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The Art of the Pitch

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To pitch an idea effectively, you have to pique curiosity, clarify an idea and inspire action. These slides accompany a presentation focused on specific, effective ways to do so.

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The Art of the Pitch

  1. 1. by @jeremycaplan
  2. 2. About Me Jeremy Caplan @jeremycaplan 2
  3. 3. Games 3
  4. 4. The 10 Slide Approach 14
  5. 5. The 7 Question Approach 25
  6. 6. The 7 Launch Questions WHAT IS IT? What is the primary product/service? Who is its audience? What is a specific example of something the enterprise would do/cover/make/produce? WHAT PROBLEM ARE YOU SOLVING? In what way(s) will this product/service address unmet needs? What is new about this, why will people care about this, and what will this product/service add that is not already out there? REVENUE? What are the key sources of revenue for this enterprise? Are you depending on advertising, circulation, or other streams of money? Who will pay for this product/service/offering? What is the basis for your expectations? COSTS? What expenses will your idea entail? What do you estimate it will cost to produce the product or to serve your audience/clients? In what ways might the costs change over time? ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE? Who will produce this product/service, and how will the labor be organized? What is the general structure of the organization? OBSTACLES? What are some of the challenges you expect this enterprise will face? If it were to fail, what would be the likely reasons? Who are some of the potential competitors? What about opponents of the idea, or potential rivals? NEXT STEPS? What are the next steps that would be required to get this off the ground, and how would this be accomplished? 26
  7. 7. PRINCIPLE 1 PRINCIPLE 2 PRINCIPLE 3 PRINCIPLE 4 PRINCIPLE 5 PRINCIPLE 6 SIMPLE UNEXPECTED CONCRETE CREDIBLE EMOTIONAL STORIES 27 © 2008 by Chip and Dan Heath. All rights reserved. Do not replicate without written permission.
  8. 8. Questions/Comments Jeremy Caplan @jeremycaplan Director of Education Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism CUNY Graduate School of Journalism 28