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John Wilpers Poynter Presentation 20100 Pdf

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John Wilpers Poynter Presentation 20100 Pdf

  1. 1. Good afternoon! John Wilpers, Senior Consultant INNOVATION Media Consulting Group 617.688.0137 / Twitter: johnwilpers; Blog:
  2. 2. Presentations should start with something memorable So let’s try this:
  3. 3. I took this this morning on the Pier here... ... But this next slide is probably more memorable
  4. 4. That’s me (the big gal). I’ve played “Mother Ginger” in The Nutcracker in Boston for 15 years.
  5. 5. STRETCHING YOUR NEWS BUDGET WITH OUTSIDE CONTENT SOURCES Becoming the SOURCE of all the best content about your turf, not just the CREATOR of the best content.
  7. 7. MILLIONS OF EXPERTS ARE BLOGGING EXQUISITELY ABOUT THEIR NICHE 1) They are professionals 2) They know more about their niche than your staff writers 3) They can write as well or better than your writers. 4) They can spread the word about you to their hundreds or thousands of followers
  8. 8. WHAT DO READERS WANT? 1) Local Information 2) Information & community around shared interests 3) Variety of viewpoints 4) Chance to participate 5) All the best information in one place to save time
  9. 9. What can newspapers do to OWN their niches and attract, retain, involve, and leverage these new information creators and consumers?
  10. 10. THE ANSWER? No surprise, there is no ONE answer There are lots of answers And most involve “being found”
  11. 11. “BEING FOUND” With thousands of people in your market needing information and asking questions every day, you want to “be found” as: • THE source of local information in as many niches as possible, and • THE place with the answers to as many local questions as possible.
  12. 12. “BEING FOUND” You want to deliver ongoing, useful, valuable information about exactly what readers need exactly when and where they need it.
  13. 13. “BE FOUND” BY BEING “REMARK-ABLE” Deliver content that is so good readers “remark” about it online, causing it to spread virally, attract links, and thus improve your Google rank, making you all the more “findable.” — “Inbound Marketing,” Brian Hallagan/Dharmesh Shah, 2010
  14. 14. HOW DO YOU DELIVER “REMARK-ABLE” CONTENT? You can’t create it all by yourself. You need help. Find people creating high-quality content in the areas you want to “own” and partner with them. Bloggers
  15. 15. BLOGGERS?! OMG! Relax. And let me explain.
  16. 16. THE BLOG FLOW IS NOW A TSUNAMI • Twelve new blogs every minute • More than 100,000 new blogs by day’s end • Nearly 1 million posts/day • 41,600 posts every hour • 700 every minute • 12 every second Technorati, State of the Blogosphere Annual Report, Sept. 2008
  17. 17. BLOGS ARE EVERYWHERE & ARE ACCEPTED • 184 million people worldwide have started a blog • 346 million people worldwide read blogs • 77% of active Internet users read blogs (COMSCORE MEDIA MATRIX/August 2008, eMARKETER/May 2008, UNIVERSAL MCCANN/Mar, ’08)
  18. 18. THEY ARE WRITING ABOUT A WIDE VARIETY OF TOPICS Technorati, State of the Blogosphere Annual Report, Sept. 2008
  19. 19. THEY DO IT FOR LOTS OF REASONS Money is not the top reason, it’s not even in top five! Technorati, State of the Blogosphere Annual Report, Sept. 2008
  20. 20. AND THEY ARE REAPING REWARDS • Becoming semi-famous • Getting promotions • Changing professions • Getting more executive visibility Technorati, State of the Blogosphere Annual Report, Sept. 2008
  21. 21. HARNESS THAT ENERGY & TALENT High-quality local bloggers: A great bet to increase your • REACH • RELEVANCE • REVENUE
  22. 22. SOME DISAGREE One Brazilian newspaper compared local bloggers to monkeys banging on keyboards. It was a funny PR campaign, but it ignored a legion of high-quality local blogs
  23. 23. EVEN IF 50% OF BLOGGERS ARE MONKEYS… That’s still leaves a TON of good LOCAL content that you CURATE to increase your content offerings.
  24. 24. INCREASE REACH AND RELEVANCE With high-quality local bloggers, readers see your paper and website as being created by them and for them.
  25. 25. THE NEWSPAPER MAGIC STILL EXISTS Bloggers are thrilled to be asked to be part of your paper & website:
  26. 26. YOU JUST HEARD POWERFUL, VIRAL, GRASSROOTS MARKETING Word of mouth: the most effective, most trusted means of marketing. Publish local bloggers and unleash a legion of cost-free marketers! Photo by looking4poetry on flicker, CC
  27. 27. YOUR BRAND STILL RESONATES Your brand = the best in information; Extend that brand to blogs & vlogs Be THE source of all the best info in town, even if you don’t create it! Curate and point off Or host the blogs. Who could resist a blog address like:
  28. 28. IT IS A WIN-WIN: You get: • Great web content • Great print content • Increased ad inventory, and • Viral grassroots PR from happy bloggers The bloggers get: • Big-time exposure in your newspaper and on your website • Increased traffic • Increased income • Prestige and fame!
  29. 29. BLOGGERS BRING TRAFFIC, LINKS, INCREASED GOOGLE RANK • The Christian Science Monitor TRIPLED traffic on its Money in just two weeks when it introduced bloggers. • One post, published just after midnight, got 25,000 PVs by noon
  30. 30. BLOGGERS BRING TRAFFIC, LINKS, INCREASED GOOGLE RANK • Almost three- quarters of the more than 100,000 visits to GlobalPost’s outside bloggers were new visits. • Visitors to GlobalPost’s non-staff blogs stayed on site an average 02:49.
  31. 31. BLOGGERS BRING TRAFFIC • BostonNOW hosted 3,900 bloggers; 900 of whom posted regularly • Four of the top 13 page view URLs were blogs or the blog home page • Our longest time on a page was a blog • Our highest unique page view page was a blog
  32. 32. BLOGGERS BRING TRAFFIC • Between 12-20% of BostonNOW’s site traffic was to blogs; much of the classic “long tail” variety • In less than 12 months, we attracted 773,000 unique visitors to a completely new product with no promotional budget
  33. 33. blank 5 free papers, all the same -- but we, YOU GET RESULTS! BostonNOW (the top line), had bloggers! Paper closed April 2008 BostonNOW Launch dates: MetroBoston (’00) Denver (‘01) Dallas (’03) TampaBay (’06) BostonNOW (‘07)
  34. 34. SO, WHAT’S ONE OF THE BEST STRATEGIES TO ACHIEVE YOUR MISSION? After the previous 30 slides, do you really need time to think about that?
  35. 35. ANSWER: HIGH-QUALITY BLOGS USED STRATEGICALLY Vetted blogs written by experts in their niches. Blogs covering every niche you want to own. Published on your website, AND in your paper. In the theme-appropriate section, NOT in a “blogger ghetto”
  36. 36. THAT’S ALL VERY COOL, JOHN But show us the MONEY
  37. 37. EXAMPLES OF SALES RESULTS • After the Christian Science Monitor’s success with our economy blogs, Smuckers signed up to sponsor the food blogs a month BEFORE we launched. • BostonNOW did a $90,000 deal with a large regional bank mixing web and print budget to reach young college grads with text and video content, and banners
  38. 38. BUT EDITORS ARE NERVOUS Are we risking our hard-earned credibility opening our pages to outsiders? O! N ou are still Y the gatekeeper. Don’t publish ALL the blogs, only the BEST blogs. Photo by CayUSA on flickr/CC
  39. 39. THEY WORRY ABOUT THE UNKNOWN How can I take responsibility for authors and content I know nothing about? EASY! ou vet them like you Y would any columnist or freelancer… And pull them if they err. Photo by SarahFelicity on flickr/CC
  40. 40. THEY WORRY ABOUT PROFESSIONALISM Don't you see any difference between blogs by journalists and by readers? ABSOLUTELY! Reporters are trained to collect and check facts; bloggers aren’t. While many bloggers are excellent, you should brand them graphically to make the distinction. Photo by Reinvented on flickr/CC
  41. 41. THEY FEAR NEFARIOUS ULTERIOR MOTIVES Isn’t it just a clever way for publishers to cut costs? NO! Most bloggers are not reporters. We still need reporters Bloggers are an addition to your local news products. Photo by St Stev on flickr/CC
  42. 42. THEY WORRY ABOUT THE FUTURE Will community bloggers will be willing to produce their content for free in the future? ES Y Traffic, exposure, and brand extension are currently more valuable than a Photo by Red5StandingBy on flickr/CC freelance check.
  43. 43. THE ALTERNATIVE? Do nothing and the competition will eat your lunch “Newspapers are going to see the relentless emergence of new forms of media that might not even be … positioned as competition, but which have the potential to siphon off audience.” — Andrew Nachison, Co-founder iFOCOS, a media think tank
  44. 44. A NEW VISION: INCLUSION "Stop pretending your organization is an oracle. It's not. You don't know everything, and even if you did, you couldn't publish as much as you'd like to. Pointing to outside sources of information — especially local blogs and other media — is a great start …
  45. 45. A NEW VISION: CREATING TOGETHER “… It does not mean that you endorse what these folks are saying or vouch for it, but it does mean that you recognize that others in your community are creating media with at least some information other people might want to see." Dan Gillmor, Director, Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship, Arizona State Univ.
  46. 46. SO, THE KEY TO SURVIVING AND THRIVING? BE FOUND! You canʼt be found if youʼre not REMARK-ABLE If you ARE remark-able, youʼll spread. If you spread, youʼll rise in Google ranking, authority If you rise, youʼll be found more often and youʼll increasingly own your market, and the future will look a LOT brighter than it does today...
  47. 47. BOTTOM LINE? High-quality non-staff blogs can help you succeed in, many, many ways. For free...... TODAY
  48. 48. Thank you! Now go home and find some great bloggers John Wilpers, Senior Consultant INNOVATION Media Consulting Group 617.688.0137 / blank Twitter: johnwilpers; Blog: