component used by that component like storage-as-a-service etc..  Between the target VNF and other VNF’s or traditional network elements  Virtual network service quality are :  Packet loss : Rate of packets that either never delivered to the destination or delivered to destination after the VNF’s maximum acceptable packet delay  Packet delay : Elapsed time between a packet being presented to the NFV virtual network from one VNFC’s guest O.S instance to that same packet sent to the destination VNFC’s guest O.S instance  Packet delay variance : Variance in the packet delay  Network outage : Virtual network impairments that persist for longer than VNF’s max acceptable network transient time
  16. 16. Orchestration Service Quality Metrics – Virtual Machine  Virtual machine orchestration are :  VM provisioning latency  VM provisioning reliability  VM Dead on Arrival (DOA)  VM Placement Policy Compliance  Failed VM release ratio
  17. 17. Orchestration Service Quality Metrics – Virtual Network  Virtual machine orchestration are :  VN provisioning latency  VN provisioning reliability  VN diversity compliance
  18. 18. Service Quality Metrics – Recommendation  Measurement of service quality metrics  SQM1: NFV components which implement and deliver the services that are covered by these metrics to VNFs shall support the capability to measure the applicable metrics  SQM2: measurement control and reporting shall be performed through a management system, including the ability to start/stop measurement activity  Service quality metrics are appropriate to use  When defining both service level objectives (SLOs) and service level agreements (SLAs) for NFV infrastructure, management and orchestration services delivered to VNF instances