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Marketing strategies for Kerala Tourism

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Case Study on Marketing Strategies Kerala Tourism,
SWOT Analysis of Kerala Tourism,
Tourist Information Centers in Kerala as Tourist Destination.

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Marketing strategies for Kerala Tourism

  1. 1. Archana Ajith* - 11501926 To, Tushar Yadav - 11501869 Mr. Vinay Sir Sameer Sinha - 11502747 Faculty (LPU)
  2. 2. KERALA  Capital :Thiruvananthapuram  Districts :14  Official Language: Malayalam Kerala is a state on the Malabar Coast of southwestern India. It is one of four states that compose the linguistic-cultural region known as South India. Kerala is sandwiched between the Lakshadweep Sea and the Western Ghats, is a narrow, fertile strip of land on the southwest coast of India. The landscape of Kerala is a gift of the sea and the mountains.
  3. 3. CASE STUDY  One of the favourite destinations for tourist both national and international.  UK, FRANCE, GERMANY, US are the some countries which visited mostly.  Kerala become “50 must see places in lifetime to visit” by National Geographic Travel 2004.  Awarded “SUPER BRAND AWARD” for 101 strongest brand in India by Super Brands India in the year 2007.  Major attraction – beaches, backwater, boat race, hill stations, wildlife, Ayurveda and culture.  Bagged several awards both national and international levels.
  4. 4. Tourism has contributed almost 8% of the total employment directly and indirectly. Most important turning point of Kerala tourism was private-public partnership to promote tourism. 'Most Outstanding Marketing Campaign Award’ for 2014 instituted by the Travel and Hospitality magazine.
  5. 5. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths State is well known for smooth law and order. One of the 10 paradise and 50 places to be visited in lifetime by NG traveller. High life expectancy. Excellent quality of life Eco-tourism initiatives. Innovative branding and positioning. Variety of product and services.
  6. 6. Weaknesses  Inadequate infrastructure to match expectation.  Restrictive coastal regulation zone.  Lack of efficient waste management system.  Shortage of funds for tourism expansion.  Exploitation of tourists (overcharging for services).
  7. 7. Opportunities Lots of unused prospective on heritage tourism, medical tourism and pilgrimage tourism. Good brand image of “GODS OWN COUNTRY”. Accessibility of quality human resource. Employability in tourism and related area.
  8. 8. Threats  Growth of tourism may lead to pollution problem, ecological hazards etc.  Over emphasis may lead to recession in the period of down turn.  Growth Goa tourism with diverse offering like yoga tourism.  Problems with nature calamities like Tsunami.
  9. 9. Current Communication Strategies Kerala tourism is currently concentrating more on indirect medium like TV, newspaper, internet.  Currently promotion is carrying out through 2 schemes:- domestics promotion and publicity and foreign promotions and publicity. With 11 planning commission are also allow to host 2 local event/festivals and major national events.
  10. 10. The current marketing strategies of Kerala tourism includes:- 1. Event base campaigns: promote the brand “Kerala Tourism and tagline “gods own country”. Kerala travel mart. Indian international boat shows. Mystics of Malabar( is a region between Western Ghats and Arabian sea). Dance and music festival (Onam, Christmas, etc.) Theme state in Dubai shopping Festival in year 2014. Promotion of Snake boat race organise every year the time of Onam Festival Celebrations. World travel mart London. International road shows.
  11. 11. 2. Mass media campaign: currently focussing more towards mass media campaigns to build the brand. TV campaign. Print campaigns. Advertising film for Kerala tourism. Internet promotion( YouTube, mobile WAP, etc.) MOU with flying player. Partnering with private pPromotion of digital videos and DVD. layers (like club Mahindra holidays). Note :- The main promotion of Jet2Kerala was done through twitter. 15% of the sale through twitter campaign itself.
  12. 12. Recommendations 1. Use of the word of mouth marketing effectively ( like sending newsletter, email, photos, description of latest photo of major events/festival). 2. Installation of Bluetooth kiosks and hotspot in major malls, airport, bus stations, railway stations, etc. 3. Design “Kerala Theme” base contents. 4. Marketing brochures in flight. 5. Mobile application for tourists. 6. Inline international and national movie promotions.
  13. 13. Kerala Tourism Offices For marketing & promotions of Kerala Tourism state have their own office by department of Tourism Government of Kerala :  TAMIL NADU  KARNATAKA  MAHARASTRA  GOA  NEW DELHI  WEST BENGAL