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12 Sites for Tweeters

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12 Sites for Efficient Use of Twitter, with brief descriptions of what the sites are useful for.

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12 Sites for Tweeters

  1. 1. The tools chosen for this workshop 12 Sites have three qualities. They are: 1) Free 2) Easy to use 3) Helpful for using Twitter more Every creatively and efficiently. Tweeter This list is intended to serve as a starting point for advanced use of Twitter. I welcome input in building Should on and improving this guide. Know 10 Twitter Tips: 1) Frequency Matters A Workshop Guide by Jeremy Caplan 2) Timing Matters 3) Include Links Feedback and input is welcome: 4) Add Perspective 5) Be Brief (100 not 140 Cs) 6) Use @Mentions & #Tags 7) Add Multimedia 8) Include Details/Examples 9) RT Fairly 10) Proofread BIT.LY TBUZZ HOOTSUITE Shorten URLs and monitor responses An inbox for RSS Twitter feeds, blog Schedule Tweets and save drafts. and reference to your stories. posts, pictures, videos and other Send to multiple social networks and materials use multiple accounts for each one. URL: Save multiple search views. ALSO TRY:,, URL:, ALSO USEFUL:, URL: ALSO USEFUL:, TWITTER.COM/JEREMYCAPLAN,
  2. 2. FINDING TWEETS, MANAGING TWITTER LINKS, & KEEPING UP TO DATE WEFOLLOW INSTAPAPER ONEFORTY White page for Twitter, organized Save stories from Twitter links for A well-organized directory for the by subject later reading best Twitter tools and apps URL: URL: URL: ALSO TRY:, ALSO TRY:, ALSO TRY:,,, GOOGLE READER FLAVORS.ME TWEETSTATS An inbox for RSS Twitter feeds, blog Create a personalized page drawing Analytics for your Twitter account posts, pictures, videos and other from your Tweets as well as your blog, materials your feeds, your Linkedin Page etc URL: ALSO USEFUL:, URL: URL:,, ALSO USEFUL:, ALSO TRY:,,,,,,, (Chirpstats) nutshellmail, SPEZIFY POST.LY FROM POSTEROUS MUCK RACK Track Your Tracks. Monitor social Add multimedia to Twitter. Journalists on Twitter. Sister sites media references to your work or Automatically posts to Twitter, for finding those in other fields. Facebook, Flickr, etc. Enables group topics you cover. Monitor subjects. Tweeting and crowdsourcing. URL: URL: URL:, Also Try:, Also Try:, ALSO TRY:,,,,, TWITTER.COM/JEREMYCAPLAN