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Chapter 3.7

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Chapter 3.7

  1. 1. “Welcome to Anya Cham!” greeted Jill cheerfully. Laura Lynn was finally moving into the Greek house, after spending the first part of the semester on campus. “Thanks! I’m glad to be here.” While Laura Lynn had enjoyed living in a dorm for the most part, they sometimes got a little too noisy for her. She was glad to finally get some peace and quite – at least until her parade of younger brothers and sisters arrived at the Greek house. “So are you ready for the tour?”
  2. 2. Jill took her around the small house, showing her where everything was located. They finished in the kitchen, and sat down to discuss the renovations. “I talked with Aunt March and they agree that the Greek house needs to be expanded. We’ll have up to eight people living here this semester, and there’s only enough beds for four.” “Okay. Awesome. What do we need to do?”
  3. 3. Laura Lynn outlined what they needed to expand for the Greek house. They planned to expand the downstairs in addition to adding more bedrooms upstairs. “That sounds great!” Jill exclaimed. “But I have one request: color! These white walls are so drab; we need more color in the house.” Laura Lynn laughed. “I’m pretty sure my Dad was in charge of the renovations last generation, so it’s not a wonder that it’s so plain. This house for sure needs some color."
  4. 4. “Alright, I think that wraps up this meeting. I’ll call and get this renovation started.”
  5. 5. “What do you think?” Laura Lynn asked when the expansions were done. She and Jill surveyed their new living room. The upstairs had been expanded to include five bedrooms to sleep eight people. Downstairs, the living room had been expanded and a dining room and study were added.
  6. 6. “It’s perfect!” Jill exclaimed. “The house looks so much better! But there is still one more think we need to make-over.” Laura Lynn gave a curiously glance to her new friend. “What?” “Me. I’m tired of wearing my cheerleading outfit all the time. Let’s go shopping!”
  7. 7. After dragging Laura Lynn to every store in the mall, Jill finally settled on an outfit. They also stopped by a salon, where the hairdresser fixed Jill’s hair different. “So?” asked Jill. “You look great, Jill. That outfit suits you perfectly.” “I know, right!”
  8. 8. Jill bounced back and threw herself onto the bed. “So, I’ve been thinking. Now that the house is done, we need to throw a huge party.” “Sorry, I can’t.” “Come on, Laura Lynn. I know you don’t have homework because you’ve spent practically the whole day studying and you’ll have perfect grades as always. This will be a lot of fun!”
  9. 9. Laura Lynn gracefully lay on the other bed. “Homework’s not the reason I can’t throw a party tonight. It’s my little sister’s birthday party tonight. I have to go.” Jill frowned. “Oh. Well, I guess I’ll just hang out here all by my lonesome self then.” “Are you sure? Because I was going to invite you to come with me.”
  10. 10. Jill sat up quickly, “Really? I’d love to come. This is going to be so awesome!” Laura Lynn stood up, smoothing out the wrinkles on the bed. “Come on, Miss Awesome, we need to leave soon if we’re going to make it to the party in time.”
  11. 11. Later that night, a newly grown toddler sat and giggled while her huge family gathered around and watched. Annabelle clearly loved the attention. Her mom was about to take her to eat when they heard a noise at the front door.
  12. 12. “We’re here!” Laura Lynn suddenly announced as she walked in the door. “Sorry we’re late; our cab got stuck in traffic.”
  13. 13. Laura Lynn went into the living room and picked up her youngest sister. “Look at you, Missy. You’re growing up so fast.” “Me grow!” announced Annie, a look of delight permanently attached to her face. “You’re here!” said Shelby as she and her twin surrounded Laura Lynn. “We’ve got so much to tell you!” added Savannah.
  14. 14. After Annie tired out, Laura Lynn, Jill, and the twins headed downstairs to play some cards. Laura Lynn shuffled and dealt the cards, the asked her sisters, “So what did you want to tell me, girls?” Shelby started to say something, but was suddenly interrupted.
  15. 15. “A couple of my paintings are going to be featured in the school art show!” blurted out Savannah. “Savannah, that’s so great! I can’t wait to see them.” Even though she was in college, Laura Lynn tried to stay involved in her siblings lives. “When is the show?” “A week from tomorrow!” “I’ll be there.” Laura Lynn then turned to Shelby. “What were you saying?”
  16. 16. “Oh, it’s really nothing. I was just thinking about trying out for the cheerleading squad.” “Shelby, that’s wonderful,” Laura Lynn replied. “I always thought you would make a great cheerleader. When are the tryouts?” “Tomorrow afternoon,” Shelby answered sheepishly.
  17. 17. “Hey, I have a great idea!” Laura Lynn suddenly said. “Jill should give you some tips. She’s on the cheer squad at Sim State!” “Yeah!” Jill replied enthusiastically. “I’d love to give you some tips.” “I wouldn’t want to give you any trouble, Jill,” said Shelby.
  18. 18. “It’s no trouble at all! In fact, why don’t we go right now?” “Really?” “Yeah, your backyard should be lit enough fro us to use.” “I’d like that.”
  19. 19. “Have fun!” said Savannah. “Okay, so here’s the first thing you have to remember….” started Jill as the two walked away.
  20. 20. Jill was coming back in from helping Shelby when she bumped into Cole. “Oh, sorry!” she exclaimed. “I wasn’t watching where I was going. I swear, I’m not usually this clumsy.”
  21. 21. Cole grinned at Jill. He’d been waiting for the perfect time to try to his new lines. “I hope there’s a fireman around because you’re smokin’!” Jill rolled her eyes. “Are you seriously trying to pick me up with that line?” “Maybe. Did it work?” Jill sighed.
  22. 22. “Look, Cole. You’re sweet but you’re still in high school. And besides, your sister told me how much of a player you are. I would never, in a million years, go out with you.”
  23. 23. “Goodbye, Cole.” Jill turned around to walk inside. As Cole watched her go, Cole just stared at her. She had rejected him. No one had ever turned him down before. This was war.
  24. 24. The part wrapped up and Laura Lynn and Jill called a taxi to take them back to campus. “Thank you for inviting me. This was so much fun. I wish I had a big family like yours.” Laura Lynn nodded. She knew she was lucky.
  25. 25. Later that week, Luke wandered into the study to find his Mom practicing chess. This was his chance to make his request. It was now or never. “Can I talk to you?” Luke asked her. March looked up and smiled at her son. “Sure. Have a seat.” She moved her pieces back and got the extra set out.
  26. 26. Luke sat down and stared at the game board. They started the game silently, each moving pieces around, until Luke finally spoke up. “So I’ve been thinking,” he started. “I think we should get a dog.” March looked at her son in surprise. She never expected him to ask that. “Go on,” she told him.
  27. 27. “Kaitlyn’s been going through a really tough time and I think a dog would be good for her. It would be something she could care and nurture for, but it would also help protect her, so maybe should would feel less afraid.”
  28. 28. “I don’t know Luke. A dog is a big commitment for the family.” “Please? It would be really good for her.” March contemplated his words. She didn’t want to spoil Kaitlyn, but what Luke was saying did make a lot of sense. “Okay. Let me talk it over with your father and we’ll make a decision.”
  29. 29. Later that day, Kaitlyn stared intently at her toy stove. She had been practicing her cooking, so she could make cake for herself, but so far it had been harder than she thought. She was gonna get it right this time.
  30. 30. Kaitlyn opened the door slowly and a big puff of smoke came out at her. She coughed and batted the smoke away from her face. Another failed muffin. This was not going well.
  31. 31. She pulled the muffin out of the stove and was thinking ‘bout what to do next when her mother came up behind her. “We’re having a family meeting downstairs in five minutes, Kaitlyn. You can come back to your muffin later.” Kaitlyn turned toward March. “I am in trouble, Mommy?” “Of course not. It’s nothing like that. I think you’ll like the news.”
  32. 32. Once everyone was seated at the dining room table, March spoke up. “After having talked it over with your father, at Luke’s request, we’re going to be getting a dog for Kaitlyn.”
  33. 33. “We’re getting a doggie?” Kaitlyn’s face lit up. “What kind of doggie? When are we getting it? Can it live in my bedroom?” “I’ve already contacted the humane society and the suggested a dog for us to adopt. I’m going to pick it up in the morning.” She and John agreed that adopting a pet from the human society would be better than buying one, for it would give an unwanted pet a home.”
  34. 34. “This is awesome!” April said. “Luke and I will totally help take care of it.” Luke sat silently, watching his little sister. He was glad to see her smile for once. He hated that she had to go through so much.
  35. 35. The next morning, Kaitlyn watched patiently from April’s window while her mom went to pick up the animal. Finally, after what felt like ages, the family car returned.
  36. 36. Kaitlyn ran down stairs as fast as she could and found her mom holding a tiny black pup. “Kaitlyn, I’d like you to meet Baxter.” “Can I hold him? Can I hold him?” Kaitlyn asked impatiently. “Sure. Just be careful.”
  37. 37. March sat the pup on the floor and Kaitlyn walked up to him slowly. “It’s okay Baxter, my name is Kaitlyn.” She petted him for a few moments before he relaxed and she picked him up.
  38. 38. Kaitlin carried Baxter up to her room and hugged him tightly. “I’m so glad you’re here, Baxter. We’re going to be best friends forever.”
  39. 39. Later that week, April headed to the Library looking for her brother.
  40. 40. “Luke?” she called out, as she walked in. It wasn’t until she heard a voice from across the room that she realized she was in trouble. “Miss Time! Please keep you’re voice down. Students are trying to study!”
  41. 41. April turned around to find the librarian staring sternly at her. “You’ve normally a good student, Miss Time. I would hate to have to give you a detention. “Sorry, Mrs. Parker. It won’t happen again.” “I’ll let you off with a warning this time, but next time it happens expect double detention.”
  42. 42. That was a close one, April thought as she walked away. She normally tried to be on her best behavior when she was in the library, to avoid the wrath of Mrs. Parker, but she hadn’t been thinking today. April continued to look around the library for her brother.
  43. 43. “Luke?” she whispered as she rounded the next corner, expecting to see her brother. But instead, she found Dawson, a friend of her brother, and a pile of books. “Oh, sorry,” she whispered. “I was looking for Luke.” She turned to leave when she heard a voice behind her.
  44. 44. “Wait! Don’t go. I was um,” Dawson stammered. “I was um, wondering if you wantedtogoout with me.” Wow, she was totally not expecting that. “Not that you have to. I mean, I totally understand if you don’t want to because I mean, you hardly know me but I really like and I think you’re cute and, and I’m gonna shut up and stop talking now.”
  45. 45. April smiled. His nervousness was kind of cute. She had generally made it a rule not to date any of her brother’s friends, but one date couldn’t hurt. “Sure, why not?”
  46. 46. “So I uh, guess I’ll pick up at seven then?” “I’ll see you then.”
  47. 47. April smiled as she turned away. As much as she didn’t want to admit it to herself, she was actually looking forward to the date.
  48. 48. When April got home, she found her mother in the room they had recently renovated into a music room. “I need to talk to you,” she told March, but the music was too loud. “WHAT?” Marched yelled loudly over the music. “I NEED TO TALK TO YOU!” “Oh, Sorry.” March stopped playing.
  49. 49. March put the guitar back on it’s stand. “You should try out this new guitar we bought! It’s awesome.” “I’d love to. I’ve been wanting to learn how to play an instrument.” “What did you need to talk to me about?” “Not much. Luke’s friend, Dawson, asked me out on a date and I was wondering if I could go.”
  50. 50. “I don’t see why not,” replied March. “Just make sure you don’t stay out too late.” “We won’t. Also, I was wondering if I could by a new outfit for the date.” “Sure. Anything else?” April grinned, slowly strumming the strings on the guitar. “Can I take the convertible?”
  51. 51. After she handed over the keys to the care to her very excited daughter, March wandered into her bedroom to find John. “Is everything okay?” “April’s going out on a date tonight, with Luke’s friend, Dawson.” “He’s a nice boy, he’ll take good care of her.”
  52. 52. I know. I just wish she wasn’t growing up so fast. Before we know it, she’ll be off to college and Kaitlin will be a teenager, and you know what will happen then.” “The girls are going to grow up whether we like it or not. We can’t protect them forever. April can take care of herself. And Kaitlyn is just a child. We have time before we need to worry about her.”
  53. 53. “I know. I just worry so much that the decision I made will end up hurting Kaitlin, or worse, costing her life. I was so sure at the time that I made the right decision, and I know if I hadn’t, then Payton wouldn’t be alive today. But I find myself doubting that decision more and more every moment. I just hate to see her hurting like this.”
  54. 54. “Stop.” John pulled his wife into his arms. “Stop worrying, honey. Everything will work out. April’s a strong girl. She’s not the type to let herself get hurt by a guy. She can take care of herself. And as for Kaitlyn, we’ll just have to trust that she’ll be okay.” John slowly kissed March slowly. “How did I get so lucky to have you as a wife.” March smiled. “I’m the lucky one. I’m so blessed to have you by my side, John Time.”
  55. 55. April took her mother’s convertible and picked up her cousins from the school. Shelby had just finished cheer practice, having made the team the a few days earlier. The girls headed to H&M, and began scouring the store for the right dress.
  56. 56. April wandered around, collecting outfits to try. When she finally found enough, she headed to the dressing room.
  57. 57. April emerged from the dressing room wearing the first outfit. “Well, what do you think?” April could tell from the look on her cousins’ faces that it wasn’t good.
  58. 58. “Well,” Brianna said. “It’s a little too…business-y.” “Yeah. You should look hot on your first date,” Savannah added. April shrugged and headed back to the dressing room.
  59. 59. The next dress April came out in was a long flowing gown. “Well you do look hot,” Shelby told her. “But we think it’s a little much for a first date.”
  60. 60. The girls just laughed when April came out in the next dress. “What?” she exclaimed. “On the hanger it didn’t seem so….frilly.” “Next!” they all chorused.
  61. 61. Again and again April came out ina new outfit and again and again her cousins found a reason it wasn’t right. Finally, April couldn’t take it anymore.
  62. 62. “I’m never going find an outfit for tonight!” she said in anger. “This is no use.” “April, come here, commanded Brianna. “Why?” April snapped. Brianna stood her ground. “Come here.”
  63. 63. April approached Brianna, still pouting. “Look at yourself in the mirror. This dress just isn’t you. You haven’t smiled at any of the dresses you’ve tried on. You’ll know when you’ve found the right dress. Come on, let’s go look for more outfits.” April nodded and followed her. Deep down, she knew her best friend was right. None of the previous outfits had been right for her.
  64. 64. “I don’t know why I’m so upset. It’s just a date with one of my brother’s friends.” “So why are you going out with the guy? I thought you said you’d never date one of your brother’s friends. “ “Honestly?” April said as she flipped through the hangers. “I have no idea. He asked me out of nowhere, but he was all nervous, and it was kind of cute, so I didn’t want to say no.
  65. 65. “Hey,” April said as she pulled out a dress. What about this one?” “Sure. Try it on. Let’s see how it looks.”
  66. 66. April knew as she stepped out of the dressing wearing the dress that it was the right one. “I think this is it!”
  67. 67. April headed over to mirror to look at herself. The dress hung in all the right places and the color complemented her eyes. “You look amazing!” said Shelby. The other two agreed. “It’s settled then,” stated Brianna. “You are buying this dress.”
  68. 68. April took the dress to the counter and checked out. “Big date tonight?” the clerk asked. April shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe.” She was not to make a big deal about the date, but it wasn’t working. The butterflies in her stomach just wouldn’t go away.
  69. 69. April didn’t know why she was nervous. But as the clock approached seven, she found herself pacing back and forth. She stopped, trying to calm herself and heard a voice from behind.
  70. 70. “March, honey, stop worrying.” April turned around to find February behind her. “Hi, Grandma.” “You know. I remember my first date with Zai. I was so nervous. But it turned out that he was just as nervous as I was. And everything went fine. There was nothing to worry about.”
  71. 71. February pulled April into a hug and the doorbell rang. “I love you, child. Go have fun on your date.”
  72. 72. April stepped out onto the porch and greeted Dawson. “Hi.” A cool fall breeze blew gently through the air and fireflies danced around them. “You look beautiful,” Dawson told her. “Are you ready to go?” “Yes,” replied April. Maybe this date wouldn’t be so bad after all.
  73. 73. To her surprise, Dawson took her to one of the local parks. The park was commonly used for fishing. As they walked around the pond, they passed a father and son relaxing after a long day of catching bass.
  74. 74. As the arrived at the final destination at the other side of the pond, April dropped down on her knees. Dawson had set up a blanket picnic complete with a lantern and a mug of hot chocolate to keep them warm. Dawson knelt down by her side. “Do you like it?” he asked shyly. “Like it? I love it. This is amazing, Dawson.”
  75. 75. Dawson brought out the food, and two ended up talking for hours, long after the food and hot chocolate were gone.
  76. 76. “We swam until we were so cold it was starting to hurt. And then we ran as fast as we could back into the house and hopped into the warm showers. I still to this day do not know how Mom, Dad, and Grandma, didn’t hear us come thundering inside, but they never said anything about it, so I always assumed we weren’t discovered.” April was telling the story of the night she and Luke had taken Kaitlyn swimming. “That sounds like so much fun,” said Dawson. “I wish I had brothers and sisters like you did.”
  77. 77. “You haven’t said much about your family,” April commented. “There’s not much to tell. I didn’t really know my mom and dad. It’s been just me as long as I can remember.” “You must be pretty lonely. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my family.”
  78. 78. Dawson shrugged. “It’s not to bad. You get used to it after awhile. But I decided a long time ago that I want a big family. I want lots of kids and to be the kind of Dad that I always wanted.” Dawson decided to changed the subject. “So tell me more about your little sister.”
  79. 79. April looked down sadly. “Kaitlin has a lot to bear for a little girl. Because of a decision made before she was born, she’ll receive a responsibility when she’s a teenager that she’s not ready for. I feel like I should protect her as her older sister and as the heir to the legacy, but I don’t know what I can do.” “Hey, cheer up. I’m sure your sister knows how much you love her.”
  80. 80. Dawson reached over to tickle her to lighten the mood. “Oh, you asked for it,” exclaimed April as she tried to get him back, but Dawson took off running.
  81. 81. April sprinted after him, wishing she hadn’t worn high heels.
  82. 82. Dawson didn’t run too fast, and April caught up with him at the trail. April tickled him back, and the two laughed until they felt their insides were about to burst.
  83. 83. Suddenly, the air between them changed. Dawson reached up a brushed a hair from April’s faced. He looked like he was about to kiss her, but she pulled back. “I should probably go,” said April. “My parents didn’t want me out to late.” “Okay, I’ll take you home.”
  84. 84. Dawson drove April back home, and he walked her up the steps to say goodnight.
  85. 85. “Thank you for the date, Dawson. I had a lot of fun.” “It was my pleasure.”
  86. 86. Before she could hesitate, Dawson pulled her into a kiss. It was sweet, but short, and he pulled away quickly. “Goodnight, April,” he said as she walked away.
  87. 87. April was savoring the memory of her first kiss when her mom walked into the room. “How did your date go?”
  88. 88. April grinned. “It was good. He’s really nice, Mom.” April had more fun on the date than she had in a long time. She could feel her defenses slipping away. “Sounds like you had fun.” “I did.”
  89. 89. March pulled her daughter into a hug. “I’m glad enjoyed it, baby girl. Just make sure to always be careful. Now go get some sleep.” “I will.” April turned out the light and crawled into bed. She was sleep before her head hit the pillow.
  90. 90. It was the middle of the night, but Traviata didn’t care. This was when she did her best work. She had spent several weeks researching the suggestion Amanda had made, and had finally found the right book. Now she sat flipping through every page studying the material. Finally, she flipped back to the page she needed and began to read the first instructions.
  91. 91. April picked the required ingredient from her workbench and poured it into the cauldron. After adding a few more ingredients, she began to stir.
  92. 92. The potion would be tricky, and would require a while to make. Especially to get the last three ingredients. But once it was finished, she would have everything she so rightfully deserved.
  93. 93. Bright and early the next morning, all of generation four, save Laura Lynn, gathered at the Time household. It was April’s idea to have a cousins day. Kaitlyn had been asking to play with Logan, Jacob, and the triplets, and April wanted to tell Brianna and the twins about her date the day before. She had just arrived to the part at her front door. “And finally, when he dropped me off, he leaned in and kissed me.”
  94. 94. “April, that’s so romantic!” Shelby exclaimed. “What did it feel like, getting your first kiss?” “It was amazing,” was all April could say to describe it. Shelby sighed. “I wish I would have my first kiss soon.” “You will soon enough, Shelby,” April assured her cousin. “Don’t rush into anything.”
  95. 95. April looked across the room at the guys. They had been talking by the pool table while April shared her story, but now it was time for them to all do something together. She would not let this family become segregated over a little feud.
  96. 96. “Alright, everyone,” she announced as she stood up. “We’re going to have a pool tournament. Winner gets to ride with me in Mom’s convertible to school on Monday. It will be single elimination, and Brianna and I will start.”
  97. 97. The two grabbed pool sticks and started the first game. The rest of the teenagers gathered around to watch. The game was on.
  98. 98. April should have known it would come down Savannah and Luke. The two were very competitive and won every game they played. The game against them was close, neither was ever more than a ball ahead. It eventually came down to the eight ball.
  99. 99. After Savannah missed, Luke took his turn. He lined up his cue and thrust it forward. The cue ball connected solidly with the eight ball, and sent it across the table. It landed with a thunk in the corner hole.
  100. 100. Luke leaned back and grinned, savoring his success. “That’s how you win a pool tournament,” he said. His words set Savannah off.
  101. 101. “You just won because you broke my concentration on my shot,” she accused him. “You’re just a lousy cheater!” “I won fair a square and you know it!” “Just stop it guys!” April shouted. “All I wanted was the family to spend some quality time together, but you guys couldn’t go one day without fighting. I’m sick and tired of this.”
  102. 102. “Savannah, I think you should go home,” April told her cousin. “And Luke,” she added, “You should probably go to your room.” “Why do I have to go?” Savannah whined. “He’s the one who cheated.” “Well you’re both acting like little kids right now. Go now, both of you.”
  103. 103. “Is everything okay?” March said as she came running into the living room. “I heard shouting.” “Everything’s fine now, Mom. I handled it.”
  104. 104. Outside, completely oblivious to the teenage drama outside, the kids played on the playground. “Hey! I can see my house from here,” Jackson called out. “Come on, Levi. You have to see this!”
  105. 105. “I’m coming!” Levi called back as he quickly climbed into the fortress. “Being up here makes me feel like a princess,” said Kaitlyn as she looked out over the neighborhood.
  106. 106. Jacob’s head popped up as he reached the top of the fort. “If you get to be a princess, then I want to be a king!” “We want to be knights!” Levi and Jackson said in unison.
  107. 107. “Hey, will someone play one the merry-go-round with me?” asked Logan. “I will!” called out Kaitlyn. “I’ll be there in a second!”
  108. 108. Kaitlin slid down the pole to the ground. As soon as she landed, a furry creature passed in front of her. Her face lit up. “Baxter!” she exclaimed. “Come play with us!”
  109. 109. Kaitlin ran over to the canine, who had recently grown into an adult dog. “You’re such a good boy!” she said as she petted him on the head. “Come on, let’s go play.”
  110. 110. Thank you for reading this. I’m sorry the updates are so slow, but I do the best I can. College is crazy and I take heavy loads each semester, so I don’t have the time I’d like to sim. However, the semester will be over soon and I’m planning to release an update over Christmas break. My goal is to make the updates shorter so I can release them more often. I have a huge plot planned that will play out while generation four is in college, so I’d like to get to that soon. Until next time, have another picture of the youngest of generation four: And as always, thanks so much to The Sims Writers Guild for supporting me. Check them out at