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100 day loans promo code

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100 day loans promo code

  1. 1. 100100100100 DayDayDayDay LoansLoansLoansLoans ReviewReviewReviewReview100DayLoans100DayLoans100DayLoans100DayLoans Review:Review:Review:Review: SortingSortingSortingSorting ThroughThroughThroughThrough thethethethe ScamScamScamScam ReportsReportsReportsReportsRead our updated Consumer Report: Top 5 Payday Loan Sites Reviewed In-Depth100100100100 DayDayDayDay LoansLoansLoansLoans waswaswaswas thethethethe firstfirstfirstfirst loanloanloanloan providerproviderproviderprovider totototo launchlaunchlaunchlaunch aaaa 100-day100-day100-day100-day repaymentrepaymentrepaymentrepayment period.period.period.period.MostMostMostMost paydaypaydaypaydaypayday lenderslenderslenderslenders requirerequirerequirerequire repaymentrepaymentrepaymentrepayment withinwithinwithinwithin 30303030 days,days,days,days, sosososo thisthisthisthis isisisis aaaa significantsignificantsignificantsignificant helphelphelphelptotototo borrowersborrowersborrowersborrowers whowhowhowho needneedneedneed moremoremoremore timetimetimetime totototo paypaypaypay theirtheirtheirtheir loansloansloansloans back.back.back.back. WeveWeveWeveWeve seeseeseesee aaaa numbernumbernumbernumberscamscamscamscam reportsreportsreportsreports surfacingsurfacingsurfacingsurfacing onononon thethethethe WebWebWebWeb aboutaboutaboutabout 100 Day Loans,,,, sosososo wewewewe decideddecideddecideddecided totototo testtesttesttest outoutoutoutthethethethe sitesitesitesite ourselvesourselvesourselvesourselves andandandand reportreportreportreport ourourourour experiences.experiences.experiences.experiences.WhatWhatWhatWhat youyouyouyou shouldshouldshouldshould knowknowknowknow100 Day Loans is not a loan servicer themselves, but rather works with has hundredsof loan providers who they have pre-qualified to provide loans with 100 dayrepayment terms. They then match you quickly with the best loan provider who canfulfill your loan based on your situation, location and profile.100 Day Loans was founded in 2005 and has been providing matching services forloan providers since then. The companys website receives approximately half amillion visitors per month and is secured with Verisign and Trust-e certifications. Asof this writing, 100 Day Loans is still pending a review and rating by the BetterBusiness Bureau, you can check their site to see if this has been updated,HowHowHowHow longlonglonglong doesdoesdoesdoes thethethethe loanloanloanloan processprocessprocessprocess take?take?take?take?
  2. 2. To apply for a loan, you need to fill out an online form, providing some basicinformation about yourself. Youll need to be employed and have an income of atleast $800 per month in order to qualify. Youll also need a valid US checking accountand be 18 years old. See loan application requirements.Submit a loan applicationHowHowHowHow longlonglonglong untiluntiluntiluntil IIII havehavehavehave accessaccessaccessaccess totototo funds?funds?funds?funds?During our application, we received an instant email confirmation, and then 2 hourslater we were approved with a new loan. After agreeing to accept the new loan, thefunds were deposited into our account within 3 hours.CanCanCanCan IIII applyapplyapplyapply withwithwithwith badbadbadbad credit?credit?credit?credit?100 Day Loans specializes in special credit situations and can absolutely lend toborrowers with credit history problems. Low FICO score or recent bankruptcy aresituations the company can guide you through. Because the default rates are lowerwhen consumers have more time to pay, 100 Day Loans is able to lend to moreconsumers. Even with a less-than-ideal credit score, chances are good that you canget approved with them. Fill out a free application.HowHowHowHow muchmuchmuchmuch cancancancan IIII borrow?borrow?borrow?borrow?You can request a loan of up to $2,000. Most first-time borrowers will qualify for lessthan this. We applied with a FICO score of 550 and received $600. Your loan size willvary based on your specific situation and location.
  3. 3. BetterBetterBetterBetter thanthanthanthan 2-week2-week2-week2-week sitessitessitessitesMost quick loan sites require a payback within 2 weeks. 100 Day Loans is the first tooffer an extended payback period. We think the entire industry will follow soon. Infact, we suspect that many of the scam reports out there are being generated bycompetitive sites who are losing business.Read our updated Consumer Report: Top 5 Payday Loan Sites Reviewed In-Depth