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Virtual Worlds in Education ... why?

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A presentation to the Information Studies department in the University of Sheffield, in the spring of 2009.

Publicado en: Educación, Tecnología, Deportes
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Virtual Worlds in Education ... why?

  1. 1. Virtual worlds in education ... why? Department of Information Studies Sheffield UniversityPaolo Margari
  3. 3. MY EPIPHANYBefore: “This looks like areally crap video game.Why is it so popular?”During: “Oh. I can do whatI want. And these are realpeople, makinginformation available.”After: “Ah. It’s people andinformation, and what youmake of it.” Roo Reynolds
  4. 4. VWW: VIRTUAL WORLD WATCH“Snapshots” of who is usingvirtual worlds, and how, in UKuniversities and colleges.Unexpectedly large numbers ofdownloads.Funded by Eduserv from 2007to about Roo Reynolds
  6. 6. THE DEATH OF TRAVEL TO LEARN? Quoting Martin Bean, Vice-Chancellor, Open University
  7. 7. John Kirriemuir
  8. 8. BUILD WHAT YOU NEED... PF Anderson
  9. 9. MIX UP YOUR MEDIA N Speller
  10. 10. ...INCREASINGLY, ANY MEDIA Annabeth Robinson
  11. 11. BLEED IN GEO-STUFF, MAPS DadenMedia
  13. 13. CURRENT STATE OF PLAY• 90%+ of UK academics who use VWs use Second Life.• (new) Every UK university has done something in VWs.• Activity in UK colleges much patchier.• Some, but not much, overlap with academic communities who use other technologies e.g. Blackboard, digital games.• Steadily growing research base of materials.• Difficulty in quickly/simply showing benefits of virtual worlds to colleagues, students, noobs underlying problem.
  14. 14. MAIN SUBJECT AREAS OF VW USE Health and medicine. Art and fashion. Nursing training. Legal training. Midwifery. Theatre and drama. Health and safety training. Computer science programming. Physics simulations e.g. wind turbines. Crime scene training. Information science theory. Languages, esp. Spanish.
  15. 15. PHYSICS SGVW Team, University of Ulster
  16. 16. MIDWIFERY Kate Boardman
  17. 17. MECHANICS AND HISTORY Kate Boardman
  18. 18. MICRO LEVEL STUFF Hiro Sheridan
  19. 19. SIMULATION (QUARRY) University of Derby / Institute of Quarrying
  21. 21. SECOND LIFE: EMBRACE OR AVOID? “It’s easy to use.” “It’s hard to use.” “There’s loads of free stuff “Bloody expensive to get a in there already.” decent chunk of land.” “There’s lots of other “Academics I know have academics in my subject been scared off it because area using it.” of newspaper stories.” “Been around for many “Every week a VW seems to years, so looks solid.” fold; is Second Life next?”
  22. 22. “IT’S JUST A GAME!”Things wrong with this:1. It isn’t (what’s the game objective if it is?). You don’t understand what a game is.2.What’s wrong with games anyway?3.Some games used in teaching and learning.4.Psychological limitations: fun is dangerous, not useful?
  23. 23. WTF IS GOING ON?!! Bettina Tizzy
  24. 24. FINDING ‘STUFF’ IS HARDMillions of people usevirtual worlds.There are many virtualworlds.Search facilities range frombasic to non-existent.“Stuff” is inconsistentlylabelled.There is no ‘google’. John Kirriemuir
  25. 25. “THERE’S NO-ONE HERE.” UM, SO?
  26. 26. OH NO! SOMETHING BAD! “The Internet is bad.” “If you go online you will immediately encounter sex, nudity, perversion, wherever you go.” “University students must be kept away from it.”(Rather than teach them how todeal with it in all forms of life). Sari Choche
  27. 27. TECH SUPPORT SAY “NO.”
  28. 28. ACADEMIC SAYS NO“I don’t have the time tolearn new stuff.”“What I use works fine forme.”“I’m retiring soon so it’snot worth it.”“It’ll never catch on.”“In my day...” Pelican
  29. 29. NOW YOUR TURN (IF YOU WANT)Go into Second Life with a purpose. An event, a groupmeeting, a specific list of locations to explore.Allow an hour (yes, 60 minutes of your life) to edit youravatar and get used to flying around.Try all forms of communication.Trying clicking on interesting stuff to see what happens.Do physical stuff; ride a fairwheel, go skydiving, drop in at apub, go disco dancing, try on some free costumes.